November 16, 2019

Easy Configuration 3G and 4G APN iam Maroc Telecom Internet Android

Configuration 3G and 4G APN I am Maroc Telecom: most of the notable doing Configuration 3g and 4g APN iam so today i want to share the very simple process to do that setting of Maroc Telecom configuration. maroc telecom is one of the biggest telecoms in Morocco country 70% to 80% peoples are using the network. it was started in 2013 but giving good service to customers and moroc telecom recharge offer also low prices.present in maroc Telecom company more than 11,178 employs are working, and they have 220 offices in Morocco country.

Now they are providing GSM,3G, and 4G services to customers. maroc telecom covered all types of networks GSM(normal),3G(very good) and 4G(very High-speed internet). This is ok, but the problem is most of the Maroc Telecom users not able to getting high-speed internet in 3g and today I want to tell you the perfect solution to that issue.Just follow below mentioned steps and set the option of configuration inwi 3G 4G iam Maroc telecom.

friends, now we are updates the new setting of VPN.if you use new settings then sure your internet speed will increse automatically better than previous just check out this below table and set in your mobile VPN settings.if you not able to remembering those settings then take screen shot and update your VPN settings.

configuration 3g iam
configuration 3g iam

By using this maroc Telecom configuration, we can increase our mobile internet speed and call quality.we can use this below settings in any Android devices like Samsung, Sony Xperia m2, and any Android device and IOS devices like iPhone.

Configuration 3G iam and 4G on Android Maroc Telecom

Step1: Open setting in your Android Smartphone.

Step2: Then click on More options button.

Step3: after 2nd step goes to mobile networks And then Acces Point Names.

Step4: there you will see New VPN option(using that that option we can get configuration 3g iam.

Name IAM
Proxy blank
Username blank
Password blank
Server blank
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 8080
MMC  604
MNC  01
Authentication type AP
APN Type internet
Home(MMS Server) http: //mms: 8002 /

Please Dont Put HTTP:// before this Adress.By seeing above table we can undastand very easily how to configure 3g iam and 4g we here iam staring How to configure 4g and 3g iam in Iphone.this is also same process just fill above details after went Mobile networds=>Acces point names=>New APN settings.

Mobile networds=>Acces point names=>New APN settings.

Its above settings surely improve your mobile internet speed after set the iam 3g can check your 3g and 4g internet speed after change this setting.Just simple check your internet speed before that configuration iam and check after configuration 4g and 3g iam APN settings.we are recently written an article about to configuration 3G Meditel.

we are feeling. Hopefully, you understand this article also we are clearly explained with table for understanding to configuration 3g iam Maroc Telecom.After set, this setting in APN.if you face any problem in configuration iam then ask free feel here we will try to solve and give to answer that questions.So put your doubts in below comment section box.we are very exciting to take your feedback from this article.

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