Falcon Zero F360 Dual Dash Cam with complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

Falcon Zero F360 is the most popular Dual Dash Cam in the market, as it is a dual dash cam, then it will work as a rear dashcam as well as the front dash cam. the dashboard cam is highly useful and is the perfect choice when there is road rage, car accident, or any harassment by the police or public. It captures everything especially those unforgettable and unexpected points on the road. it is very useful to capture life experiences.

These cameras are becoming a necessity in everyday unexpected life all around the globe. After going through several cameras online I came across the brilliantly designed Falcon Zero F360 HD. the camera is very unique with excellent features. The best feature is it has a dual rotating camera in it, both the cameras record simultaneously. Hence, it provides you with an excellent living experience every time. You can record both outdoor and indoor activities and the Falcon Zero F360 HD camera can also be mounted on the rearview mirror, this will save a lot of space on your car dashboard.

Falcon Zero F360 is a product of Incredisonic; it is a popular name in the industry that offers excellent games and accessories like media players, dash cams. The Incredisonic is a small firm but the products are world-class and they speak for themselves.

Dual Cameras: The sole purpose of The Falcon Zero F360 is to capture everything on time and seamlessly. A feature like dual cameras is beyond perfection. The cameras provide a resolution of 1080 pixels. It can rotate up to 180 degrees. It has a viewing angle of 120 degrees and you can record almost around the angle of 240 degrees. You can set up the viewing angle as per the requirement. Additionally, you can also turn the camera to check the fit.

3.5 LCD Monitor: The dual-cam has an excellent LCD monitor which allows you to get a preview of recording on both cameras. The built-in monitor also allows you to change the monitors without the need for any external device. You can get the real-time recording of the camera along with playback photos and videos.

Night Vision: The high-quality lens of the Falcon Zero F360 HD camera provides recording even during the night, you can capture every small detail even during the night driving.

Included SD Card: The dual-cam comes with a 32 GB SD card, you can do the recording for more than 6 hours. This is done with the help of the loop recording feature of the camera, you need not replace the SD card. If you still wish to record for more time, you can invest in a 256 or 512 GB SD card as per the need.

Easy to install: Falcon Zero F360 HD camera can be easily installed as the instructions are entirely simple and easy to follow.

Final verdict

With all the amazing features and technological innovations, the Falcon Zero F360 HD camera is used by the dual dashcam. It has all the features, which make you feel highly secure. you can capture anytime unexpected in a moment. It is totally value for money.

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