Download Aptoide app on PC

Download Aptoide app on PC

I have mentioned is the last articles that That Aptoide App is the best alternative of Google Play. Because Aptoide is providing many App free and also giving many user friendly option in the app including some features like create your own app store.

But instead of this many people are irrated with google play because on the Google Play many of their favorite Applications are paid and most of the user want to use them free because of that they always look for a alternative of the Google Play which can provide such apps free with full of securities option because many people do not beleive on the third party app stores because of security.

I also tried some App stores rather than Google Play in search of best Google Play Store. And I used some App Stores (I am not going to revile Name) and when I tried to download any apps from these app stores I found that these Apps are providing some other unnecessary ffiles with these apps whicvh are going to effect my mobile phone speed with time.

So I also searched for a app store which is totally free and provide full security with reliability. So I think that other users also looking for this type of App store.

Aptoide App for Windows

So after that I used Aptoide App store after reading on the Internet About this App. And this app is really fulfilling all my requirements and I bet it will also help every that person who is looking for the best alternative of google play store. So I am going to try tell all other google play user about the aptoide app. I have already wrote on my this blog that how can we use Aptoide app on PC.

You can follow mt last articles if you want to use Aptoide app on your PC. And also If you are an Android or and iPhone user then you can also use Aptoide app on your mobile phone. I have alrerady provide the exact giuide that How you can Use Aptoide app on Androide or iPhone.

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But i found that tthere are many Windows users also available in the world. When I used Aptoide app first time and I found that this is really interssting and helpful for Androide and iPhone users and I told about this App to my friends but I found that there are many friends are in my friend list who are using windows mobile phone.

And I tried this App on my windows devices and found that this app is also helpful for all the windows users also. So here I am going to reveale the exact stratgy for the windows users that How that can Use Aptoide app on their Devices.

Note : There is one more app which can be used to download Paid games for free, check more about how to download tutuapp for android

How to Download and Install Aptoide App for Windows

So Here is my guide for windows user and now they can use Aptoide app on Windows devices. So here is the step by step Giude for  How to download and install aptoide app for windows devices. If you are a windows user and want to give a try to use aptoide app on your mobile phone then you can follow this guide so here we go.

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Aptoide App made for the Android user so you need to install any emalutor on your Mobile. There are many Emalutors are available on the internet. But in my view Bluestack is best one for windows users. So you need to download Bluestack. And Install it on your device.

Now download Aptoide app from anywhere from Internet because this app is not available on Google Play. So you need to download it from any other marketplace but i recommend you to download Aptoide app from the official website of Aptoide App because this is totally risk free.

Now before installing the optode app run Bluestack, when blue stack completely starts your windows phone will work like andrioid device and you can Install the Aptoide app on your Windows Phone. For Install this app double click on the apk file aptoide and follow the given instruction.

Now Aptoide app is working very well on your windows device you can use Aptoide app and you can download many android apps for free on your windows phone. And also can use many paid apps for free or can create your own personal and private app store.

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