LOL full form with Various types of ‘lol’ meaning

lol full form

Social media is really a quite amazing place, where various types of people from all over the world are visiting every day. On such platforms, everyone’s try to enhance their connectivity with friends, Family, and other countries’ new friends. Also, it’s the best to place to express creativity and skills within you, Where users always share various types of creative posts and pic. Such activity also happening into friends group or in to family group too.

When the thing comes about pic or post then peoples going to comment over here, In this scenario, one thing you may have realized is that peoples are using most of the time abbreviations or acronym to comment. It’s a nice way to express an opinion, But for some users, such abbreviations are a bit confusing to get to understand.

Some abbreviations are most famous and well known, Among those ‘lol’ is mostly used acronym. If you really don’t know the meaning and full form of ‘lol’ then no need to worry, Here in this article you are going to introduce with ‘lol’ full form as well as its accurate meaning too.

LOL full form with Various types of ‘lol’ meaning

Full Form of ‘lol’ (In To Chat, Comment On Social Media)

Sometimes when you are going through social networking site suddenly you are stopping at any specific pic or post, which is really witty and nasty and it makes you laugh. Then when you are going in that specific pic or post comment box, you can clearly see people are using one acronym that is ‘lol’.

You may get confused about this acronym that time, But the exact full form of ‘lol’ is “Laugh Out Loud”. It means that a comment person wants to say like that pic or post is really funny or witty and the comment person can’t control a laugh.

‘Lol’ acronym usually going to use on funny, nasty, or witty pic or posts, as we have seen there is no deficiency about sarcasm on social media, and whole day people are making such things over there. Laugh out loud exact meaning is laughing uncontrollably or Laughing loudly without any control.

Some Other Full Form of ‘lol’ (General Use of Acronym ‘lol’)

  1. Lol – Lots Of Love (To Express Emotion)
  2. Lol – Little Old Lady (As a compliment)
  3. Lol – Love of Life (Use For Messaging)
  4. Love On-Line (Use For Messaging)
  5. Loss Of Life (Defense Analyzation)
  6. Land Of Legends (Use Into Sports)
  7. Lurking On-Line (Networking)
  8. Lack Of Laughter (Use For Messaging)
  9. Love Outdated Laws (Use For Messaging)
  10. Loads Of Love (Use For Messaging)
  11. Lots Of Luck (Use For Best Wishes)
  12. Lots Of Liquor (Use For Scenario Analyzation)
  13. Looking On-Line (Activity )
  14. Level Of Learning (Grasping )
  15. Lacking Of Life (Analyzation of Scenario )
  16. Lowest Of The Low (Numerical Analyzation)
  17. Lost Our Luggage (Sad Emotion )
  18. Lesbians Of Love (Analyzation Of Relationship)
  19. List Of Lists (Index analysis)
  20. Log On Later (Instruction)
  21. Lots Of Lust (Use to indicate Behavior characteristics )

Social Media ‘lol’ Examples

  1. That was a great joke! lol
  2. Lol, The pic is so witty!
  3. That’s not me, lol! We are twins and he is my brother!
  4. Lol! That’s not a snake, Its just rope!
  5. The food was so awesome and tasty, lol only we were not reached on time in the program!

General ‘Lol’ Examples

  1. Lol! You are my sweetheart only (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is lots of love )
  2. Lol! Hope I will get someone suitable for me (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is looking online)
  3. Lol! Then start work(Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is log on later)
  4. Lol! We have reached home empty (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is lost of luggage)
  5. Lol! I miss you (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is lots of love)

These all are about ‘lol’, For Sure this Information will be helpful for you to avoid your confusion about the acronym ‘lol’. Also, you will be able to get to know what acronym ‘lol’ stands and its exact meaning according to a scenario. Hope you have enjoyed a lot reading this information, So from time to time try to use this abbreviation.

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