Freeoffice vs Libreoffice

Freeoffice vs Libreoffice

When the thing comes about to choosing free office suite software, Either free office or LibreOffice is mostly preferable. Both of them are so convenient with user-friendly interface and overall features, Apart from there all basic features, slight changes make differ them from each other.

No doubt both of them are the most popular and used software, Here you will get to know which things are responsible to make them individually unique. Also, some more details you will get to know about them, Which maybe you didn’t know.

Let’s see every aspect of them, Also some interesting things as a user you must get to know about them.

Difference between Freeoffice and Libreoffice

1. Language support

Freeoffice : Though Free office suports multiple of languages, But as compare to  libreoffice its not that much high in free office you can install language pack later

Libreoffice: Libreoffice supporting to wide range of languages. Here in the libre office, you are getting high numbers of language packs at the time of installation, But you can’t install the language pack later.

If you are a multilingual then you can prefer LibreOffice, But in case you have already a user of OpenOffice then you can install language pack into open office.

2. Availability and Compatible Platform

Freeoffice : Free office is available at free of cost to download and it runs on all operating platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s available in the full suite Like around six office suite features are available in the Free office. It is compatible with other office software too.

Libreoffice: Libreoffice is also available free to download, Also it is compatible to run on Windows,macOS, and Linux operating systems. It’s a comprehensive suite for the office, While it works from the local cloud or USB drive.

3. Mobile Application

Freeoffice : Free office doesn’t have any official comprehensive mobile application, But they have third party Android application available on google play store by name Andropen office, which has an almost similar user interface like a free office. Mobile users can get a free office-like experience with this application, It works smoothly except for some minor issues. Also, they have OpenDocument Reader like a third-party application, Which is included in their list for Mobile. For iPhone users, a free office has a premium iPhone application is available.

Libreoffice : Libre office has a Libreoffice Viewer-like application on the Android platform, which has almost the same user experience as Libreoffice. For iPhone users LibreOffice has a free remote application is available.

4. Enhancement and Update

Freeoffice : Free office is slower about update and enhancement than LibreOffice, They don’t have that much focus on update and enhancement like as features as well as another minor issue fixing.

Libreoffice: Libre office is giving frequent updates on their every version, As well as they are always focused on enhancement like as other features, user-friendly interface, and minor issue fixing.

5. Compatibility with Microsoft

Openoffice: Though Open office is compatible with Microsoft, then also it can be saved in older Microsoft format. It can not save in the current MS office format, It is compatible to open MS files.

Libreoffice: Libre office is compatible to open Microsoft files as well as it can be saved in all MS formats, it has the only issue of limitation.

Both have an open-source office suite with almost the same user interface, Except some features vary by the operating system like mobile. You can prefer them as per your need, At the end conclusion is they are just alternative to Microsoft office suite. Hope this information has been fulfilling your curiosity about knowing the difference between free office and LibreOffice

Quiz Question About Freeoffice vs Libreoffice

Q. Among the Freeoffice and Libreoffice which one is best in terms of language support?
Ans: Usually both this software support for multiple languages but Libreoffice offers language pack at the time of installation where many languages option go to available at initial stage. But in Freeoffice you need to install language pack saperately afer completion of installation process. So here users who want language pack at the time of installation for them all Libreoffice can be the best option otherwise you may go with Freeoffice software.

Q. In terms of use on Smartphone, which writing software is better among from Freeoffice and Libreoffice?
Ans: Usually Libreoffice has their mobile application on Google Play Store as well as on iOS store. Freeoffice offers third party application for Android mobile users, but for iOS device users they have premium application on Store. So here Libreoffice can be best writing software for them who want to write content on Smartphone/Tablet etc.

Q. What is the special feature of Libreoffice and Freeoffice which are the similar thing between them?
Ans: Both of this writing software are totally free to use with total office suit. While both of them are compatible with almost all operating system.

Q. In terms of Update and Enhancement which office suit software is best among from Freeoffice and Libreoffice?
Ans: Libreoffice is best in terms of Update and Enhancement than Freeoffice, reason behind that is Freeoffice Upadation policy isn’t that much fast as compare to Libreoffice.

Q. Which office suit can be best option by all terms and features by the comparision between Freeoffice and Libreoffice?
Ans: As a user you should know your need first according to that you can choose anyone software among from Freeoffice and Libreoffice. At the end by overall review, Libreoffice looks more user friendly and comfortable for the writing purpose, also it has compatible for all platform. But same way Freeoffice has also many users worldwide so it is totally your choice like which one you prefer to use.

Q. Which one is the open source office suit software among from the Freeoffice and Libreoffice?
Ans: Libreoffice.

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