How to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading

Hello, buddy! today I want to tell you about how to stop WhatsApp automatically downloading. In the present generation, WhatsApp best is the best chatting messenger you can also send files, photos, videos, contacts, location, and more easily through WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp is the application that most fills our storage with images, videos, audio, and files. Through the chats and groups, we can receive dozens of images and videos on our devices every day, occupying over the months are the hundreds of megabytes with files that we surely do not know if we are in many groups.

By default WhatsApp automatically downloads images when we are connected to mobile data, and all photos, audios, videos, and documents with the Wi-Fi network. With what on the one hand, the application is consuming us data by downloading images that may not interest us, and on the other hand when connecting to home or work Wi-Fi begins to download everything that comes to us, filling the memory.

To save space and data with WhatsApp, the best way is to disable automatic download, so we decide at all times that photos, videos, audios, and documents are downloaded to our mobile device.

One small disadvantage is those files and photos are automatically downloading. its wastes huge of mobile data. that’s why I want to tell to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading.

How to stop auto download in WhatsApp

Yes… there’s is a way to stop WhatsApp auto download videos and can handle this problem simply by changing small kind of settings of in your WhatsApp mobile. for stop auto-download to do. open WhatsApp app then tap on the menu button, settings and chat settings are visible.

Now tap on the media auto-download option .in that three options are visible (Images, Audio, and Videos) now click on that. and then you choose this option (Never, Wifi, Wi-Fi and Cellular)

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After disabling the auto-download option. if you want to do download any image, film or video. so you need to click on image then its will start downloading.

How to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading in windows phone

In the windows phone also very big pain auto-downloading videos and images

If you want to do stop need to follow these steps

Now I want to tell How to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading in windows phone Open WhatsApp app in your windows phone now three options will appear that are clicks on that now go to call and chat settings. now tap on the media auto-download option. click on image choose one option that’s is “never” by choosing this will be able to download all files in WhatsApp when you want to now two problems are solved that’s is auto-download and auto-saving options.

Conclusion: these tricks are really working perfectly on windows and android phone. if you have any doubts after reading this article put your comments feel free in comment box.thanks for reading this article. don’t for getting share this article on social media.

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