January 18, 2020

6 Must Have Productivity Apps for Android

We all love productivity, right? Getting things done in time is a sign of progress. Smartphones help to increase our productivity and accomplish the tasks within the deadlines. They are powerful computers in our hands which enables us to be connected with the world all the time. The Google Play Store has got an array of productivity apps. Some cost something but we’ll list only the best free the productivity Android apps.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop Android app is developed by Google which enables you to operate your PC or Mac from any Android Phone. This app is easy to set up. It takes hardly 5 minutes to set up this app and no technical knowledge is required. Securely access your computer from Android phone after entering the PIN which you create while setting up the app on your phone. Chrome Remote Desktop is a must have app for all the productivity lovers. It just turns your phone into a computer.


Evernote is probably the best note taking pp on the Play Store. The user interface is very simple which empowers the user to do both easy and complex note making tasks. Its premium version has got many interesting features and you can use Evernote on 3 devices. Some of the exciting features in Evernote are drawing and merging multiple notes into a single note. The Chrome extension of Evernote is powerful and you can save the selections into notes in Evernote platform. If you want to have a notebook, organizer, and planner at one place then Evernote app is the best app for you. It changes the way you organize your projects.


If you want to operate your Android Phone on your computer then you need to install Airdrop app on your Android phone. With the help of Airdroid you can manage your Android phone from a personal computer without a cable. Even the phone need not be nearby the computer. You can transfer the files between the computer and the phone on the fly. Send and receive the SMS from your computer using Airdrop. Airdrop helps to lock or complete data wipe out on your phone if you have lost it. There is no small screen issue with Airdroid. You can do everything in the web browser on your computer using Airdroid.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple yet beautiful note-taking app from Google. It’s really fast and enables you to take a quick note. It’s not as complex as Evernote but it serves the purpose on many occasions. It’s also cloud-enabled. So you can continue writing on your computer from where you have left on your smartphone. There is also a Google Keep extension for Google Chrome which enables the users to save web pages or web selections.


This is a must-have app for all productivity junkies. It has got 100 million downloads and 2.5 million ratings on Google Play Store. You can experience the best form of a keyboard on your Android phone with this app. You need not fuss about typos if you install SwiftKey on your Android phone. SwiftKey application uses artificial intelligence algorithms to understand your typing style like frequently used words or emojis and adapts it for you. So there are no typos as it auto corrects. Install SwiftKey on your phone to experience hassle-free typing. There are also various themes, color palettes and designs in SwiftKey. It supports more than 100 languages.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro technique is an old system which helps to manage the time very effectively. Most of us procrastinate the important this till the last moment and then we work on them under huge pressure. Pomodoro technique is a time management technique which says “Work for 25 minutes and Take a break for 5 minutes”. After a 25-minute work session and 5-minute break session, you’ve completed one Pomodoro. This technique seems to be working effectively especially for procrastinators. Pomodoro Timer is a simple, minimalist and beautiful app which tracks all your Pomodoros. This app is completely ad-free and lets you customize your own session times. You can change the session time from 25 minutes to 15 minutes or 60 minutes or whatever.

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