How Much Data Does Instagram Use

Data Usage Analysis For Instagram.

These days world is widely some social networking platform is very much famous and commonly goes to use by most users. Among this list, some giant social networking platforms are included in them, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. At the end of the day one common question arises in every user’s mind that is how much data goes to consume by such sites.

If you are a user who prefer to use Instagram on daily basis and want to know how much internet data go to consume by this social networking site then this article information will guide you by proper way.

You will introduce here some basic parameters which are commonly responsible behind data consumption on Instagram while you will know exact data consumption statistics so that you will get understand this concept so closely.

How Much Data Does Instagram Use

Main Content:

  1. Important Parameters Responsible Behind Data Consumption On Instagram.
  2. Data Consumption Analysis On Instagram With Statistics.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. FAQ.

Important Parameters Responsible For Data Consumption On Instagram

  1. Browsing Content Type.
  2. Browsing Content Quality.
  3. Service Usage Span.
  4. Device Type.
  5. Data Type.

1. Browsing Content Type.

Generally, as we all know that Instagram site is famous for pictures, where users prefer to share their life events-related pic. But nowadays Instagram has converted into a video platform also where various types of video content are also available as a short video.

Most of the users like to browse short videos on Instagram where all category videos are easily available. Now here your data consumption depends upon which types of content you prefer to use most of the time. One thing is sure that video content utilize more data than surfing or posting images over Instagram.

So the conclusion of this point is which type of content you are going to choose on Instagram according to that data will go to consume on Instagram. That’s why the content type is considerable parameter when you need to know exact data consumption on Instagram.

2. Browsing Content Quality.

When you are opening Instagram on your device either you will go to post some cute pic there or you can go to watch short video. Apart from that, some users like to browse other users photos the whole day into all of that situations different types of data go to consume.

If you are browsing daily for 2-3 hours short videos on Instagram then this activity can consume much amount of data from your data pack. While image sharing or browsing aren’t affected that much on your data. You will get to know more about it by better ways when you will read exact data consumption statistics next into this article.

3. Service Usage Span.

This the one of the important factor behind data consumption on Instagram while it is directly responsible for data consumption quantity on Instagram. This means as long you prefer to use Instagram per day according to that you will need to spend data over there. Here service span matter because every user preference is different on Instagram like someone can only share and browse images there while someone can watch short videos only in a whole day.

So the important conclusion from this discussion we can get is that as long and as much you prefer to use per day Instagram service, according to that time span you will need to spend internet data over there.

4. Device Type.

Though Instagram is just a social networking platform and we can’t consider it a whole n soul online video streaming platform but in the end video resolution which is available on Instagram is quite impressive with good display resolution.

So somewhere your device choice can affect actual data consumption over Instagram. For example, as compared with Instagram application if you are using that on a PC then surely you will need to spend there much more data.

All of you know that whatever you are going to browse on PC at that time you need to spend more data as compared to over that social networking application. So here device type is also the main factor that is responsible for data consumption on Instagram.

5. Data Type.

It is the last but also an effective factor that is responsible behind data consumption over Instagram. If you are a user who prefers to browse Instagram site via mobile data pack that time whatever data will go to consume that will use from mobile data pack. In this case, all users haven’t carried a high data pack so sometimes they may need to add some more data into their data pack.

In other cases users who are totally dependent on wi-fi for internet supply then such users will haven’t need to stick to low data issues because all we know is that wi-fi service providers most of the time provide an unlimited data pack for their users on the basis of monthly rental data pack.

The motive of this explanation is, if you are wi-fi data service user then you will not get affected by low data issue, but for mobile data pack user low internet data issue can do affect sometime during the usage of Instagram. While every user will get understand this concept more clearly during the descriptive information of actual data consumption statistics next into this article.

Data Consumption Analysis On Instagram With Statistics

Actually, there are no strong reports available that can explain actual data consumption on Instagram, but some standard analyses are available which have explained actual data consumption statistics on Instagram. With the reference of such analysis, lets see some statistics about data consumption on Instagram as given below.

As we all knows that on Instagram you can either browsing or uploading photos apart from that you can also watch there short videos. To do all of these tasks you need to send data in different quantities, so lets get to understand them one by one.

1. Data Consumption Statistics on Instagram As Per The Usage Span

Here if you are a normal user who just came on Instagram to browse photos then how much data you need to spend there can be decide as per the service span, some data consumption numbers are below given concerned with it.

  • 5 Minutes – Approximately up to 34 MB data.
  • For 20 Minutes Browsing – Up to approximately 130 MB data.
  • For 30 Minutes(Half Hour Browsing) :- Up to approximately 200 MB data.
  • One Hour Browsing Instagram – Up to approximately 405 MB data.
  • For one and half Hour Browsing Instagram – Up to approximately 605 MB data.

All above the given data consumption statistics are related to browsing purpose on Instagram as per the usage span. Next, you will get to read other tasks related to data consumption statistics about Instagram.

2. Data Consumption Statistics About Instagram For Various Tasks

On Instagram users mostly like to do tasks like watching short videos, Posting stories, Uploading photos as well as videos. So to do these kind of tasks you will need to spend different quantities data. To get understand this concept more clearly lets see some data usage statistics as given below;

  • Photo Uploading: As a user if you want to upload one photo on Instagram then it can consume approximately 2 to 4 MB data. While if you prefer to upload photos in a bunch then as per the number of photos you will need to spend data over this social networking platform. For example, if you want to upload 10 photos at a time then you will need up to 40 MB data to complete this task.
  • Video Uploading: Instagram allows users to share video content also on their site, if you prefer to upload videos on this platform then you will need doubled data as compared with data consumption for photos. This means to upload one video you will require a minimum of up to 10 MB of data.
  • Stories Sharing: Nowadays stories sharing is one more great option available on all the famous social networking sites, while here on Instagram you can do that task easily. As a user, if you like to share stories on Instagram then for posting stories one time, you will need to spend approximately 8 MB of data there. This means in a whole day if you are going to share 4 times stories, then you will require up to 33 MB data.
  • Video Content Streaming: As per some data consumption estimates about Instagram if you stream video content there then you will need to spend up to 100 MB of data while these videos are normally short videos. So it depends on you like in a one day how many videos you are going to stream according to that you will need to send data over this social networking platform. Normal video content length on Instagram has increased now up to 60 seconds(1 Minute), so you can calculate now actual data consumption statistics according to that.

Instagram is a famous social networking platform that allows to their users about to share and browse video as well as photo content. As per the task you choose on Instagram, you will need to spend internet data over here. This article information can be a helpful reference for you when you want to know data consumption statistics on Instagram.

In this way, you have read all the aspects related to information about data consumption on Instagram. Hope you have well understood all of this information, share this information with other people so that they will also be aware of such kinds of important information. Thanks for being with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Usage on Instagram

  • Is there any standard policy available by Instagram about data consumption over their site?
    Ans: No.
  • Can we calculate exact data consumption statistics about Instagram?
    Ans: Yes.
  • To upload 5 images on Instagram, how much internet data will require there to complete this task?
    Ans: Approximately up to 20 MB data will be required to upload 5 photos on Instagram.
  • To upload 5 videos on Instagram, how much internet will require there to complete this task?
    Ans: Approximately up to 40 MB data will be required to upload 5 photos on Instagram.
  • Browsing Instagram for half hour will consume how much data over there?
    Ans: Approximately up to 200 MB data.

LOL full form with Various types of ‘lol’ meaning

lol full form

Social media is really a quite amazing place, where various types of people from all over the world are visiting every day. On such platforms, everyone’s try to enhance their connectivity with friends, Family, and other countries’ new friends. Also, it’s the best to place to express creativity and skills within you, Where users always share various types of creative posts and pic. Such activity also happening into friends group or in to family group too.

When the thing comes about pic or post then peoples going to comment over here, In this scenario, one thing you may have realized is that peoples are using most of the time abbreviations or acronym to comment. It’s a nice way to express an opinion, But for some users, such abbreviations are a bit confusing to get to understand.

Some abbreviations are most famous and well known, Among those ‘lol’ is mostly used acronym. If you really don’t know the meaning and full form of ‘lol’ then no need to worry, Here in this article you are going to introduce with ‘lol’ full form as well as its accurate meaning too.

LOL full form with Various types of ‘lol’ meaning

Full Form of ‘lol’ (In To Chat, Comment On Social Media)

Sometimes when you are going through social networking site suddenly you are stopping at any specific pic or post, which is really witty and nasty and it makes you laugh. Then when you are going in that specific pic or post comment box, you can clearly see people are using one acronym that is ‘lol’.

You may get confused about this acronym that time, But the exact full form of ‘lol’ is “Laugh Out Loud”. It means that a comment person wants to say like that pic or post is really funny or witty and the comment person can’t control a laugh.

‘Lol’ acronym usually going to use on funny, nasty, or witty pic or posts, as we have seen there is no deficiency about sarcasm on social media, and whole day people are making such things over there. Laugh out loud exact meaning is laughing uncontrollably or Laughing loudly without any control.

Some Other Full Form of ‘lol’ (General Use of Acronym ‘lol’)

  1. Lol – Lots Of Love (To Express Emotion)
  2. Lol – Little Old Lady (As a compliment)
  3. Lol – Love of Life (Use For Messaging)
  4. Love On-Line (Use For Messaging)
  5. Loss Of Life (Defense Analyzation)
  6. Land Of Legends (Use Into Sports)
  7. Lurking On-Line (Networking)
  8. Lack Of Laughter (Use For Messaging)
  9. Love Outdated Laws (Use For Messaging)
  10. Loads Of Love (Use For Messaging)
  11. Lots Of Luck (Use For Best Wishes)
  12. Lots Of Liquor (Use For Scenario Analyzation)
  13. Looking On-Line (Activity )
  14. Level Of Learning (Grasping )
  15. Lacking Of Life (Analyzation of Scenario )
  16. Lowest Of The Low (Numerical Analyzation)
  17. Lost Our Luggage (Sad Emotion )
  18. Lesbians Of Love (Analyzation Of Relationship)
  19. List Of Lists (Index analysis)
  20. Log On Later (Instruction)
  21. Lots Of Lust (Use to indicate Behavior characteristics )

Social Media ‘lol’ Examples

  1. That was a great joke! lol
  2. Lol, The pic is so witty!
  3. That’s not me, lol! We are twins and he is my brother!
  4. Lol! That’s not a snake, Its just rope!
  5. The food was so awesome and tasty, lol only we were not reached on time in the program!

General ‘Lol’ Examples

  1. Lol! You are my sweetheart only (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is lots of love )
  2. Lol! Hope I will get someone suitable for me (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is looking online)
  3. Lol! Then start work(Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is log on later)
  4. Lol! We have reached home empty (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is lost of luggage)
  5. Lol! I miss you (Here the meaning of ‘lol’ is lots of love)

These all are about ‘lol’, For Sure this Information will be helpful for you to avoid your confusion about the acronym ‘lol’. Also, you will be able to get to know what acronym ‘lol’ stands and its exact meaning according to a scenario. Hope you have enjoyed a lot reading this information, So from time to time try to use this abbreviation.

Full-Form Of tbh With Its Exact Meaning On Instagram

TBH full form and TBH meaning in Instagram

In current time we can see numerous of peoples are world widely engaged with a social media platform, Where various types of famous social networking sites have existed. So many peoples love to share posts as well as photos on such sites.

When you are sharing either pics or posts on such sites, Your friends going to start commenting there. Also, we can see when many peoples have joined on any page or channel they are commenting on that specific community post or pic.

As we have experienced, most people are a bit confused about some acronym which is severally going to use on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter-like sites. Here you are going to introduce the acronym ‘tbh’, Like as exact meaning of ‘tbh’ on Instagram as well as the full form of the acronym ‘tbh’.

Full-Form Of tbh With Its Exact Meaning On Instagram

Full Form of TBH

As you may have seen the use of the acronym ‘tbh’ in various users comments, But the exact full form of ‘tbh’ on Instagram is “To Be Honest”, If users are using the ‘tbh’ acronym in a comment, That means they want to show they fully agree with either your pic or post, Also they have attended over your pic or post.

It is a way to express a personal opinion full of honesty, And it also shows how much someone noticed your activity on social media sites.

When we are going through on Instagram, we can see various people have been shared very beautiful pic there. In such time among all of that pic some pic really deserving compliment, Then users mentioning ‘tbh’ into that pic comment.

TBH use in to chat on Instagram

Though users are using the acronym ‘tbh’ several-time in to comment, it is going to use during the chat too. For example

1)Person A: “This is my new blue color pant and I like its design”. Then the second person replied like as, Person B: “Yes, dude nice pants; tbh pink color looks so beautiful over you.”
Here Person B uses the acronym ‘tbh’ that means he is expressing his opinion frankly or with full attention, he is expressing his own opinion.

2) I don’t really feel like going out tonight. This sentence sometimes chat mate saying like as,” Tbh I don’t really feel like going out tonight”
3) I don’t think this relationship is working out, this can be expressed chat mate some time like as,” Tbh I don’t think this relationship is working out .”

So these are the various types of sentences, where the acronym ‘tbh’ mostly going to use during chat.

Other Meaning and full form of ‘tbh’

Sometimes ‘tbh’ is used as a “To Be Heard”, But a few times according to need it’s going to use. Several-time on different social networking sites including Instagram, the meaning and full form of ‘tbh’ is only “To Be Honest”.

In governmental credentials and documents ‘tbh’ full form is going to be as a ‘The Brotherhood’

In the transportation sector, the acronym ‘tbh’ full form is going to be as a “The Blue Highway”

In the Business sector, the acronym ‘tbh’ full form is going to be as a “To Be Hired”

Other Ways to say “To Be Honest”

Some of the other fairways to say “To be honest “as given below.

  1. Actually
  2. In All Honesty
  3. In Fact
  4. To Tell The Truth
  5. Let’s Be Fair
  6. If Truth Be Told
  7. In All Fairness
  8. With All Due Respect
  9. If I Can Speak My Mind
  10. If I Shoot From The Hip
  11. In Actual Fact
  12. Frankly
  13. If I am Perfectly Honest

The conclusion of this article is the acronym ‘tbh’ is going to use for various purposes in various sectors, And They have specific full forms and meaning according to need. But when Thing comes about social networking sites its full form is only “To Be Honest”, and Most of the famous social networking site users are using ‘tbh’ to express their opinion frankly.

This is everything about acronym ‘tbh’ like as their full form and meaning, Hope you like as well as you have enjoyed a lot this information, So next time you don’t have the need to get confused about it, Because this information is enough to make you able about to get know the exact meaning and full form of ‘tbh’ for sure.

Quiz Question about TBH

Q. What is the exact meaning or full form of ‘TBH’ on social networking sites like Instagram?
Ans: Actually most of the users are using TBH on social networking sites to say ‘To Be Honest’. While there are different full forms of TBH, but for Instagram’s purpose, the exact meaning or full form of ‘TBH’ is, To be honest.

Q. What indicates ‘TBH’, when users are using these words on Instagram?
Ans: Usually ‘To be Honest’ words go to use either to commit loyalty or sometime next person can express his/her loyalty with that words. In other words, we can say these words are the medium to express your or the next person’s truthfulness. The best example of it like if someone has shared their photo on Instagram then if that photo is truly beautiful and attractive then users can ask you if that edited or original photo then if you say it is original then the next person can question you like ‘TBH’. Means they try to ask you about the truth behind the beauty of that photo.

Q. Specifically on Instagram how to use the acronym ‘TBH’?
Ans: When someone wants to comment on any photo that time they can use the acronym ‘TBH’, Apart from that some users mostly use this acronym in an Instagram group. During the chat also ‘TBH’ go to use by many users.

Q. What are the other alternative meanings of the acronym ‘TBH’ which can use on Instagram?
Ans: In all fairness, In fact, Frankly, Truly, let’s be fair, In all honesty, If Truth Be Told, Actually, etc.

Q. Does the acronym ‘TBH’ go to use on another social networking site also apart from Instagram?
Ans: Yes, this is the common and most used acronym on different social networking sites. Apart from Instagram on many other social networking sites users mostly use the ‘TBH’ acronym in photo comments, groups, or chats.

Q. What are the other meaning and full forms of the acronym TBH which go to use for different purposes?
Ans: ‘To be hired’, ‘The Brotherhood’, ‘The Blue Highway’ etc.

Best 50+ Smooth Pick-Up Lines collocation

Smooth Pick-Up Lines

We all know that approaching a woman at a party or a club is pretty much tough and tricky too. We have to be very much selective with the actions that we take while approaching a girl at such a place.

We also have to keep in mind that what we are saying while approaching the girl is not flirty enough and is smooth in order to start a conversation with the desired person.

Amongst an array of dudes all around only you have to say something which is pretty much unique and is not crappy of course. So we have picked some of the smooth pick-up lines for such a situation.

“Hey, this isn’t what I ordered. I ordered a Big Mac, a fry, and a date with you!”

“You know, I think I’d rather dance with you.”

“I used to date her; do you mind if I put my arm around you to make her jealous?”

“When it comes to the poison I’m the Dread Pirate Roberts.”

Though you can use the above smooth lines to impress a girl, one can also approach the desired person straight away with a simple hi, but that won’t be much effective.

Your boring start will then be followed by a boring ‘What do you do, what music do you like’ and you will surely lose the attention of the girl whom you wanted to approach and wants to spend the rest of the evening with. You always need to start a conversation that is not boring and is effective enough and will leave a positive impact on the person, so let us look upon our other set of smooth pick-up lines

“Are you French? Because of maDAMN.”

“It’s like we’ve already said ‘hi.’”

“Would you like to fill out a survey in my contact list?”

“Are you single?”

You’ve got to up the game, you’ve got to strike up a conversation that catches her off-guard. You have not entered the place to bore girls but to make them happy, so come off with what the best you have.

It’s not that you can use only the provided lines or you have to mug up some lines and speak them upfront. You can also create your own smooth pick-up lines.

Creating your own pick-up lines will not only avoid mugging up lines but will also make yourself best described in the lines and will show your personality too. But if in case you are facing problems creating smooth lines then here are some of the best smooth pick-up lines for you.

“Your dog is cute; does it have a number?”

“I think I just found my future wife.”

“I don’t want to use a cheesy pick-up line on you.”

It is not that you have some of the best pickup lines by your side, and you are the man of the era. Using the smooth pick-up lines in the best possible way is the most important thing which is required. Still, if you have the best pick-up line, and you don’t know how to use it properly, then it won’t work for sure. There’s more besides having some of the best pick-up lines by your side.

There are situations when two guys use the same pick-up line, but only one of them gets the girl, it is because the guy who got the girl used the pick-up line smartly according to the situation. Follow these pick-up lines smartly.

“I am a raindrop, and I am falling for you.”

“What a smart man is doing without your number.”

So these were some of the best smooth pick-up lines that we have handpicked from the internet. Use them wisely to make the most out of these.

100 ways to say thank you – Thank you in other words

Ways to say thank you

Whenever either we give help to someone or receive it, Everyone’s using One word formally like as, like “Thank you” which shows gratitude about each other or moreover it seems like to be humbleness into that. But do you know if you want to show gratitude about someone’s then you can say thank you in other ways too?

Here is how to say thank you meaningfully in different ways.

Creative ways to say thank you

1. I wish I were more like you

2. I appreciate that you remembered

When someone wishes you on birthday before all others or someone helps you at a specific time when you expected them that time you can say thank you like as ” I appreciate that you remembered”.

3. Thanks for being in my corner.

When you hesitate to do something or you have lost your confidence and someone gives you companionship with motivation. At that time you can say thank you like as, “Thanks for being in my corner”

This means a whole lot to me.

Sometimes in critical situations, someone’s offers help to you by standing strongly with you, That time you can say thank you like as,” This means a whole lot to me”

5. How can I repay you?

6. You are truly an angel

7. people like you are super rare and very difficult to find.

8. I am forever in your debt.

Sometimes you get a very helpful hand from the closest person in a bad situation, Their help takes you at comfort zone that time you can show them gratitude like as,” I am forever in your debt”.

9. Thanks for putting your trust in me.

10. You are more than a boss, you are our friend

Words to say thank you and appreciation

11. Thanks for always looking out for littler guys.

12. I will be sure to return the favor.

13. Your gesture is very kind.

14. I can’t begin to thank you enough.

15. On behalf of the company.

16. I couldn’t be more thankful.

17. My endless gratitude to you.

18. You make me want to be a better person.

19. I hope that one day, I can repay the favor.

20. That was so awesome of you.

Another word for thank you very much

21. May the force be with you… always

22. You make the world a better place for everyone.

23. How can I make your day amazing?

24. May the whole universe conspires to make your life the best it can be.

25. You are a lifesaver, literally.

When someone saves your life in a very difficult situation at that time you can show gratitude about them like as,” You are a lifesaver, literally”

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it

26. You are the best.

27. It was nice meeting you in person. I appreciate your time.

28. I wanted to thank you for the great advice.

29. Thank you for helping our mission.

30. Thanks for donating your time to our organization.

31. Thanks for your information.

32. Thank you for being so helpful.

33. Your donation is much appreciated.

34. Thanks for your generous donation.

35. Thank you for the incredible gift.

When someone wishes you on the best occasion like a birthday or job promotion with a nice gift that time you must say to them,” Thank you for the incredible gift” it shows your deep heart gratitude.

Thanks for all you do

36. I am truly grateful for…

37. You are heaven-sent.

38. I would be lost without you.

39. I couldn’t have done it without you.

40. I consider you part of my family and will always be there for you.

41. You are worth everything in the world.

42. Bless your heart and soul.

43. I owe your big time.

44. Please accept my deepest thanks.

45. You are a dear.

To show your gratitude to closest person in your life you can,”You are a dear ”

Another word for thank you very much

46. How can I ever thank you enough.

47. I do not know what I would do without you.

48. I humbly thank you.

49. It was so awesome of you.

50. I thank you most warmly.

More 50 ways to say thank you

51. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you.

52. Words can’t describe how thankful I am

53. My gratitude knows no bounds.

54. Thanks a bunch.

55. You made my day.

On the weekend or in a free time when someone gives you companionship and makes your day beautiful that time you must say them,” You made my day”

56. Thank you for never letting me down.

57. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

58. Your generosity overwhelms me.

59. The world is better off having you in it.

60. You have made my heart smile.

61. I don’t know what to say.

62. You are the sun that lights up my world.

63. You are a very special human.

64. You lift me up to touch the sky.

65. I salute you.

To express your gratitude to defense professional, medical professional or great social worker or leader you must say them,” I salute you”

Old English way of saying thank you

66. Your help was invaluable.

67. Get them a thoughtful gift.

68. It is an honor to accept this…

69. Thank you for your service.

70. We appreciate your open-mindedness.

71. Thank you for the prayers.

72. I appreciate your urgency.

73. We are delighted you are with us.

74. We are happy to have you in the group.

75. We thank you for considering the idea.

76. The insights are truly amazing.

77. Thank you for the brilliant idea.

78. When I was counting my blessing, I scored yours twice.

79. My life is blessed with amazing people like you, Thank you.

80. It is my plea that God will open the floodgates of heaven to bless you. You are the most helpful person I ever met.

How to say thank you in different languages

81. I am glad I have a best friend and lover. You make me laugh in times of challenge.

82. You are part of my success. Without your endless help, I can never achieve success.
When someone’s contribution goes helpful to you to become successful then you must say to them,” You are part of my success. Without your endless help, I can never achieve success”.

83. I will never forget what you have done.

84. I appreciate your understanding.

85. You set my heart on fire.

86. I value and respect your opinion.

87. I appreciate your hard work and want you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed.

88. You are a vital part of our lives and work.

89. OH, You shouldn’t have!

90. Thanks for the awesome referral!

Thank you for your help and support

91. I sincerely appreciate your help with the project today.

92. Thanks for helpful advice

When you don’t know about the specific process of any important work and suddenly someone gives you suggestion, Due to that you are completing work easily that time you can show them gratitude like as,” Thanks for helpful advice”

93. You are one of the reasons why I love life!

94. I am a better person for knowing you.

95. Peoples like you come along once in a lifetime and I am so glad it was my life.

96. You have an incredible power to put everything back in place.

97. You are the reason for igniting my potential.

98. I am so pleased by your gift.

99. You are truly worthy of love and belonging.

100. Your version of shine is a searchlight, Thanks for lighting up my path.

These are some best ways to express your gratitude about someone’s , You can try them when its need, Hope you like this information.

Does TikTok Notify Screen Recording?

Does TikTok notify screen recording

TikTok is one of the most famous video-sharing platforms, where worldwide users share their life moments, as well as make videos on all types of categories.

Most common question always in users mind about TikTok like as, Is there other peoples recording videos and if yes, then TikTok App has any policy about to notify this thing or does TikTok notify screen recording?

Here you are getting answers to this question, like what actually happens when someone shares their videos on TikTok.

Does TikTok Notify Screen Recording?

TikTok screen recording strategy

As a user when you are going to upload your video on TikTok, and then if someone going to record your video in such case TikTok will never notify you about it. In another way, if you are going to do screen record of other users’ video or videos, then also TikTok will not notify that user about this act.

Tiktok one kind of offers to user about screen recording, but it doesn’t mean you have to do misuse of other user video and vice versa. Most of the other famous social networking sites offer same thing to user, like as Facebook, Instagram except Snapchat.  Snapchat gives notifications to user about screen record.

You can do some basic changes to TikTok privacy settings to off download video option, so that other people will not be able to download your video.

  1. You have to visit first on TikTok “privacy and settings” option and tap on it.
  2. In the privacy and settings option, You have to choose the “privacy and safety” option.
  3. You have to “disable” the privacy and safety option, due to that other users will not be able to download your video or record screen.

Though how useful and worthy this setting is to avoid screen recording is not fixed, Even so, it creates some restrictions for other users about to record your screen.

So the conclusion of this article is, TikTok doesn’t notify you about screen records, But if you want to avoid other users from to get downloading your videos, Just the disabled download option in TikTok settings. Hope you have very well understood this information, as well as your confusion, has been cleared about TikTok screen record notification.

How to add reverse text in Instagram bio

As we know that Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. The Instagram users use to make trends on this social media platform in a different form.

The trends are usually followed by hashtags. The trending may be followed globally or locally. However, it’s trending that people used reverse text in their post’s description or their profile’s biography.

How to add reverse text in Instagram bio

Introduction to Reverse Text

The reverse text means that the sorting of the letters in a word will be changed whereas the wording in a sentence will also be changed.
In some situations, the reverse text is used to understand while sometimes it may be used for fun.

Like most of the ambulances use reverse text at their front to intimate the next driver while the driver can from the rear mirror. On the other side, the reverse text can be used to play some games or post on social media.

We can observe the importance of reverse text from history. The reverse text was very popular pre-Islamic as well as the Ottoman Empire ERA.

The reverse text was used to encode the message that is being sent from one leader to another. In this way, the message was unreadable for the messenger. However, some of its more used has been explained below:

Uses of Reverse Text

Instagram Bio

The trending of using reverse text for a post’s description or bio is being followed, my numerous people.

They usually use this type of text for fun. Many influencers around the globe are following the trend. They usually use it in their bio while some also use it as their username.

The trend was started when these influencers started reversing the name of their city and country. Like if they are living in New York, they will write an Instagram bio as “Kory Wen”.

Data Encoding

Big companies usually want to save their private data even from their employees. In this sense, they usually transfer their company’s data through encoding that. The most easier and quick way of encoding the data is to reverse the text of that message.

The receiver of the message usually reverses it again to read and understand it. Most people are also using text reversers to make their passwords strong. In this way, hackers usually don’t guess the password easily.


Throughout the world, the word ambulance is written as “Ecnalubma”. The reason behind that is that the driver uses the rear mirror to view back. When they will see the ambulance, the reverse text (Ecnalubma) will make them understand that the Ambulance is coming.

Why do Instagram users are using reverse text?

The most user uses it because of the trend that is being started by the influencers.
They just use it for making fun and attraction. For example, if we use the word “Born” in Instagram Bio then it will be usual.

However, if you write “nroB” then the visitor will stay to understand what is written. We can say that reverse text is just used for attention seekers. This makes the visitor stay and get attracted by your profile.

Sometimes, it happens that you need long reverse text. This will make it difficult for you’re to write. However, different online tools are offering reverse text features. You can use the free and they convert the text quickly.

We have enlisted some of the top online tools for reversing your text.


Prepostseo is one of the best tools for this purpose. You can easily reverse your text for free. This website is offering three different types of features including reverse text, reverse wording, and Reverse each word’s lettering.

Through reverse text, you can reverse the letters of a word as well as wording in a sentence. If you use reverse wording, it only changes the position of the wording instead of the letter. In the third option, you can change the letter of a word only, instead of the sentence.

Cool generator comes in the second position and is also one of the efficient tools. It provides different options including Flip text, Upside Down Text. This tool is usable by most user for Instagram Bio. This tool also offers encryption and decryption of text. Different other features are offered by this tool.

Code Beauty is another website that is very efficient in reversing your text. This website contains hundreds of tools for converting different texts and numbers. This website is also completely free as well as usable without any registration.


The reverse text for Instagram bio has become popular so much and it’s still trending. Influencers sometimes write wishes and bio in the reverse text to make them attractive. In this way, the visitor usually gets stuck and starts decoding the message by reversing it.

25+ Best Friends Group Icon – Any Group or WhatsApp DP Images

Friends Group Icon

Friendship is so precious and vital part of everyone’s life, Friendship moments are always going to store in the mind like golden memories, which remind us forever in life.

Here you are going to see some best and cool friends group icons you can say BFF group icon, which either you can use for your friend group or you can dedicate them for your friendship by sending them to your friends. In this way, you can express your love, about all your friends. So make your first group using these best group icons for friends.

4 friends
4 friends

Friends Group Icon

college friends
college friends


Everyone tries to dedicate something best for friendship, Someone like to write about friendship, someone like to make an album of friendship moment photos, Some other try to draw or sketch best photos on friendship.

friends adda
friends adda

friends cafe
friends cafe

2 best friends forever Icon

friends for life
friends for life

The beautiful icon is the way to express something big in a very short way, where your love, closeness, and respect are included in that icon. What kind of companionship you have, according to that icon you can choose.

friends forever
friends forever

3 best friends forever Icon

friends only
friends only

WhatsApp DP for friends forever

friends together forever
friends together forever


friendship forever for image
friendship forever for image

Some friends like to just do idiot things for them “Idiot friends” image going to be the perfect suit. Some friends can’t live without each other for the “Friendship Forever” Like icon is best.

Read – Family Group Icon

friendship forever
friendship forever

friendship group
friendship group

lifetime friends
lifetime friends

In this era most of the time we meeting with our friends on social networking sites like as Facebook, WhatsApp, Where we try to connect with almost all our friends. Sometimes we prefer to create personal friends group, where all friends we can add and connect at one destination. So That time you can use such icon for friends group.

In short, we can say cheer your memorable friendship days by such kind of icon.

school friends
school friends

together forever images
together forever images

We have different types of friends like school friends, college friends, etc. It’s your choice, which icon going to perfectly match your need. Choose them accordingly that.

Hope all of these icons will be so helpful for you as well as, they will be a vital part to make your best friends group more beautiful.

20+Cool Family Group Icon

Best Family Group Icon

If you are going to ask someone, what is the best support and relaxing place for you in your whole life,  Definitely most of the peoples can give you answer, it’s their “Family”. No doubt in that, After all, our family is so close and a nice part of our lives. We can’t imagine life without family, it’s because somewhere we are deeply attached with our family.

You can use such cool family Group icon on WhatsApp, Facebook as well as other social networking site group as a group icon. By  using them as your social networking site family group icon, you can express not only your love about family,  but also its way to show respect about family.

Family Group Icon

If you truly love your family and want to dedicate something attractive for family, then here are some best family group icons you are getting to see, try to dedicate them to your family group.

If you think your  family is worlds best family then , You are totally right. It is because for everyone their family is ideal and lovely family, You need to express love and respect only towards family now.

Best Happy family group DP for WhatsApp

Whatever occasion and their celebration we are enjoying in life, its all like as nothing without family. Because though you have a lot of money and comfort in life, but to enjoy all of that facility you need a family.

As a human, we are social living beings and we can live alone, so always try to keep sweet and happy relations with all your family members. Family love makes life more beautiful, It is worth a lot. Whenever you do such a thing on behalf of your family, that time you are catching all family members’ attention over you.

Here some icon  may be  perfect suitable to your family , Choice is yours now which ones that.

happy family group icon

If anytime fun and jokes happen into your family then we can say it one kind of “Drama family”, If you think same like that, then you can use the “Drama family” icon as a group icon.

After seeing all of these icons as well as reading this information, surely we can hope and expect you like everything here, also you will start using this icon, as well as you will share this article with your friends too. so that they will dedicate such family group icons to their family.