How Much Data Does Google Maps Use?

How much Data does Google Maps Use?

Whenever we need any specific information either we ask Google or search for information by related keywords. More than that, Google helps us to find any unknown destination/place through its unique navigation system called a Google Map service. Sometimes we want to know about data consumption for the navigation service to find a place via Google Map.

Actually, it is a basic question that can come into every user’s mind like if they want to search for any desired place with the help of Google Map then, is it costly for them or not? In some countries of the world, internet data is not cheap as others, so for such users, this thing is important to get to know about exact consumption before going to use Google Map.

Here you will get to know all the aspects related to information about data consumption over Google Map, So next time whenever you will try to use this service, There will be cleared all the things into your mind about it.

How Much Data Does Google Maps Use?

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  • Vital Points to Get Understand Google Map Data Consumption.
  • Data Consumption Statistics For Google Map.
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions On Google Map Data use- FAQ.

Vital Points to Get Understand Google Map Data Consumption

  • Basically, nowadays Google Map service users are available worldwide also everyone uses this service for various purposes like some users need Google Map service help for some minutes, while some others using it for some hours. During the journey usage of this service can be for some hours like around 1 hour to 15-16 hours or more than that.
  • So as per your usage, Google Map will utilize mobile data. Means one thing is clear here that according to your usage span over this application, That much data you have to spend for it.
  • You must be assured about one thing that, as compare to other applications available on the different operating system, Google Map consume so much less data, like for 10 minutes of usage you have to spend approximately 5 MB data for this service.

Next, you will get to read the standard data consumption of the Google Map service as per the various types of parameters.

Data Consumption Statistics For Google Map.

Here moving towards our main purpose, where you will get to know some statistics by which it will be clear that actually how much data Google Map consumes during the use. Given parameters are normally responsible for data consumption, every time whenever you are using Google Map. Let’s see them;

  1. On normal mode, if you are using Google Map for 10 minutes to search the desired location, then you need to spend approximately 3 MB of data.
  2. If you are using Google Map on driving mode for 10 minutes, then you have to spend approximately 5 MB of data.
  3. Around half-hour journey, if you are using Google map service to navigate the right desired place then this application can utilize approximately 20 MB data. But, it will depend on your journey mode like it is walking or driving mode.
  4. For 40 minutes of non-stop usage of the Google Map service, you would need to spend approximately 22 MB of data.

Now if you are switching to the driving mode in Google Map during the journey for some hours, So as per the above-given statistics you can calculate how much data will be required for that whole journey.

One more important thing here is, nowadays Google Map support the iOS system too with android, so there can be a little bit of difference in data consumption if we compare these systems. But no need to become panic because Google Map consumes data as per basic standards in all operating systems.


As compared with other applications available on Android and iOS platforms Google Map consumes very little data. Within 3 to 5 MB data you can use this map through the navigation system to find locations for 10 minutes with better results.


All the statistics given in to article related to data consumption about Google Map are approximate, Sometime you may get different results concerned with this. So the better thing is, you should try to check them as comfortable for you. Also, we are neither promoter to use this application nor want to prove that like how much this application is better than others. Our simple motive is to give you information about important aspects of this Application.

In this way you have read basic details about data consumption on the Google Map service, Hope you have very well understood this information. Thanks for being with us…

Frequently Asked Questions On Google Map Data use- FAQ.

  • Does Google Map navigation use a lot of data?
    Ans: Actually in the Google Map service, the GPS system is totally free but to navigate the desired location you have to spend very fewer data. For example, If you are using Google Map for 5 minutes you have to spend approximately 2 MB data.
  • Can we use Google Map service without data?
    Ans: No.
  • Why Google Map using data?
    Ans: It is because into this application there has been a lot of information stored, So whenever you try to search the desired location that time this application system checking stored information to provide you result. That’s why to do this task data is essential thing for that.
  • Can I use Google Map offline without spending data?
    Ans: Yes, but for that purpose first you have to download desired location Map and save it into the phone, so later with the help of the GPS system you can navigate that desired specific location.
  • On driving mode how much data does Google Map use for 1 hour?
    Ans: Approximately 15 MB.

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