How to logout of amazon app

Logout Amazon app

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform for online shopping as well as amazon provides entertainment through its amazon prime video platform, Around the world, millions of users are using amazon for buying products.

As we all know to buy things from the amazon online shopping platform we should have a valid account on amazon. Though Amazon has an official website for users but most of the time we are purchasing products through the Amazon mobile application.

How to logout of Amazon app

Sometimes users may get confuse about to log out there amazon application, So here you will get steps wise information How to logout of amazon app.

Logout steps for amazon app in Android and iPhone Mobile

  1. Open Amazon app on your mobile phone
  2. You will see three horizontal lines at the top of the left side within the Amazon shopping app.
  3. You need to tap on that three horizontal lines, A dialog box with different options will appear on your screen.
  4. You have to choose the settings option among all of those options.
  5. In the setting option you will get different options, Among all of those options you should have to choose to sign-out option. And tap on the sign-out option.
  6. Now the app will ask you for confirmation about signing out, just tap on that and allow the to app sign out.
  7. You should wait a few seconds to log out properly and within some seconds you will log out from the amazon app.

In this way, you can easily log out from the amazon app on android & iPhone mobile devices.

Sign out Amazon app

Logout steps for amazon app in windows 10 app

If you are Windows 10 user and you have downloaded the amazon app from the windows store, Then using the below steps you can log out from the amazon app.

  1. First You should search the amazon app in your windows 10 system.
  2. After that, You need to open the Amazon app
  3. At the right top corner you will get many options among those options you should choose the account Lists option, you will see there is one box of different options.
  4. At the bottom of that option box you will get the sign-out option, just click on the sign-out option.
  5. Within a few seconds you will be logged out from the amazon app.

As we explained above log out process steps with the help of them you can easily log out from the amazon app, Hope you have understood this concept very well now.

Quiz Question about Amazon App

Q. Is it so easy to log out from Amazon app?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Are there need to follow same process to log out of Amazon app on Android and iPhone?
Ans: Usually there are no difference between log out process on Android and iPhone platform for Amazon app.

Q. Is it possible to complete log out process from Amazon account easily on Windows 10 platform?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Can we switch Amazon accounts on same app by log out from first account?
Ans: Yes it is possible.

Q. In between official Amazon website and Amazon app, where we can log out from Amazon account very easily?
Ans: Actually on both platform you can easily log out from Amazon platform. Basic purpose behind to design Amazon app is to give comfortable service to all users so that users effort can goes to reduce at certain level . That’s why log out from Amazon account via Amazon app can be more easier task than its official site.

Q. Logging out from Amazon app on one device goes to applicable for all devices,Is it possible? Clarify about it.
Ans: No it is not possible practically, because when you have signed in for Amazon app on many devices with same account that time you will need to complete sign out process individually for them all.

Q. How can we manage multiple Amazon accounts on same Amazon app without doing log out process?
Ans: You can choose ‘Switch Account’ option from settings within Amazon app.

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