Important Tradingview shortcuts keys

Tradingview shortcuts

On technical analysis base platform, Tradingview is a website as well technical charting platform. It works since year 2011 , This site is available in around 18 languages also they have a millions of users. Also here you can get ideas about investment by analyzing like as how others are investing.

Tradingview is mostly targeting investors, so if you are the one among them, then this article will be so helpful for you. Here you are getting information about Tradingview shortcuts, These Tradingview shortcuts are the most important for work on Tradingview site.

Tradingview shortcuts

Tradingview shortcuts List

ƒx Open indicators/
Load chart layout.
Save chart layoutCtrl+ S
Change SymbolSymbol
Change intervalNumber or ,
Move chart 1 bar to the left
Move chart 1 bar to the right
 Shift + ↓
Replay step forwardShift + →
Move further to the leftCtrl + ←
Move further to the RightCtrl + →
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Switching between charts in multi charts layoutTab , Shift + Tab
Toggle maximize chartAlt + Enter or Alt + Click
Toggle maximize paneDouble click
Add alertAlt + A
Go dateAlt + G
Add next note for symbolAlt + N
Take snapshotAlt + S
Reset chartAlt + R
Invert series scaleAlt + I
Enable/ disable logarithmic scaleAlt + L
Enable/ disable percent series scaleAlt + P
Add symbol to watch listAlt + W
Focused zoomCtrl + Mouse wheel
Place market order to buyShift + B
Place market order to sellShift + S
Partially eraseCtrl + eraser
Copy selected objectCtrl + C
Paste ObjectCtrl + V
Remove objectDelete or Backspace or Mouse wheel click
Trend lineAlt + T
Horizontal lineAlt + H
Vertical lineAlt + V
CrosslineAlt + C
Next screen↓ or space
Previous symbol↑ or shift + Space
Flag/Unflag symbolAlt + Enter
Select all symbolsCtrl + A
Select next symbolShift + ↓
Select previous symbolShift + ↑

Quiz Question About Tradingview shortcuts

Q. If we want to go on exact data on Tradingview software then which shortcut key we need to use?
Ans: Alt+G

Q. What is the shortcut key for vertical line on trandingview?
Ans: Alt + V.

Q. For partially erase what is the shortcut key we need to use on Tradingview?
Ans: Ctrl + eraser.

Q. If someone want to reset the chart zoom on Tradingview then which shortcut key he/she needs to press?
Ans: Alt +R.

Q. If someone want to place market order to buy then what is the shortcut key option available for Tradingview?
Ans: Shift + B

Q. To place market order for sell then what is the shortcut key option available there for Tradingview?
Ans: Shift + S

Q. To create an alert on the current instrument, what is the shortcut key available for Tradingview?
Ans: Alt+A

Q. What is the shortcut key to open a script on Tradingview?
Ans: Ctrl + O

Q. To close Windows or Pop up which shortcut key is available for Tradingview?
Ans: Esc

Q. If someone want to go on last line then which shortcut key he/she can use for Tradingview?
Ans: Ctrl + End

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