November 17, 2019

How to Hide files without app

Hide files without app Friends if we want to hide files in android phones generally we use an Android apps to hide the files.But when the app is uninstalled then there is a choice to open the files, or it may lead to loss the files and friends may force to tell the password.

To see the files If they see any app on your phone which is used to hide the files. But don’t worry here I explain how to Hide files without the app in this we don’t require any extra app to hide the files Open file manager on your phone and select phone memory or SD card and create a folder like this.Systemui you can name according to your wish but before the name.

The folder must be placed with{.Dot symbol} in starting point in the name of the folder And the second step is select the files which you want to hide and move those files in created folder.

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How To See Hiden Files in Your phone

If you want to change are to see those hidden files then go to the place where you created your folder and click on menu button it shows some options like create folder etc..from that you have to select option{show hidden files} to see your hidden files.If you want to hide again, the same files click the menu button and select the option{Hide hidden files} And if you want to visible the total files then go to rename option and rename the folder without{.Dot symbol} Note: – The folder must be created with{.Dot symbol}

If you don’t use the .symbol in front of the folder then the folder not hide the files If the external sd card will be removed and connected to PC or any other-other devices then there is a choice to open the hide files Without{.dot symbol} it is like a normal folder.

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Example:- .xyz By following this method you can Hide files without app and extra software In this you don’t have worry about passwords we don’t require any password without password we can easily hide the files in this method Friends I think you have understood how to hide files without app the don’t forget share in social media thanks for reading this article.

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