April 6, 2020

Yandex Mail – Everything You Need to Know about Yandex

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is an email service that is absolutely free and has been designed to offer unlimited online message storage. It is a secure email service that has two-factor authentication and login history to prevent hacking and it also scans all incoming mail for both spam, phishing, and malware.

Yandex email service is getting popular day by day that is widely used in Russia. This email service was launched in 2001.

Yandex mail

Yandex Mail

It is a user-friendly email service which is designed in a way that it offers Functions such as message templates, e-cards, reminders, keyboard shortcuts. Because of such Functions of Yandex Mail, it is a good alternative to Gmail which offers good security options to its users where users can send their data confidentially.

Besides providing rich text formatting options, Yandex. Mail also includes templates for e-cards. With the email service, you can even save emails that you have composed as templates. Yandex Mail has a built-in translator that converts messages that have been composed in other languages.

Apart from this, Yandex Mail also facilitates its users with email replies notifications service. For eg. when the user sends an email through Yandex. Mail, he can tell Yandex.

Mail to watch for replies. Suppose, if five days have been passed without any answer then you will be reminded to follow up if necessary. By using Yandex. Mail users can also schedule email deliveries for later (up to a little less than one year in advance). In such away, you can pretty much assure that birthday emails always arrive on time.

Besides providing all these features, it also includes a timer, customizable interface, and access to other Yandex services.

Yandex Mail – Everything You Need to Know about Yandex

Yandex Mail Pros-

  • It is a very safe email service that Protects against the virus, Spam and fraud.
  • Mail is a time saver email service that provides smart filtering of emails which means, emails coming from real people are highlighted.
  • Yandex Mail has a built-in anti-virus.
  • Mail has also a built-in translator.
  • The Yandex Mail offers 10GB cloud storage.
  • Users are allowed to create tasks and task lists on Yandex.Mail.
  • By using Yandex Mail, users can log into the app with PIN or fingerprint.
  • Mail allows its users to Put messages on a timer
  • so that they can write to them in advance
  • and send them when it’s time.
  • Mail has beautiful themes.

Yandex Mail Cons:

The Yandex. Mail has several cons which are as follows:

  • The Light version of the Yandex. Mail removes rich formatting, themes, and other advanced features, but it is faster than the standard version which makes its best suitable for users who have a slow internet connection.
  • Mail is not as secure as its other competitors in the market. The email service does not provide two-factor authentication which thereby lacks enhanced security. But users can still make a detailed activity log on to detect suspicious activity.

How to Create Yandex Mail Accounts

If you want to create a Yandex mail account then follow these steps one by one.

  1. First of all, you have to Open the Yandex.Mail web page for creating an account on Yandex.
  2. Secondly, you have to select the ‘’Create an Account’’ tab. Then The Registration page will open up in a new window.
  3. In the third step what you have to do is enter your first name in the First name text box and then enter your last name in the Surname text box.
  4. In the fourth step, you now have to Enter the user name in the Enter a login text box that you want to use. It will be the first part of the email address, which will be followed by @yandex.com.

Even Yandex also suggests many of the login suggestions for you. You can select one of its suggestions or can try your own to see if it is available.

  1. Coming to the fifth step, type the password In the Enter a password text box that you want to use for your Yandex. The mail account then enters the password again in the Confirm password text box. Keep in mind make an easy password that you can remember.

Always keep a strong password. And a strong password means that it is long enough and hard to guess for anybody else but easy for you to remember.

  1. Now we have reached the sixth step and in this step Then, you have to enter your correct phone number in the Mobile phone number text box, where you can get SMS text messages.

It is optional to Enter your mobile number. If you don’t want to enter your mobile number, select I don’t have a mobile phone number. Following the previous step, you now have to select a question and then you have to enter the answer to the security question. This answer to the question will work as a backup in case you forget the password.

Next, you have to select the Send Code tab.

  1. Now come to the seventh step in this step you have to Enter the correct code that you have received by SMS and select Register.
  2. Coming to the eight-step what you have to do is Select the Accept tab.
  3. In the second last step, you have to Wait while Yandex logs you into your new email account.
  4. Coming to the last step, you now have to reach to the Never Miss a Message window, and select Turn on Notifications to turn on browser notifications. This will turn on the notifications when you are not in your Yandex.Mail account.

Now, you are allowed to access your Yandex. Mail account online using a web browser.

Yandex Mail Features

Here are some amazing features of Yandex.com-

Unlimited Email Storage:

The main and best feature of Yandex mail is that it offers to its user’s unlimited Email Storage and it allows users to receive infinite emails with attachments. The Yandex Email service has been designed in a way that will automatically increase your inbox size to accommodate the number of emails that you will receive. Following users will register with the Yandex Mail, they will get an inbox space of 10 GB and after users will exhaust the provided space, space will automatically be enhanced with 1GB when only 200 MB will be remaining on your account.

SPAM-free emails:

One of the best features of Yandex. Mail is that it comes with Dr. Web, which is in-built antivirus software. The software provides additional security and safeguards your email account. It has been designed to screen and check all your incoming emails for viruses and blocks the entry of those mails which are infected with viruses and spams. Dr. Web software basically uses the ‘Spamoborona’ technology to block infected emails and provide additional security. Further, Yandex also does not show any advertisements.

A fun-email service:

The best thing about the Yandex email service is that it is not just an email service like its competitors and is rather fun. The Add-ons that come with the Yandex Mail make sure that the user has a fun experience too.

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