January 19, 2020

HOW TO increase Net speed in jio Sim(100% Working)

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How TO Increase Reliance Jio Internet Speed [Two Awsome 100% Tricks]

HOW TO increase net speed in jio sim

A jio sim is launched by the Reliance company and it support to 4G phones. And it gather huge user’s in 2016 as we all about this things many peoples are showing interest towards jio sim because of free net with 4G speed but this 4G speed is not reaching to many peoples even they have 4G phones with jio sim. I think this problem is taken birth with increase of huge users towards jio

What are The Requirements For Increse Jio Net Speed

Then how to increase net speed in jio sim as i said this problem may rised with huge user’s (traffic) then how we can solve this problem.let’s come now to solution the solution is using VPN( Virtual Private Network).Before we going to use it have to learn some knowledge about vpn and what is it how it will helps to increase net speed in jio sim and what is the use of VPN.

VPN( Virtual Private Network) what is it? How it use full?how it useful to increase jio speed?

As it said before something about vpn( Virtual Private Network).It allow to secure connection network from one network to another network through the internet.Not only that it with useing vpn we can secure over network in the public wifi also all the details cant be track by others in public wifi. if we use this vpn service

How vpn works?

how it will help to increase net seep in jio sim?.we got some knowledge how vpn works by seeing a above image suppose we are in traffic it late to reach destination.if we create our own way then what i will happen.Like vpn will create our own way in the internet traffic and make traffic free browsing in net. As i said above huge users are increased to jio with this a lot of net traffic we affect the ISP(internet service provider) net is provide to jio users by jio ISP. I think now you got a picture about what i said abou ISP And VPN.vpn create your own towards your ISP and help you to out of net traffic i leads to browse fast

To increase speed net in your jio sim Install a VPN app in your phone

•go to play store

•search for VPN

•you will get some results click it

•click on install

Downloading app another source

go to google and search for vpn ⇒ then some results will display there are different sites are ready to provide app ⇒choice a nice website and download

Note:- while using sometimes you may not share your phone hotspot to others Sometimes net may come slow due to some problems.

Below Information About How to Get jio Sim For Any device Event 3G Mobiles Too

Hello, reader Today want to give a surprise for every reader that is Get Reliance Jio SIM for any phone. Many peincrease-reliance-jio-internet-speedople were searching for this and asking directly at Reliance digital store or some cell points.On the internet also showing totally wrong trick.now stop that here I am sharing 100% reliance jio sim working trick.Even I also got new jio sim without having jio lyf smartphone.Thats why I am like to share Gio free sim information.so my friends please follow below detailed explained steps.if you confuse read again one more time.But do not do hire.so let me tell the detailed information about jio lyf free sim trick for any phone.

1), all we need to download Reliance my Jio app from here.note: do not download reliance my jio application from google playstore.if you download this trick never work.Becouse reliance jio can’t give barcode from google play store.

2) install and open my jio app after download fully completed.Now reliance my jio app shown a list of 10 jio different apps.then download all 10 applications one by one using your wifi connectionor mobile data.

3)after download completes all 10 apps.now stop your wifi connection or mobile data.close my jio app too.

4)now open reliance jio app without internet connection(means do not on wifi and mobile date).now app shows “Get Gio Sim“on your phone.


5)Now the important steps here.turn on your wifi or mobile date then click on Get jio Sim option.

6)now jio application identifies your current location.and also shows which Reliance digital store near you.


7)after that is shows full details about jio sim offer.just tik on 4 empty boxes and accep them then click on Agree And Get Gio Sim Offer button.

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8)Now ending step here its shows barcode for getting jio sim.then click on next button.note: take a screen shot and if possible take a xerox of your barcode.


Now must ready This document before going to Reliance digital store.

Finals words:1 Adar card, nowone passport size photo and my jio App given BarcoNow you can visit your near Reliance digital store.information: recently reliance announced news about which devices can access reliance 90days free internet, released calls and SMS.released  list of eligible smartphone models.you can check them.here we shared complete guidance about how to get reliance jio sim for any phone.

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