How to Find Out What Motherboard I have Windows 10

Windows 10

You are using a Windows computer and just reinstalled the operating system. Now you need the drivers for sound, chipset, and other devices attached to the motherboard. Those disks for the drivers have said goodbye as the other disks have with the entry of the flash drives and memory cards with wireless file-sharing apps. But guess what, you don’t know which is your motherboard you have as you never had gone through this situation before. So, the question is “How to..”

The same problem can arise after purchasing a new video card. You must know which model of motherboard you are using. In the cases of up-gradation of computers, too, you will have to face the same problem.

Ta-da..!! Sit back and relax, coz we have got some solutions to your problem. Keep reading and you will get some methods to find out what motherboard do you have.

How to Find Out What Motherboard I have Windows 10

Use Command Prompt

  • Using Windows Command Prompt service, it is very easy to identify the motherboard.
  • First, go to the Start menu (Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen) and click on it.
  • Type command prompt in the search program and files bar which you will see at the bottom.
  • You will see Command Prompt at the top of the Start Menu. Click on it.
  • Another method can be used to open Command Prompt. Use the Run shortcut which Windows+R and then type cmd into the Run window.
  • This will take you to Command Prompt in which you have to type this command –
  • wmic baseboard gets the product, manufacturer, version, serial number.
  • You will be shown your motherboard’s information including Manufacturer, Product, Serial Number, and Version.
  • If any information you wanted is not shown there, you can find it using Google.
  • Go to the browser and search using the information you got through Command Prompt using the word ‘motherboard’.

This way, you will get the missing information.

Use Windows System Information

  1. The next method to get information about your motherboard is to use the Windows System Information.
  2. This utility is provided by Microsoft in the 10th version of Windows.
  3. This may seem to be the simplest method to solve your problem but note that it may not be so useful in case you are using a motherboard from manufacturers like Dell, Asus, or Razer. But for others, it is sure to accomplish your goal.
  4. Press ‘Windows+R’ keys and the Run window will appear. There you have to type msinfo32 and press Enter.
  5. A window will open which will give you the details of your system. The titles Baseboard Manufacturer, BaseBoard Version, and BaseBoard Product will provide you with the information you needed.

Get to the motherboard directly

  • If you are not satisfied with the methods mentioned above, there is yet another way to get the motherboard details and find out what motherboard you have.
  • Assume yourself as a surgeon and your computer’s CPU as your patient. A screwdriver and a small but good torch are the tools that you will need for the operation.
  • First of all, switch off the computer after saving the all-important work you were doing.
  • Power cables, USB connectors and other cables connected to the CPU must be unplugged then.
  • Use a screwdriver and free the screws from the side cover of the CPU cabinet. They are usually at the corner of the cabinet. Slide off the side cover then and there you will see the motherboard which has a number of other cards attached to it.
  • Gently, lay the CPU cabinet on a table in such a way that the motherboard is placed parallel to the table surface and you can easily see the labeling on it.
  • Examine the board carefully. Chances are there that you will not see the labels on the motherboard easily as many manufacturers write their names in such a way that it is too hard to be found. Different brands put their names at different locations on the motherboard.
  • The name may be printed on the motherboard near the CPU socket, below the RAM slots, between the PCI slots, or under the GPU. The torch will be the tool coming to the rescue. Using it throws light on small parts and searches the model name of the motherboard.
  • Note that the model number of a motherboard is a collection of letters and numbers and it is usually the largest text among all writings present on the motherboard.
  • In case you got just the model number and not the manufacturer’s name on the motherboard, you can have it by searching the model number with the word ‘motherboard’ on Google.

You should try this method only in the case of not getting your problem solved using previous methods. Because opening the CPU system is not good for the health of your computer as it may harm any of the inner components. Also, for a newcomer, it is not easy to find the name of the motherboard as it may have many names written and printed on it.

One more thing…

If you are so lucky to find your motherboard box lying somewhere in your house after you purchased it. A sticker attached to the box will have the model and a serial number of the motherboard. You can say, it is another way to identify your motherboard’s manufacturer and model number.

After getting the work done, you can go for drivers downloading by entering the name and model number of your motherboard.

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