How to add reverse text in Instagram bio

As we know that Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. The Instagram users use to make trends on this social media platform in a different form.

The trends are usually followed by hashtags. The trending may be followed globally or locally. However, it’s trending that people used reverse text in their post’s description or their profile’s biography.

How to add reverse text in Instagram bio

Introduction to Reverse Text

The reverse text means that the sorting of the letters in a word will be changed whereas the wording in a sentence will also be changed.
In some situations, the reverse text is used to understand while sometimes it may be used for fun.

Like most of the ambulances use reverse text at their front to intimate the next driver while the driver can from the rear mirror. On the other side, the reverse text can be used to play some games or post on social media.

We can observe the importance of reverse text from history. The reverse text was very popular pre-Islamic as well as the Ottoman Empire ERA.

The reverse text was used to encode the message that is being sent from one leader to another. In this way, the message was unreadable for the messenger. However, some of its more used has been explained below:

Uses of Reverse Text

Instagram Bio

The trending of using reverse text for a post’s description or bio is being followed, my numerous people.

They usually use this type of text for fun. Many influencers around the globe are following the trend. They usually use it in their bio while some also use it as their username.

The trend was started when these influencers started reversing the name of their city and country. Like if they are living in New York, they will write an Instagram bio as “Kory Wen”.

Data Encoding

Big companies usually want to save their private data even from their employees. In this sense, they usually transfer their company’s data through encoding that. The most easier and quick way of encoding the data is to reverse the text of that message.

The receiver of the message usually reverses it again to read and understand it. Most people are also using text reversers to make their passwords strong. In this way, hackers usually don’t guess the password easily.


Throughout the world, the word ambulance is written as “Ecnalubma”. The reason behind that is that the driver uses the rear mirror to view back. When they will see the ambulance, the reverse text (Ecnalubma) will make them understand that the Ambulance is coming.

Why do Instagram users are using reverse text?

The most user uses it because of the trend that is being started by the influencers.
They just use it for making fun and attraction. For example, if we use the word “Born” in Instagram Bio then it will be usual.

However, if you write “nroB” then the visitor will stay to understand what is written. We can say that reverse text is just used for attention seekers. This makes the visitor stay and get attracted by your profile.

Sometimes, it happens that you need long reverse text. This will make it difficult for you’re to write. However, different online tools are offering reverse text features. You can use the free and they convert the text quickly.

We have enlisted some of the top online tools for reversing your text.


Prepostseo is one of the best tools for this purpose. You can easily reverse your text for free. This website is offering three different types of features including reverse text, reverse wording, and Reverse each word’s lettering.

Through reverse text, you can reverse the letters of a word as well as wording in a sentence. If you use reverse wording, it only changes the position of the wording instead of the letter. In the third option, you can change the letter of a word only, instead of the sentence.

Cool generator comes in the second position and is also one of the efficient tools. It provides different options including Flip text, Upside Down Text. This tool is usable by most user for Instagram Bio. This tool also offers encryption and decryption of text. Different other features are offered by this tool.

Code Beauty is another website that is very efficient in reversing your text. This website contains hundreds of tools for converting different texts and numbers. This website is also completely free as well as usable without any registration.


The reverse text for Instagram bio has become popular so much and it’s still trending. Influencers sometimes write wishes and bio in the reverse text to make them attractive. In this way, the visitor usually gets stuck and starts decoding the message by reversing it.

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