How to check word count in google docs

How to check Word count Google Docs

Whenever users want to create document related to official works, Business plans and strategies or protocols, Public works, Educational works etc such time they prefers MS- Word, Pdf document. No doubt they are convenient to use but sometimes we need to create attractive document so that we can pour nice gesture and ideas within it.

How to check word count in google docs

Google docs allow users to create attractive documents with various tools, editing styles. Also this docs is free with multiples of fonts, images, drawings and add links.

In this article you will get information about google docs creation regarding segment, like as how can you count the words in google docs during creating any document.

Word count within app

You can easily check word count within google docs either during creation of document or after totally completed it, Also you can check specific paragraph or multiple of paragraph words. Below given steps you have to follow to count words.

  • If your document is already prepared also you have been saved it and now you want to count words then you should open that document first in app, Now you can see ‘Tools’ option at the top within it. You need to click on the tools option.
  • After click on tools option you will get list of multiples of option , Among them you have to choose ‘Word count’ option.
  • After finished above task one box will open where numbers of words will be appear , that is your total words in google document.
  • If you are creating a document and want to count words for any specific paragraph or multiples of paragraphs then you have to simply highlight that paragraph by choosing one, two, or more paragraphs as per your need and then click on the tools option and choose words count option .
  • The number of words will be appear on your screen which is available in your paragraph, Its paragraph words counting information .

Word count on android device

  • To count words on android device you need to open google docs app first.
  • In the top right side corner you will see three vertical dot , Tap on it
  • Multiples of different option you will see among those you have to choose ‘Word count’ option and tap on it.
  • Total words number will be appear there on your screen.

In this way you can count google docs words on android device.

Word count on Desktop or Laptop

You can count google words on Desktop or Laptop with the help of chrome browser by following given below steps.

  • You need to open first your Google docs in chrome browser
  • you will get ‘Tools’ option at the top within app, Click on it
  • Multiples options list will open in front of you on screen , you have to choose ‘word count’ option among them and click on it.
  • Google docs total numbers of words will be appear on your desktop screen.
  • Another one method also you can use here, Like as after you have opened google docs in chrome browser just type Ctrl+Shift+ C. You will get total words count number

In this way with the help of chrome browser you can count easily google document words.

  • Google docs word count on iOS

iOS and Android process is almost same for google document words count ing , Like as below given

  1. Open your google document in app on iOS device
  2. Tap on top three vertical dot within it.
  3. Multiple options list will be open among those select ‘Word count’ option and tap on it.
  4. Your device will count a total number of words in a google document.

These all are the some simple and useful method to count words in google docs, Hope you have very well understood all of this information. Try any one among them it will surely be helpful to you.

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