January 21, 2020

LG G6-Rumors, Specs, Features, Release Date and Price.

What will LG G6 be made of: Rumors, Specs, Features, Release Date and Price.

LG G5 was nothing short of a visionary innovation when it comes to Android smartphones. And LG made a huge comeback to the smartphone market with the phone that was launched in early 2016. Although a massive blunder was the removal of the App drawer, LG did secure a sound fanbase for its upcoming flagship phone in 2017. The upcoming magnum opus from the South Korean tech giants will give a tough competition to the contemporary Samsung models without doubt.

Display and higher resolution

LG G6 is the much anticipated model that will come with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.0, OLED display and a 4096 by 2160 screen resolution. LG has been lending its OLED technology with Samsung and other companies for high end flat screen LED televisions. Now it is time for LG to utilize its trump card and get back in the main competition to produce the best quality 4K displays in tech-town.

A sleeker body

With G5, the main problem was the lack of a suave feel. This was mainly due to the use of an aluminum body and thick paint. This did make the G5 durable, but cost it the sleek look which all modern smartphone users crave. LG G6  is planning on settling for a Corning Gorilla Glass back. The fingerprint sensor is also shifting to the front, making the entire back look more sleek and smooth. There will be no edgeless display, but the flush face will more than make up for it.

What will power LG G6?

The upcoming model will be powered by a Marshmallow Android 6.1 Operating System. The octa-core 3.0 GHz processor will make it lightning fast. A Snapdragon Qualcomm 820 processor is what we expect to simply begin with. Samsung S7 Edge has been brandishing quite a similar configuration for quite some time and the only way G6 will surpass it is by opting for a minimum of 4GB RAM.

Latest news about camera

LG has never been able to boast about its cameras even in the higher range smartphones. G6 will hardly be an exception since we expect nothing more than a basic 20 MP primary camera and an 8 MP secondary camera. The primary camera will be coupled with a dual LED flash. Geo-tagging, auto laser focus, optimal image stabilization and 3D front-back camera elements will definitely polish the camera technology as far as G6 is concerned.

Wireless charger and more

G6 is conforming to the latest trends of wireless charging. This phone will also come with a super-charger mode where the battery can be boosted by 50% within just 30 minutes. Add to this a retina eye scanner, mini projector and a stylus, and our LG G6 wishlist is complete!

Expected release date and pricing

While we are expecting LG G6 to hit the markets by September 2017, we do not expect it to be below 500USD. This means, by the time G6 hits Indian markets we need to save up at least 47,777 INR for a fresh slice of the best technology from the home of LG.

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