February 23, 2020

SendSpace – Best file sharing sites | SendSpace Alternative

Hey Friends, I am here today to give you information about SendSpace. This is an instant file sharing sites, which facilitates user to send, receive, track and share large size files. The application is available both for computer and smart phones.

It is designed for sharing all type of files for both personal users and business purposes. It is nowadays proving very useful tool for internet users.


SendSpace – Large File Sharing Site

Sendspace is not compatible with AOL browser because is a special version Microsoft Internet Explorer. Therefore it is recommended to use browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox for using sendspace. Sendspace has versions such as lite, premium, pro and business. Sendspace Lite is totally free for users because it is supported by advertisers.

Sendspace App for Android

  • Can be downloaded from Google Play
  • Totally secured to use
  • On your Android phone you can upload and share any type of file via Sendspace
  • No limit of uploading files regardless the space on disk
  • After Uploading you will have to send download link to recipient by email
  • Guaranteed of no interference of advertising or Malware
  • Completely free for android users
  • Frequently asked questions and answers are available for new users


1. Because of its high speed file attachment feature, Sendspace saves time of slow uploading while attaching large documents to emails.

2. Instantly upload or share any type of with large size.

3. Easy, fast and safe to use.

4. Saves time and space while uploading files and allows to do other stuff simultaneously.

How to use Sendspace

For using this application user neither needs to register on it, nor it asks your email address. But in order to enjoy its full features, a user should register itself. After sending a file, sender will receive a confirmation mail about upload and recipient will receive its download link. But signing up in sendspace with Hotmail and MSN is strictly not recommended.


  1. Go to Sendspace website i.e. https://www.sendspace.com/
  2. Get registered with Sendspace and sign up as new user for using its service.
  3. Wait for the registration link.
  4. As soon as you receive registration link click on confirm and complete the registration.
  5. You are all set with your Sendspace account. Login to start your file transfer.

SendSpace Plans

Lite version : For Sendspace lite users the the portal does not delete files until they becomes inactive, unless the users have purchased a specific file bandwidth for the operating file. But the file gets inactive if it has not been downloaded at least once in a month.

Premimum version : It is a paid service, plans of which are available on internet. For Premium members, file won’t be deleted even it is inactive for a long time. With this version user gets premium service to distribute its file in easiest and effective way. Accessing files are much more easier with this version as compared to the Lite version.

Pro version : With this version user can share big files with direct links at full speed. User can upload a maximum of 10 GB size files and will not be get disturbed by any advertisement. Also its recipient will be able to get instant access.

Business version : This is a version with highest capabilities and benefits of all the other versions of Sendspace application. It is designed to be applicable for high range of work group.

While taking a due care of users, Sandspace comes with a 30-days cancellation policy. Utmost care is taken that buyer should be fully satisfied while using the product. Uploading a complete folder from your computer via sendspace is not possible. You can only create online folder and upload files through it.

Best Sendspace Alternative

So this was all about sharing your large files using Sendspace application. But Sendspace is the not the only medium to share files. Listed below are some other alternatives to Sendspace which users can try.

1. Dockmee : It is a centralized management system, where documents, paper records are securely stored. This is a solution on document management which helps users to manage its documents.

2. Dropbox : It is a cloud storage solution where consummate file syncing plateform is offered for easy sharing of files with the group.

3. Google Drive : Google Drive facilitates its user to use up to 15 GB space in its cloud storage. User can be able to upload documents, photos or any type of file on his personal account which is totally free to use.

4. Glasscubes : Glasscubes is a collaboration solution which provides file sharing and document storage service on cloud storage. User can upload any type of file with any size limits and can share files with people who have not subscribed on Glasscube by sending them a link which is secured by password.

Best file sharing sites

5. Jumpshare : Created by Ghaus Iftikhar, Jumpshare is a file sharing service. You can sign up for free and get 2 gigabytes as a storage space. If you upgrade your account to Pro the storage capacity increases upto 50 gigabytes along with some other features. One major difference between Jumpshare and others is that file uploaded on Jumpshare are publically accessible by default. What makes Jumpshare special that it supports 200 types of files for online users.

6. Mega : This cloud storage service was launched by Kim Dotcom in 2013. Mega gives 15 GB free storages to its users. It has differently designed apps for IOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone.

7. Slack : Slack is a collaborate business platform for team working on projects, share files. It includes other various softwares like Jira, Trello, Asana and file storage solutions like Google drive.

8. Telegram : This is cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP sevice. It allows users to message and exchange any type of file. It was launched on March 2018 which currently claims to be having 200 million monthly users.

9. Volafile : This is a temporary storage server facility, where user can perform live chat as well as upload and download files by using simple drag and drop commands. But it does not keep the files more than two days. The time for storing the file is displayed next to the file name. User do not need to create any account on Volafile.

10. We Transfer : We transfer is a best alternatives of Sendspace. it is also great service if you want use alternatives of Sendspace.

Pro tips : So this was all about cloud storage facility made available by different companies. Cloud storage is a good alternatives to those who do not want to keep their personal storage. As I discussed above, Sendspace can really prove a good medium for cloud storage. But, one can search for more alternatives to compare with Sendspace. Therefore, I have briefed about 10 alternative which users can try and afterwards they are liberal to decide which one matches perfect to their searches.

Conclusion : Nowadays, cloud storage has become the default option for many people to store and back-up their data. There are countless cloud storage services providers on the web. Most of them offer different plans and functions. Some are better to be used for individual purposes while others are good for business organizations.

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