I am here, the hyperlocal startup helps to get people together in the neighborhood

We can always connect with millions of people through online apps and websites. However, finding someone in your locality is complicated. Unless you have got IamHere Hyperlocal in your hands. Search for foodies, fitness enthusiasts, teachers, doctors, and sports partners within your neighborhood – is just a click away!

IamHere is a hyperlocal startup that accomplishes everything for your neighborhood under a single platform. It is like a social marketplace where people from multiple professions, with different hobbies and interests, can connect with similar people in their locality or area. It always feels good to know more people and learn from them. IamHere helps you with exactly that, in your neighbourhood.

IamHere, the hyperlocal startup helps to get people together in the neighborhood

How to use it? The process of using the app is simple. Download and install the IamHere app from the App Store or Play Store. Create your profile and start browsing. The map on the app will show people near you based on interests and hobbies. And then you choose people you want to connect with and get connected.

The application ensures full privacy and anonymity. Your information, such as your contact number, your full address, etc. will remain protected and private unless you initiate to share it with the people.

You could even be looking to organize a blood donation camp in your area. You can advertise and promote it on the app and ask your neighbours to come and join the camp.

You may even connect to an NGO nearby and visit or engage and volunteer with them based on your interests.

The application can be used to find anyone online that suits your interest, profession, business, or need or desire. Connections within the neighborhood are what the IamHereapp aims for, and it is slowly building a social network for our neighborhoods.

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