Youtube Desktop Version on Android

YouTube desktop version

Though YouTube is quite popular in mobile devices all over, its YouTube desktop version is also loved as much all over the world. YouTube which is Google’s video service, continues to take steps to improve and satisfy its millions of users who, day by day, watch new videos on any subject through this particular social network.

As YouTube keeps renewing itself, in the new version it has also made some changes. Google’s effort to constantly improve its entire range of products and services is not only about adding new functions or features, nor making them work faster and more efficiently, but also showing an increasingly beautiful and functional design. that means an  improvement in the user experience

We will find larger thumbnails with longer texts, with higher resolution previews. In addition, the channel icons will also be shown below the respective thumbnails. Some content shelves will disappear, while many others will remain, such as breaking news, music mixes, etc.

Youtube Desktop Version

YouTube desktop view

Videos can also be added to a play queue directly from the thumbnails in the desktop version. This play queue is temporary and will remain available as long as the browser is open. Those who want to add videos for permanent viewing later should add them to the “Watch Later” playlist.

From the experience for mobile devices, they bring to the desktop version the possibility of pointing out the channels from which you do not want to obtain further recommendations, although the videos of these channels can still be accessed through other channels.

And later on, the experience present in the YouTube app for Android phones will also be taken to the desktop and tablet version, which allows you to select your favorite topics, and depending on the selection, obtain a personalized Home page with related videos.

Google updates YouTube with the improved design, in whose test improvements have been made based on the comments received. It only remains for the deployment to be carried out as soon as possible and we can enjoy the improved design for all users.

Navigation through YouTube has been greatly improved thanks to a new feature that their team has worked hard on. This is the possibility of being able to continue browsing the different videos while we play one, thanks to the mini-player in a floating window that they have announced. Now we can be browsing the YouTube page as we normally do, while a small window appears, which is minimized in a corner of the screen, and continues to play the video we were watching.

The most noticeable change we see in this new format is the larger size of the thumbnails on the home screen and the possibility of displaying longer titles. This translates to fewer videos displayed on the home screen. In order to improve YouTube, particularly the desktop version, the company previously carried out some tests, which were not exactly well-received by users.

YouTube has also removed some of the tags intended to divide the different categories from the main screen, thus offering a clearer and cleaner interface. They also specify that video thumbnails are now displayed in a higher resolution.

Among other new features, the possibility of adding videos to the playback queue quickly is introduced, simply by holding the cursor over the thumbnail of the video in question, and clicking on the corresponding button. It should be borne in mind, however, that if YouTube is closed, the playback queue will be deleted, and to save them it will be necessary to continue using the “see later” function. In this sense, also from the thumbnails, it offers the option to stop watching video suggestions from specific creators.

There is now a function on the YouTube desktop version, which has been present on Android for some time: the possibility of following specific topics that interest us so that videos and creators related to these topics appear in our recommendations.

As with other services such as Spotify, the firm owned by Google already allows Internet users – at least those who use PCs or computers from the Apple ecosystem – to create their own playback queues and even combine them, in the event that they are run out of ideas, with suggestions provided by sophisticated artificial intelligence technology.

YouTube is going to retire the old interface of the YouTube desktop view soon this year. The intention is to let users enjoy the new features and designs introduced by them in the last 2 years. Those users who use the YouTube desktop version through the web have the option to use the features like dark mode or go for the old version. But very soon this year, the company is going to restrict users from choosing one of the two versions.

Google is withdrawing the old YouTube desktop view giving the reason that the older version does not have the advantages of the new design and functioning the company has introduced recently. Google will notify the users of YouTube’s old desktop version about updating to the new version and about updating their browser too, in case it doesn’t support the new interface.

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