April 6, 2020

Configuration 3G and 4G Meditel APN Internet

Configuration Meditel 3g: in this tutorial, I am going to share with you How to configure meditel 3g APN settings after reading this article surely you will configure meditel APN settings.due to Meditel network improper settings Meditel users facing the internet speed slow issue and call dropping problems.So here I am going to cover all issue how to fix.we are already sharing same related topic about configuration 3g iam settings.now they are changed Meditel to Orange Morocco Telecom. Now we call also called as configuration Orange Morocco 3G.here I want to tell you the simple way to configuration 3g meditel so lets get started.

How to Configuration 3G and 4G Meditel Internet

Open your android mobile then go to settings on your mobile

After that settings, you will see More option in settings then click on more option

Now go to Mobile networks option then click on New VPN option

So here the main paint do carefully those steps which iam telling below

Name Meditel Internet
APN internet1.meditel.ma
Proxy blank
Username MEDINET
Password MEDINET
Server blank
Home www.meditel.ma
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 8080
MMC  604
MNC  01
Authentication type AP
APN Type internet
Home(MMS Server) mms.meditel.ma:8088/mms

This is the detailed information about 3G and 4G configuration of meditel APN settings.after set those I said above settings dam sure it would improve 50% of internet speed in 3G and 4G mobile.point d’accès meditel information also given above so set that one also.

Conclusion of Configuration 3g Meditel

This is detailed information about configuration Meditel 3G,4G and GSM settings in APN options.Read APN settings clearly and then set those setting in new APN section.We hope you got the idea and process to solve your meditel configuration still if you having any doubts then ask in comments box we are ready to give answers and solve your facing issues related to meditel. thanks for reading this article we share every time use full information keep follow our site if you like this article then share Meditel article with your friends.

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