January 19, 2020

Latest hacks and how you can prevent them:

The term hacking is nothing more than a group of people or individuals finding ways to penetrate through your stuff, take away whatever they prefer, ask you for money as ransom and leave you in a state of dilemma where you can’t move forwards nor backwards. The latest form of hacking involves the forces of ‘Ransomware’ which basically is a new and pretty much the worst type of virus.

Once the virus or threat gets uploaded to your system, you have less or no chance of getting rid of it. It basically takes a system hostage and forces the user to pay up hefty amounts as extortion money. Till date, millions of dollars have been uploaded via wire in favor of such hackers who otherwise would cause you serious damage if the amount not paid.

Now comes the question how does a ransomware spread into your system? Some of the pointers are as follows:

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Links in emails:

Two out of five users have confirmed that they have been a victim of receiving bulk emails having information about how someone you do not even know wants to give away all of their life’s money to you as inheritance. Such emails talk about high amounts of dollars which would be transferred once you click on a given link. Don’t do that as it would lead your system to give an open gateway to viruses mostly ransomware.

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Social media threats:

Similar idea, different medium of exchange. Since a profile on social media tells a lot about you and that if anyone wants to know anything about you, they could just search your name to find out everything within seconds. Hence, your profiles are a soft target for them which they easily get access to by sending you links in chat and upon clicking, you get redirected, logged out, and finally realize what have you done. Hence, don’t add people you do not know or get ready to pay the consequences.

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Pay per install:

Systems or computers which are already part of botnet are a soft target in this category. Hackers are even paid some amounts to find for security threats and loopholes to either blackmail someone, or to notify the unidentified victim about it and let them rectify it. In most cases, the former option of blackmailing comes into existence.

Derived by downloads:

Whenever a user taps on a website that is compromised, an attack of ransomware comes into existence. For example, there are many websites that pretend to be something they are not. Hence, they show you fake images of movie streaming but when you tap on the ‘play’ button, you end up inviting ransom viruses into your system.

What should you be doing?

Relying on government:

Do not ever think that you could trust on your government in terms of data security as they have less or no information about your losses. They do have the right to access your data at certain times, but that doesn’t mean they have also are in the interest of maintaining your utmost security. Only you are responsible for the data you possess while the rest aren’t.

Know how an attack looks like:

You could only stop an enemy when you are able to identify it. If not, you wouldn’t reach the top levels of security. Hence, do know in exactly what forms the hackers makes the hack attempts and avoid them by all means necessary. It may through am email, a random file on Skype, social media etc.

Grabbing points:

To think there would come a time where you would be able to kick away all the hackers is a false statement as these hackers aren’t going anywhere anytime sooner. Either learn some hacking tips to stay one step ahead of them or take data security measures to do whatever is in your ability to fulfill. But don’t ever sit in a situation of comfort thinking you’re all safe.

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