November 17, 2019

Guide to Video Creator for Beginners

Video editor is an essential tool for people whose work requires them to use a camcorder to record videos. With a video editor, you can preview the raw footage and edit the mistakes before uploading to the web. If you are a beginner, you should find a software with easy to use interface. This prevents you from having to spend too much time to learn how to use the software to edit your videos.


All in one video editor like Movavi video creator has straightforward interface designed for beginners. It allows you to work with your videos in a timeline panel. The timeline has a red marker that you can drag to highlight an unwanted part in the video and delete it with the scissor tool. The rotate button can change your video orientation by 90 degree every time you click it. The crop tool lets you crop off the issue part on the video edge. for example, color bars or unwanted objects.

More Detailed About Video Creator Software

You can also create split videos by opening the two videos and then drag the second video to the overlay track above the video track. To open a video, you can use the Add Media button. You will be able to choose how the split screen appear from the drop down menu on top. Beside the drop down menu, you will see four split screen icon. This is the options for the main track’s split screen orientation.

The video editor allows you to add a background image to a video with chroma key background. To do this, you must add the video with the solid background to the upper track and the background image in the lower track in the timeline. Next, you must double click the video on the upper track and select the Cover option. In Tools, you must expand the Chroma key menu. Now, you must select the background video in the lower track. The small box should be the same color as the chroma key background. You can adjust options like tolerance and noise before applying the changes.


Movavi Video Creator also lets you compile all your photos into a slideshow video. It is designed with a drag and drop interface that can open any folder or videos you drop on it. All the photos are movable from one position to another by dragging with your mouse cursor. To create a professional slideshow, you want to make sure that you use the best quality pictures.

You can use the color adjustment tool in the video editor to rectify photo quality issues like poor lighting, grainy and bad color. The color adjustment tool can be accessed by clicking on the circle with half black icon. It allows you to adjust the color tone by dragging the respective slider such as brightness, and saturation.

You can add a personal touch to your video by entering a text quote. There are many options of title styles. All the title styles are grouped under the T tab on the left panel. You can add a title style by dragging it to the video on the timeline. Voice recording can be added to your video to make it stand out. You can record a narration for your video by using the Record Screencast feature.


Songs can be added to your video by clicking on the Add Media button. It will be load to the music track to the audio track that is located below the video track. It is recommended that you add more than one song tracks if your slideshow is long. You can start with a light music and then slowly progress to a faster song to create a rhythm for your video.  You can use the scissor tool to cut the clips and only include the beat that is compatible with the visuals in the video.

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