Clash of Null – Private Server Download

Winning Clash of Clans has always remained an unfulfilled dream of players. This is because you have limited resources to build your defenses and destroy the defense of your opponents.

Clash of Null – Private Server Download

Size115 MB
FeaturesTH 12, Unlimited Resources
Private serverDnull
Requires Android4.4.2+
Last updated6 July 2019
Download LinkClashServers.Net

Like many other private Clash of Clans servers, Clash of Null also exhibits some particular features that make it the first choice of the players around the world. Some of those features are:

1. Unlimited Resources

The very first and differentiating feature of Clash of Null is that the players get unlimited resources from the very beginning of the game.

2. No Troop Training in the Beginning

At the time of the launch of Null’s server, it was necessary to train your troops in the beginning. But, the latest version with TH12 allows the players to skip this training in the beginning. Instead, you can enter the game directly by skipping this troop training.

3. Global Chat and Clan Feature

Another very attractive feature of this modified version of the game is that it supports global chat and clan features. As Clash of Null is a multiplayer game, the server also supports this feature. This means that you can interact with friends and fellow players while playing the game online.

4. Fast and Reliable Server

One of the colossal problems in playing the game hosted on private servers is that these become slow as more and more people join a clan and start playing at the same time.

Download and Install

Most of the private servers are installed only on rooted devices. But, Null’s server can easily be installed on devices without any root. You can install any of the Clash of Null versions including Clash of Null version 709 and higher on Android, iOS, and even Windows devices.

The latest updates of the game have brought certain changes in the structure of the game. For example, some new levels of troops are added with all troops available every time. The developers have also fixed certain bugs with every update. They have also added certain commands in the chat feature of the game to allow the players to contact any particular player around the world.


After reading the entire article, we jump to the conclusion that Clash of Null is the best and most used private server for Clash of Clans. It gives the players immense powers and strong commands to control the game from the beginning. You do not have to wait long for the resources and updates and get all these readily available without any extra cost.

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