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Make Money Online

Hey, guy, this is the best way to make money online after youtube this is the best way to make money from uploading videos, and one more best feature in daily motion website its give money by sharing other videos too. this amazing feature is not there on youtube. so this is the best and better than youtube for making money online. Even, best Youtube Substitute to Earn Money.

Now I explain clarity with how much it will pay per view and how many options are available in the daily motion website to make money online?

Make money with Dailymotion videos

Follow Step by step For make money in Dailymotion.

First, you go to dailymotion.com. then scroll down your mouse at the bottom of the Dailymotion website after participating there are two links is appear so you on monetize then it shows three methods for making money with the Dailymotion site you can join with the help of that link.

3 Best ways to make money online with daily

. Make money through sharing Dailymotion videos

.Make money with your own video by magnetization

.Make money with paid videos(paid video can access that video when you paid)

Now you click on monetize after a click on monetize now click on get started

Here there are two options are available for joining Dailymotion publisher they are social network sites (Facebook and google plus). you can join by using these two options. after signing in you need to go to the monetization platform and then select your platform which platforms you want to earn more money and which is better in yours. Below are three options clearly explained you can follow those steps to make money with daily motion.

Earn money through sharing daily motion videos

On the daily motion site, this is the best and free without cost way to earn money you make money with this option. this is also known as website monetization. before using this option you need to create a blog at blogger or wp(WordPress). Now you can join the monetize platform. after joining this site give embedded code now copy that code paste on your blog(blogger or wp).

Don’t miss this option this is one of the best ways to make money. and also the easy way to earn quickly. this is one word keep sharing then keep earning.

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Earn money with own video by using daily motion

This platform is the average method because you need to create fresh and good videos. And need to make videos considerably so this is the risk and average method for making money. so most and best method is sharing videos in daily motion.

This same as the youtube monetize plate form so if you want to use this option .better way to go to youtube. this is not best for the monetizing platform.

Make money with paid videos (by renting videos in daily motion)

This method is a little like monetizing but if the visitor wants to see your video that visitor must pay a cost for watching your video. if you want to use this method this is best for online classes and tuition and paid classes .this option is also available on you also tube so better go to youtube for this type of option.

How much I can make money with daily motion?

Here I explain some better examples of earning

Daily visitors 500000

Daily earning is 380.00

In Dailymotion one of the best benefits is paid impression also. So most benefits are available more than youtube you can use daily motion equal to youtube

Become make money with Dailymotion site need below stuff

Daily motion partner account and your new video or website and PayPal or bank account. Dailymotion’s minimum payout is 100$ like youtube.

Conclusion: Thanks for reading this article I hope to help this article if you have any doubts ask to feel free to at comments I will surely replay on your doubts. don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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