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If you are a movies freak, you might rush to watch your every favorite movie or web series that is released on many major streaming platforms, and theatres. There are many people who are not subscribed to many major movie streaming platforms, but still they might wish to watch the movie or web series as soon as possible. For that, there are some platforms, which allow you to download your favorite movie/web series, and that too for free.

One such site that you might be familiar with is 123Movies. But it might be possible that 123Movies is not accessible on your end, or is not opening, or it doesn’t have the movie or web series that you want to watch, you might want to find some reliable alternatives to 123Movies website. While we are not promoting any of the below mentioned websites, it is just for your information, and you should access any website at your own risk. Please read the disclaimer at the end of the article to know more.

First of all, lets have a look at a list of the websites, and then we will try to have a look at some little information about each website. Lets go.

Alternatives to 123Movies

Here is a list of some of the websites, which can be considered as alternatives to 123Movies. We have included different legitimate platforms where you can watch movies, and there are some websites, from which, you might download the movies, but we don’t promote such websites which allow to download movies, and you should use it at your own risk.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • TheMoviesFlix
  • Hulu
  • Shudder
  • Amazon Freevee
  • Hoopla
  • YoMovies
  • GoMovies
  • Telegram
  • PublicDomainMovie
  • Internet Archive
  • Vudu
  • PutLocker
  • m4ufree
  • DailyMotion

Now that we have the list of some alternatives to 123Movies, we will now turn towards understanding some more information about these sites. Please remember that most of the sites that offer movie download are illegally operated, and we do not promote using any such website. Instead, you should fairly pay/rent for the movie/web series that you wish to watch, and watch it through legal channels to avoid any bad consequences.

Amazon Prime Video

Unarguably Amazon Prime Video is one of the greatest movie streaming platform on the Earth, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and thousands of Movies online. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch movies hassle free, any time, on a variety of devices, and that too, without worrying about piracy, or virus going into your system, due to malicious downloads. Amazon Prime Video offers many movies and web series for you, and for a month, it doesn’t cost you much per month, and that’s an amount which you might spend anywhere in a day!

If the movie/web series that you wish to watch does exist on Amazon Prime Video, we do recommend buying Amazon Prime Video for one month, and once you are done watching the movie/web series, you might cancel the subscription any time to avoid extra expenses. As a cherry on the cake, if you are a new member for Amazon Prime, you may get to try it for 30 days for free.


Another leading movie streaming platform is Netflix. It is a house to thousands of movies, original shows, movies and web series, and has got hundreds of millions of users worldwide bingeing on Netflix daily. It’s even heard that Netflix users spend more than 3 hours on an average watching content on the platform.
If the Movie/web series that you wish to watch is available on Netflix, then we would recommend getting Netflix subscription for a month. It doesn’t cost you much, and that’s an amount which you would otherwise spend anywhere in a day.


You would be a rare case if you are not familiar with YouTube. Most of the world is familiar with YouTube, and in fact, there are more than 2 billion active users worldwide, which means that more than 1/4th world is on YouTube.
You probably must be using YouTube to watch some comedy videos, or to watch videos from your favorite content creator, but YouTube is also a house to many movies that you can watch here. Many channels upload movies, which you can watch for free, if they are legal, and also there are many movies which can be bought, or rented on YouTube, for much much less amount, in fact it can be so less, that you may end up spending more than the movie rent on a Big Mac, or other snacks in a day.


TheMoviesFlix would be a great option for you, if you choose not to pay for any of the subscription based movie streaming platform, or rent any movie from video streaming platforms. Just here, you would need to download the movie, and watch it. It’s easy, and straightforward, but the problem is that you would need to download the movie in order to watch it, and there’s a risk factor. While this player has been there in the market since some time now, many users have downloaded movies from this website, and it hosts many movies, including the very latest movies, which you probably want to watch.
Please make sure that you have antivirus in your system, to ensure security even if you want to download the movie, to avoid any bad consequences with your system. We don’t recommend using this site, but you may use it at your own risk.


Hulu is another big name in television broadcasting, and it’s owned by The Walt Disney Company. If you go to the subscription plans of Hulu, you might notice that it’s a little bit expensive than others, but it is relative to what the plan provides. With the most basic plan per month, which costs just more than a Big Mac, it grants you access to many movies, and content on Hulu, with ads. But I think that’s better than going into illegal channels and download the movies.
So, with a basic Hulu subscription, you can get an access to many movies, and content. If you find the content that you want to watch on Hulu, you can consider getting a subscription for you.


If you are a Horror / thriller / suspense movie lover, you will fall in love with this site, because that’s what this site is all about. Shudder is a movie streaming platform, with focus on Horror, Thriller and Suspense Movies.
It has over a million users, but you just need to make sure that this platform is available to access in your country. So, if Horror movies are in your list, and you find them here, you can consider using Shudder for streaming those movies.

Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee, or simply known as Freevee is an on demand streaming service owned by Amazon. It’s a free streaming service, where you can watch thousands of movies, shows, and original content from Freevee, and along with this, you would get to watch entertainment channels, for 24/7. You can stream this for free, on a range of devices, which includes Android TV, Apple TV, Google TV, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, Xfinity, and more.
If you find your favorite content on Amazon Freevee, you can consider going with Amazon Freevee as your content partner.


If you have a public library membership, then Hoopla is something that you must consider. Actually Hoopla is a cloud based digital library service, which offers access to various types of digital media, including audiobooks, music, eBooks, magazines, movies, TV shows, comics, etc. If you have a public library membership, then you can get access to Hoopla for free.
It can be accessed from a variety of devices, including Android Devices, iPhones, iPad, Fire TV and more.


YoMovies is a platform which would let you access your favorite movies online for free. If you visit the website of YoMovies, you would find a number of movies, within which, you might also find your favorite movie / web series. You can watch the movies here for free, and most of the movies here are available for you to watch.
While here, you are just streaming your favorite movies/web series, be cautious when using the platform, and do not click on any unknown link, or any hoax.


GoMovies is another platform, which allows you to watch and stream your favorite movies for free, online. When you visit this website, you would find many of your favorite movies here to stream. You can watch those movies directly, and you also get an option to download the movie. In order to watch the movie, you just need to create a free account.
While you would be just streaming the movie online here, but you have the download option, and you would be creating a free account here, due to which, safety concerns may arise. So, we don’t recommend this site as an official channel for you to watch your favorite movies/web series, while you may stream the movie, do it at your own risk.


While telegram is one of the greatest and widely used messaging applications with hundreds of millions of users active, but there is one more use of Telegram, which is sharing big files, and this includes movies. You may find many movies, available to download from Telegram. If the movie you want to watch is on Telegram, you can download it from there. But here as well, be cautious while you perform the download, because it may bring malicious content in your system.
You just need to search for the movie on Telegram, and you might find relevant channels, which provide you with the file for download of the required movie/web series.


PublicDomainMovie is a house to many different movies which fall in the Public domain, which you can access from here. While this has many different old movies, you may try to find your movie here, and if you do find your favorite movie here, you can stream it here hassle free.
Many public domain movies can be found here, and you can access the official website, and find your favorite movie here.

Internet Archive

If you are not familiar with Internet Archive, you should be now. It’s a non profit library, which grants you access to millions of free books, movies, music, software and more. Even I have used Internet archive several times, to borrow books, or download movies, so, it works.
You just have to go to https://archive.org/, and there, you can search for your favorite movie, music, books, and more, and if you find it, you would start loving this website, and use it regularly, and stream and access content hassle free.


Vudu is another streaming platform, and a digital video sharing service, which is owned by Fandango media, which is a joint venture between NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Company. You can easily stream, rent and buy the movies here on the platform. So, if the movie/web series that you want to watch is here on the platform, then you can easily stream the movie here.


PutLocker is a big name in free movie streaming platforms, and it’s a good alternative to 123movies. Several times, the website has got shut down to their official top level domains, and it keeps on changing domains, so you need to keep a track of it. One thing here is that it may not be a legal channel to watch movies for you.


In this article, we tried to have a look at some alternatives to 123Movies website, 123Movies website provides you free download to many of the movies, including latest movies. This kind of websites which provide you with free download of movies are illegal, and should not be used, since it may have any undesirable consequences, including legal actions, or compromising of your system, due to malicious downloads in your computers.

You should always visit official channels, streaming platforms, or theatres to watch movies. You may use streaming platforms, like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more, since they provide a variety of content on their respective platforms.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any kind of software or website, which promotes downloading of content like movies, eBooks, and any other software. While this article is for informational purpose, you should always use all the available legal channels, to watch movies, read books, and view content.

FAQs related to Sites like 123Movies

Q: Can I download movie for free?
Ans: While there are some websites, which provide free download for movies, you should probably go with legal mediums from where you can easily watch the movies, without even worrying of any kind of piracy, or data leaks, or virus risks. There are many media streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and more which you can use.

Q: How to download movie for free?
Ans: There are websites which provide you downloads for movies, including the latest movies for free. While this is a feature that many websites provide, it may not be a legal channel for watching, or streaming, or downloading movies/web series.

Q: What are websites alternative to 123Movies?
Ans: Alternative websites to 123Movies can be TheMoviesFlix, Putlocker, and more.

Q: Is 123Movies website safe?
Ans: While 123Movies website is used by many people worldwide, it may not be a legal channel to view/ download media from website, and it may invite any legal, or undesirable consequences. There are many legal channels, from where, you can download/stream the movies, and you must use them to stream your favorite content.

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