Top 6 Alternatives Sites Like Humble Bundle

Websites Like Humble Bundle

For those who don’t know, a Humble bundle is a kind of digital store where you can get bundles i.e. collections or sets of video games, digital content, software, ebooks, and some other such stuff. The point to be noted is that the humble bundle offers things at a price very less as compared to other gaming sites. Its catchline goes like this “Pay what you want”. Another thing that is rather more important is that a humble bundle lets a part of the price to charities and the remaining is channeled towards the game developers.

As we all know, donations are not the things for which gaming and game distributing sites work. But in the case of purchasing games from a humble bundle, you will get a chance to use your money for the greater good and helping of deprived people on our planet while having the joy and fun of gaming. Humble Bundle lets you choose from the list of hundreds of charities to which one you want to support each time you buy a bundle and pay.

Humble Bundle is one of the most popular platforms for gaming with contributing to charities. You can best deal with the lowest rates here. If you purchase a game bundle on the humble bundle, you will have its version for all the systems it is available for. Isn’t it amazing?

As its catchline suggests, this site offers games, software, ebooks at so cheap rates that you will run to get a bundle or more when you visit the site even if you didn’t plan to buy anything there. The site’s interface and downloading processes are so easy to handle.

But wait, though it is a very nice place to buy games and other stuff, it is not the only place to do so. In this digital world of the Internet, there are some more places-sites similar to a humble bundle. If this is what you wanted and you wanna know the names of the websites which are the alternatives for a humble bundle, keep reading. We will explore and get familiar with such sites one by one.

Top 6 Alternatives Sites Like Humble Bundle

  • Fanatical

Fanatical is a good option for the humble bundle. It is a rich source of thousands of games, software, and ebook bundles. It offers games of various genres and franchises. The attractive feature of Fanatical is that it too, as a humble bundle, offers great discounts on their games and other stuff. Discount up to 90% is offered here which brings a wide smile to most game lovers’ faces. The website was formerly called Bundle stars and is available to enjoy in nearly 200 countries. It can be considered a good alternative to the humble bundle as it has almost the same quality and quantity of games bundles with lucrative deals.

  • Indiegala

This is a game offering website like a humble bundle. The site offers numerous games bundles at cheap prices. IndieGala really has a huge variety of high-quality games. It works with more than 300 publishers. IndieGala features a special section called Devs showcase which has numerous free playable games.

The site also has single games for sale. But you will always like to buy games in bundles as they will cost you much less than buying single individual games. IndieGala continuously has offers for game lovers which are exciting, featuring both new and old games and wallet-friendly. You have also opportunities to win free giveaways at IndieGala. Really, this site can be considered as an option to a humble bundle.


The site is known to have over 10 million games and related stuff. It allows users to host and sell indie video games with the regular feature of downloading games. has been there since 2013.

You can purchase games of your choice and get some free downloadable games, even some browser indie games, too. If you want to sell a game on this site, here is good news for you. You have permission to reserve as much share of the total price to yourself as you want and give the rest of the amount to the website as per your wish. This is one of the best sites like a humble bundle.

  • Cubic Bundle

Cubic Bundle is one of the best alternatives to a humble bundle because here too, you can pay for what you want. The price can go down up to $1 for your game or bundle. Yes, at Cubic Bundle, you can buy a game package or a single game as you wish.

But remember that all the special offers for purchasing games are short-term offers. You must grab them within the period of the offering. You have to be in continuous touch with the website if you want to get an attractively big package spending just a few dollars.

  • Groupees

Another best option to go for if you are searching sites like the humble bundle is Groupees. Groupees offers immensely attractive deals on games. You will find e-book bundles, music bundles, comic book bundles, and various such products on this site besides video games.

The site gives its users a nice chat facility after logging in. Using which they can communicate with other registered users having similar interests. They can post on their account profile wall. They can also involve themselves in public trading.

Why Groupees is an alternative to the humble bundle because just like a humble bundle, Groupees is always engaged in charities. Each bundle you purchase here means a share of the price going to for donation. But you are always free to choose the bundle you want as the amount of money going for charities is different for different bundles.

  • OnePlay

It contains a really big number of games available to purchase. OnePlay keeps its collection updated and continuously adds new products of various genres. The site has made available numerous games of premium quality. The deals are very attractive when it comes to paying for them.

You can get games of premium quality for your Windows or Android device. The fact that will bring a smile on the face of a hardcore gamer is that the games offered here are totally ad-free and the gamer is never asked to pay again after purchasing any of the games once because there is no matter of in-game purchase here. So, this is gonna be a must-visit site like a humble bundle.

To sum it up

So, here you have a list and a short description of the sites like a humble bundle. These sites are rich with thousands of digital games encompassing almost all genres of gaming. They offer great purchasing deals on game bundles, single games, and even on bundles of music, e-books, comics, and other stuff. You can buy numerous games without spending many bucks on these sites.

Another important point is that whatever amount you pay for purchasing the bundles, a percentage of it is going for the charities. So, you are given an opportunity to help those people in our world who are facing some hardships, suffering from some natural or man-made cause. They are not so lucky to sit comfortably on the sofa and enjoy digital games like you. You can show your compassion and perform your duty to do something for them when you purchase a bundle.

As we can’t always go out and help those needy people directly, this is a nice way offered by the humble bundle and alternative sites to do our duty for society by donating some amount of money. What’s great is that we can do this while enjoying a package of exciting stuff purchased from these sites.

To make it briefer… Visit the alternative websites for the humble bundle described above. Get your favorite games and stuff at a cheap rate. Donate your money for a noble cause. Enjoy gaming… That’s all folks!!

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