December 14, 2019

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Amazing selling machine is an Amazon FBA course created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. This course teaches you how to build a physical products business on Amazon. Let’s get into a detailed review of this course.

Why selling on Amazon is a good idea?

1). Amazon has shown an incredible growth in sales volume over the years and it is expected to reach more heights in coming years.

2). 70℅ of Americans who have an income of $ 1,60,000 or more have Amazon Prime Accounts

3). ‌The net sales of Amazon increased 31% from $136 billion in 2016 to $177.9 billion.

4). Even with these amazing statistics, the e-commerce sales has only 11% share of total sales in the USA, which shows that the majority of people still prefer to buy from brick & Mortar stores. (So the ratio of e-commerce sales to brick & mortar shop sales is 1:10)

5). In 2016 40% of all the online sales was done by Amazon and this market share is going to increase quickly, revealed a study.

Hence, this amazing numbers shows that starting your business on Amazon is to leverage their success and increasing market share.

What will you gain in this course and how to build a successful business on Amazon?

For any successful business, the secret is efforts, perseverance, focus and dedication to maintain high standards of customer service and timely fulfillment of the order

Here are few things you will be required to do with your Amazon business

  • Proper product research and researching the products which can give you competition.
  • Ordering samples from manufacturers, testing the products, sourcing your product from best wholesalers and other sources.
  • Getting good deals with suppliers.
  • Designing the package of the product.
  • Logo designing.
  • Ordering the product in bulk and sending them to Amazon FBA center.
  • Product listing: creating bundles, setting the best prices, optimizing product image, keywords, etc.
  • Sales optimization.
  • Keeping a watch on the key metrics of your Amazon business


The general view of building a physical product business is that it takes a lot of time and effort and you need a great supplier, great packaging and designing a product and most important a great product which can remain in the market for a long time.

The most difficult part about this product is a challenge if selecting the right product and right niche. And most people fail to analyze this and select a wrong product which eventually does not work out.


But this Amazing Selling Machine course teaches you all the above-mentioned things and gives you many tips and tricks to do everything in the best possible way without any fear and can save you from committing mistakes which can be costly.


What makes listing a product on amazon ranked higher?

Till 2016 the best way to boost the rankings of your Amazon product was to bring fake reviews from people by giving them incentives. But now Amazon is tracking all the fake reviews on their portal hence, it has become very difficult to create fake reviews or incentivized reviews.


Amazon’s algorithms take down that product which uses any trick to boost their listings. Hence, all the so-called successful Amazon FBA stories of large sales within a short period of time have proven to be null and void.


Now, the product with the highest conversion rate is ranked higher than other products. Which means it now sees that how many people are interested in your product and ultimately buys it. That is why it is very important to have a great product and a great concept.


Another way is to do paid advertising of your product with Amazon to force people to look at your product by the way of PPC. With more Amazon FBA sellers nowadays the business is getting more and more competitive and to start getting sales is more difficult because you have to stay authentic and take ethical way to stay on top. Amazon FBA has constantly updated their course year after year which helps the users to stay updated.


Summary of pros and cons of Amazon FBA

The pros

  • The rising popularity and business of Amazon.
  • Amazon handles everything from inventory, packaging, and shipping so it reduces you worry as well as cost.
  • You can actually build a great brand if done properly and later it can be sold for a good deal.
  • Alibaba and other online wholesalers make it easier to find the good suppliers.
  • Scalable business with low cost and high growth.

The cons

  • There is no actual formula for success. Some product may never work even if you do everything possible.
  • Getting a good rank in a listing is a tough task.
  • Negative reviews of the product demotivate you and affect the ranking of your product.
  • You have less control over business as compared to building an online store on Shopify.



Amazing selling machine is one of the best course as they have done a great job in giving you a knowledge of every aspect of the business and run a successful FBA business on Amazon.

The course is updated continuously to keep the users updated with changes happening. Fake reviews or other unethical practices are now things of past. It might take a good time before you sell your first successful project.

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