How to Solve Brother Printer Drum Error?

Brother Printer drum error

In the Brother, Printers are rough and tough to use. But just like any other printer, the Brother printer may show some signs of issues after a long time of usage. The most common problem faced by the customers is the Brother Printer drum error. The Brother Printer drum error message appears on the printer when the Drum Rest corona wires need some cleaning or the whole drum unit needs a replacement.

The printers are critical devices in the office environment. So, if you notice the Brother Printer Drum error, then you should immediately search solution for the brother printer drum error. In this post, we are going to share some working solutions to get rid of this error and perform regular troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

How to Solve Brother Printer Drum Error?

If you see the Drum error on the screen, then you should first reset the printer drum. Here are the steps to reset brother printer drum to get rid of this error.

Method #1 – Reset Printer Drum

  1. First, gently remove the front cover of the Printer and take out the Cartridge and toner assembly.
  2. Keep the Cartridge and Toner assembly in clean sheet of paper to check any leakage.
  3. Now, slowly move the Green tab wire from Side-to-Side for atleast 7-8 times. After 7-8 times, put the wire in home position as it was before.
  4. It’s time to carefully put the Toner and Cartridge assembly back. Gently install the assembly in the printer and Close the Front Door.

After following this solution for the brother printer drum error, then you’ll not see the error on your screen again. If you still see this error, then you should refer to method number two.

Method #2 – Replace the Drum Unit

Even after following the first method of resetting the Drum life you are facing the same problem, then you should follow this solution. If you don’t take care of the troubleshooting and routine maintenance of the brother printer, then you must replace the entire drum unit. Here is how you can do it.

  1. First, Turn ON The printer and open the front door. Now, remove the old drum and replace it with the original drum.
  2. Now, press “Clear” or “Back” button on the Control panel. After that, press “1” to reset the drum counter life.
  3. If your printer model doesn’t have the numeric keypad, then press the “Up Arrow” key to reset the drum life.
  4. Now, Close the Front door and you’ll not see the Drum error on the display again.

Method #3 – Contact Brother Printer Support

If you are not able to follow the provided solution for the brother printer drum error, then you should ask for technical help. The Brother Printer support always helps their customers to get rid of such annoying technical problems. All you must do is identify the problem and call the Printer support to get some help. The support staff will help you to get rid of the problem, and you can use the printer again without facing any weird issues.

Final Words

The Brother Printers are very sturdy but only if you perform regular troubleshooting and routine maintenance. If you neglect these things, then the printer components will run out of their shelf life, and you have to face such erratic errors. I hope you learn how to solve brother printer drum error within minutes. Just follow them, and you are good to roll.

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