April 6, 2020

Best automatic ball thrower for dogs

In the present time the ball throwers have emerged as one of the best toys for your pet. It not only helps them in keeping fit but can have a lot of fun playing with it. Getting used to it can take some time but once they start loving the throwers they will keep playing with it and roam around in the house and the outdoors. But a question arises that which one is better, manual or the automatic. As the name indicates the manual ball throwers has to be operated on your own while the automatic ones work by itself. When you talk about the popularity, it is the automatic ones have become the first choice of the buyers.


Before we take a deep look into the options available, let us find out more about the automatic ball throwers and how they are different.


Automatic ball throwers


As already said above and as the name indicates the automatic ball throwers operate using the battery. These are really cool and can be used to reach long distance by adjusting the settings. You have a number of setting options that can be opted for depending on the pet. The best part is that you have two different settings, one is for the distance and the other is for angle. Most of the machines have distance settings but angle settings is available only in a few. So it will be good if you can have a look at the choices and see which one has both the settings if you are looking for the same.


You can train your pet to play with the ball and they will definitely love the experience and find it interesting. Now let us move to the different kinds of automatic dog ball thrower that you can go for.


  1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher
  2. iFetch Too
  3. GoDogGo
  4. All For Paws Hyper Fetch
  5. SmartPult App Enabled Ball Thrower
  6. Doggy Fun
  7. Pet Safe
  8. Hype Fetch
  9. Gotcha Interactive Electronic Talking Dog Fetch Toy
  10. G3 Ball Thrower


These are the best and automatic ball throwers that you can explore. As all these are automatic you are free to choose any of them. It is entirely your choice as which model seems good to you and has the features you are looking for. Once you are sure of the option you can definitely move ahead with your choice and see how your pet loves it and feels happy.

Reviews of the ball throwers

Reviews really play a big role in choosing the right kind of ball thrower you are looking for pet. It is because of the simple reason that the reviews are the feedbacks from the people who have used it. So they can best tell you about the pros and cons of the machine which helps you to take a better decision. Also you get a lot of information which might not be possible from the market or the online stores. So it is a good idea if you take the help of the reviews.

These are available on the online sites from where you wish to make the purchase or there are several sources which just deal with the product reviews. So you can head towards such sites and find out what people have to say about that particular model. If you are happy with the feedback and find it worth buying you can move ahead with the option or else you can look for other choices as well. There are too many options and one can easily go for any one of them as per their liking and budget.


Making your pet used to the throwers will take a little time so do not worry and have patience. Once they get used to the thrower they will love playing with it. Till then you need to wait and see what the pet does with the ball. The thrower is a multipurpose machine which can be used for playing, training your dog and keeping them healthy. It is a good way to make them active and get involved in new things,


So what are you waiting for, just explore the options and place your order today.

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