Is ASRock Good?

Is ASRock Still Good To Use or Not?

Technology innovation has given shape to human life, while computer science has expanded into various streams. To build any kind of computer system hardware components keep their importance individually. Nowadays everyone’s are well known about motherboard which is a vital component of a computer, while there is famous motherboard manufacturer worldwide. ASRock is one of them who keep their place in leading motherboard manufacturer, ASRock achieved third-ranked in this industry in very short duration, now question one big question is is ASRock good or not?

Apart from the motherboard, ASRock manufactures other hardware components too, while their products go to sell world widely in high numbers. As a user, if you want to know like really this company’s hardware components are good or not then this article will give you all the essential and helpful information about it.

You will get to read detailed information about ASRock and their products, while you will get conclusions about them like how much ASRock components are worthful to use or not. Review about ASRock will well enough source for you to get an understanding of this company and its products while it will clear all your doubts and confusion.

Is ASRock Good?

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  1. Brief Introduction About ASRock and Their Products.
  2. ASRock Motherboard Reviews.
  3. Other Products of ASRock.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. FAQ.

Brief Introduction About ASRock and Their Products

When we need to analyze about any company and their products, that time on priority basis it is essential to get know basic introduction of that company.

ASRock is well known for motherboard manufacturing but nowadays this company has expanded its business for manufacturing other hardware components too. In to ASRock products list, components are included like Mini PC, Industrial PC, Graphics Cards, Server related components, Networking components, Motherboard, etc.

This company was established in the year 2002 in Taiwan while nowadays it is owned by Taiwanese company Pegatron which is a well-known electronics company there in Taiwan.

Officially they sells their products by the name ASRock, while they had started their business as a motherboard manufacturer. We can say into very short duration this company has been expanded their business in to all over the world.

ASRock has been spread its business into all major continents, while they provide hardware components into around 90 countries of the world. The headquarters of ASRock is in Taiwan apart from that they have other branches in the United States of America, European countries, and China.

The big breakthrough this company has achieved through graphic card manufacturing, while an impressive resultant comes from that business was cryptocurrency mining.

Final words about ASRock can say like it is purely Taiwan based company which are on leading rank into some countries for selling their motherboard. While since this company has been started to develop other components, it has reached all major countries and nowadays it is the most popular company by various aspects to selling their components.

ASRock Motherboard Reviews

As we discussed earlier that ASRock had started its business through the manufacturing of Motherboard in the year 2002. Nowadays in some countries like Japan, Korea their motherboard goes to sell in high numbers. In Korea, ASRock is the ranked one motherboard selling company while in Japan they are the second-ranked big number of motherboard sellers.

  1. Configuration of ASRock Motherboard
Manufacturer NameASRock.
External PortsEthernet, Display Port, USB Port, HDMI Port.
Ram Type DDR3, DDR4, CMS
Ram Availability32 GB, 64 GB
Chipset Intel And AMD Chipset
Form Factor ATX, EATX, mATX, STX, mITX
Socket TypeIntel and AMD
Support CDAntivirus Software, Drivers, Toolbar and Google Chrome Browser, Utilities.
Features WiFi, SPI TPM, USB Type C, USB 3.2 Gen2 X2, vPro, M.2, 2.55G LAN, 10G LAN, Thunderbolt, RGB LED
CPU Type Quad-Core

ASRock motherboard might not be compatible with the older operating system like if you want to use it in Linux, you will need to be 4.8 or a later version.

On windows 7 and 8.1 it might be work, but if you go with windows 10 version then ASRock motherboard can work there quite easily it has that much compatibility.

2. ASRock Motherboard Variant List

  • Creator
  • AQUA
  • OC Formula.
  • Fatal1ty Gaming
  • Phantom Gaming.
  • Taichi.
  • PRO
  • Steel Legend.
  • Extreme.

As you have read above some variants name of ASRock motherboard among them some motherboard is specially designed for gaming platforms while some others generally go to use into PC.

In this way you have seen whole review about ASRock motherboard, in to that you have seen motherboard specifications and their variants name. While we can category wise split them like PC motherboard, Gaming motherboard etc.

Other Products of ASRock.

  • Graphics Card
  • Networking Components.
  • Mini PC.
  • Industrial PC.
  • Server Motherboards
  • Barebone
  • Workstation Motherboards.
  • Accessories.
  • Switch
  • ASRock Router Products (It is no longer in use but this networking accessory was manufactured by ASRock.)

Up till now, we have discussed all the important aspects of ASRock company like basis company introduction, motherboard review information also with details about their other products. Hope you have well understood all of this information and it has cleared all your doubts. Try to share this information with some other people, Thanks for being with us.


ASRock is a famous and 3rd ranked company in the world for manufacturing motherboards and other hardware components. If you want to know whether ASRock products are really worthful to use or not then this article information can be a good reference for you where you can get introduced to ASRock motherboard review and other products information in detail.

Frequently asked questions about ASRock – FAQ.

  • When did ASRock company founded?
    Ans: In the year of 2002 ASRock company was established.
  • Initially for which component manufacturing ASRock company was famous?
    Ans: Motherboard.
  • is ASRock b450m steel legend good?
    Ans: Yes.
  • is ASRock a good brand for GPU?
    Ans: Yes.
  • Does ASRock makes various products?
    Ans: Yes.

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