Linguee: The best search engine for translations combined with an online dictionary.


Sometimes we need to learn other languages to improve our business. But, learning a new language is not as simple as some people may put. As we can not learn so many languages quickly until we do not practice much. But, Nowadays, many online app and tools are available in the market, which not only helps to translate text into a number of languages but also it help to learn any of the available languages.

Linguee is Translator

What is Linguee, and Why does it not translate complete sentences?

If you are the one who is looking for a good translation tool for learning a language, your research will end after reading this article.

Because Here, in this article, I am going to provide you the information about Linguee, which is one of the best web services which provides an online dictionary for a number of language pairs. So, let’s get started with it.

What is Linguee?

Linguee is one of the best online search engines for translation, which offers an online dictionary for a number of language pairs as well.

Linguee features a search engine that offers access to large amounts of bilingual, translated sentence pairs from the World Wide Web. Linguee is designed in a way which itself is unable to translate full sentences.

This web service shows you how someone else translates your search term. Linguee translates nothing by itself.

If you want to use this online tool, then you need to type in words of the language which you are not able to understand and look at the online descriptive interpretations, definitions, and other documents available online. You can not use Linguee to translate web pages and documents.

Apart from this, It has no spoken word features like Bing Translator. So It’s probably not best used for short words or phrases you may hear elsewhere or stuff like tweets and Facebook posts made in other languages by your mates.

Nevertheless, It is useful for people with texts to muddle through and attempt to translate them on their own, or for people learning another language who need some guidance with tricky words or phrases.

If you need a fast, easy translation tool, that’s not it, but if you’re looking for a true dictionary or vocabulary tool that gives you a rich background as well, Linguee is more than robust.

Linguee is different from other such resources that purpose of giving you understanding without actually learning the language concerned. Linguee is more a language learner tool or someone who does real translation or analysis. Besides this, it is also one of the best alternatives to Google Translate.

Both online translation tools complement each other well, and that they can be used in tandem with each other not only to get fast translations but also to provide a more in-depth context and meaning for all that you do.

Why should you use Linguee?

Different word meanings lead to various translations. Linguee will show you multiple bilingual sentence pairs that are used in online publications when prompted for a particular word. You can see how to use a word or expression in different contexts. Linguee supports 25 different languages.

Advantages of Linguee

Following are some advantages offered by Linguee-

  • Linguee consists of an Editorial dictionary that is approved and reviewed by the Linguee editors.
  • It offers A wide range of examples of contextual translation.
  • The best thing about Linguee is it provides an Extremely fast search. So the translations are displayed when you type.
  • The most amazing thing which is offered by Linguee is the Source website showed for all phrases.
  • Linguee has been designed in a way that is user-friendly structure, and translations of single words are presented in a simple.

How to use Linguee?

It can be used as a dictionary or as an internet search engine. If you want to use this amazing online tool, Firstly, you have to search for a word or phrase, then you will see dictionary entries organized in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner in the upper section, and you will find below examples of sentences that include your search word or phrase as an exact or similar match.

Why does Linguee not translate complete sentences?

One of the best search engines for translations combined with an editorial dictionary, Linguee, was launched in 2009. Unlike many other translation tools, it cannot translate complete sentences itself.

Linguee does not translate your entries but displays internet search results from the editorial dictionary and bilingual example sentences. Like any other search engine, Linguee operates in this way to provide you with search hits for other languages in which a website is available. Linguee tells you how someone else’s search term has been translated. Linguee translates nothing by itself.

Dictionary Linguee app:

Linguee is one of the best and powerful multilingual dictionary apps. There are hundreds of languages it supports. The software also provides a user-friendly, very good-looking UI. The other and the best feature of the Dictionary Linguee app is it works offline, and it includes audio pronunciations and example sentences as well.

This is probably one of the mobile’s best multilingual dictionaries which are used by millions of people. It is not only the most reliable, but it is also a very fast app that translates the text within seconds after entering the first few letters, and mistakes of inadvertent typing are also smartly corrected. One can use this dictionary at free of cost.

Linguee is a different kind of dictionary app that provides bilingual sentence pairs like Spanish to English, French to English, English to German, Portuguese to English, Russian to English, and many other language pairs. In the shortest time, even if you are offline, you can find reliable translations.

Linguee app includes an editorial dictionary that has been created by over 400 lexicographers to be able to provide answers to the most challenging questions. In addition, you have access to over one billion Internet translations with the help of the integrated translation search engine. Apart from this, It also provides you with example sentences that include all the words you’re looking for.

So, if you are looking to learn a new language apart from your mother tongue, then we will strictly advise you to use Linguee today, and we are quite sure that you will discover any of the required languages soon.

Quiz Question about Linguee

Q. When was Linguee established?
Ans: Linguee was establishe in the year of 2008 on december month.

Q. What are the benefits of Liguee?
Ans: Linguee is a one kind of online dictionary tool or you can say search engine with the help of that you can easily translate any specific language word into another language word. Here you can translate word as well as sentence, apart from that Linguee gives you some relevant sentence to that word for what you want to search meaning in to other language. Due to that you can get to know exact meaning of that word.

Q. Is it true that, with the use of Linguee you can translate word in to bilingual?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Which feature of Linguee makes this tool/search engine more worthufl to use?
Ans: On Linguee users can not only translate word into other language but also they can get to see some relevant sentences where that word go to use for various purpose.

Q. How many languages option are available there on Linguee for translation purpose?
Ans: Lignuee offers up to 24 languages with 552 language pairs for users

Q. Is it true that Linguee provides dictionary of wide range of words for the translation purpose?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Can we download Linguee app from Android Play Store?
Ans: Yes it is available on Google Play Store.

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