April 6, 2020

What are the challenges that organizations face while conducting online examinations

online exam software

The development of online testing in education is absolutely outstanding.  It is needless to say that online examinations cater to manifold advantages: these tests are graded automatically, the feedback is prompt, and there is huge data for future analysis.

But there is always another side of a thing too. Yes, in this case, there are concerns related to the connection between online testing and that of cheating. It is because the students are hardly a click away from the internet.


Online Exam Software
Online Exam Software

Online examination system

Of course, the tactful and tech-savvy students of this era make disruptive use of technology like cell phones and that of smartphones during an exam.  However, it does not mean that the authorities cannot do anything.

It is advanced and proper online exam software that not just ensures that the test goes in an effective manner but also make sure that there does not take place any type of cheating.

Certainly, if you are taking help of online platforms to conduct tests, you get the best outcomes. You get to carry out the test in an effective and professional manner. But as said before, there are challenges that the authorities do face.

What can the tool and software do?

There are much advanced and high-security software and applications that help organizations to ensure a cheating free test.  The tools:

  • Cater educators with an easy way to form and administer tests
  • To cater to an easy in-test experience for students
  • Cater a safe exam experience to ensure the academic integrity of the exam
  • Cater flexibility in the security options to support a diversity of test scenarios

You know there are professionals or the tools that do monitor and analyze student activity during the exam to detect any type of cheating behavior.

These tools make sure that if any type of cheating is detected and there is an evidence for that; the student or the test taker automatically gets logged out.

Certainly, different software and tools have different working and features. In some cases, the examiner or authorities can go through the instances that show the person was doing cheating. On the basis of that, they can make a decision whether the student or test taker is logged in the back or not.

Quality of questions for Online exam

Of course, it is something that is the base of every test. Quality of Assessment or Online exam relies on the quality of question bank and the proper accuracy.

You know the test administration has to ensure than question bank is of high-quality standard and it is prepared by subject matter experts. But again if you think that it would be really challenging for you to make sure that the questions are properly stored in the online test setup then that is right.

However, if you have a right test tool or software things would unfold in a proper manner for you. You can always pick the exam tests that help you with:

  • Managing the selected questions in a proper way
  • ensuring proper grouping of questions
  • Making the entire interface easy to be used by users.
  • features in the test that enable the subject heads to edit and arrange their specific subject questions with ease

In this way, there are many tools and applications that enable the organization to ensure that the test is getting organized in a proper manner. You can go through the features of the test application or software prior to the test. In this way, you can make sure that your list of questions is properly and categorically filled in the software.

Moreover, the exam Administration can easily define examination patter encompassing parameters like total exam time, negative marking, the total number of questions per subject area, marking scheme and so on.

Best Online Exam Software services

Communicating with the test takers

It is true that the online Exam is conducted across manifold locations. It gets essential to communicate with remote candidates in a unified manner to clarify the procedure of online exam.

Well, there are tools again that help the organization and authorities to enable the candidates to log in to their accounts and see the schedules and other needed information. In this way, there remains proper communication even if the candidates take the test are miles away. These systems and tools are so powerful and effective that there are no leakages at all.


Of course, online examination process security is one of the crucial and really intimidating challenges. Proper authentication, authorization process has to be followed to make sure that there is the right candidate who is appearing for the exam insecure environment that too in the absence of any activity of malpractices. Of course, the system has to be in a position to audit the whole activities of the exam process to discover leakages or security gaps during the procedure of the test.

How to ensure effectiveness?
  • Remote Proctoring allows having live streaming of video of the distant candidate. The system can even take snapshots of the candidate to make sure that there is proper identification of the person.
  • Secure Browser makes sure that the test taker does not open any other type of window during the process of test. System averts user from opening other window or any application during the activity of online test.
  • Remote Proctoring also allows the live chat with a candidate during the time of online exam to authorize candidate appearing for the test.

The point is there are challenges but you can tackle them in the right manner if you have all the things in hand.  Of course, you can easily prevent cheating during exams if you pick the right tools to conduct your test. After all, it is all about which type of software or application system you pick to conduct the test.


Thus, you can easily come across options that are effective, professional, and safe. These tools will make your experience with online test better. If you haven’t tried different software or applications yet, give them a try now.

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