How to Download Whatsapp for Windows 7

Whatsapp for Windows 7, 10

Whatsapp has become the most used messaging app considering all the platforms including iOS and Android. For over 1 billion smartphone users across the world, Whatsapp is a part of their routine life. You can send messages, share photos, voice clips, videos, locations, PDFs, and much more. Whatsapp even offers voice and video calls on any smartphone using Whatsapp and that too, totally free.

How to install Whatsapp on PC Windows 7 or 10 on Desktop

WhatsApp: Rapidly increasing users

A few years ago, WhatsApp had approximately 450 million users around the world. Today, the estimated number of users has doubled, reaching a total of one billion in February 2016, a record that no other messaging service has yet achieved. In 2014, WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook, whose Facebook Messenger service currently has some 800 million users.

The most important data about WhatsApp is summarized in:

  • Currently, WhatsApp has more than a billion users.
  • More than 42 billion messages are sent daily.
  • Additionally: 1.6 billion photos and 25 million videos.

What makes Whatsapp spread so widely in a very less time period is its features as well as its availability on almost all the platforms. It is offered for use not only on phones but also now on desktop computers of  Mac OS and Windows.

WhatsApp users are happy that now they can not only use this service from their smartphones or tablets, but also from their desktop computers. Earlier this year, the messaging service now owned by social media giant Facebook launched its desktop versions.

Until then, users could only use WhatsApp from their web app, while it is now possible to download native desktop applications for free. The native apps or native applications are adapted to specific operating systems, in this case, Windows or Mac OS X, while a web app is a web page programmed especially for the web browser. As a consequence, web apps are independent of the operating system and do not depend on any particular device, working almost in any browser. Visit our guide to learn more about web applications and their differences from native applications.

The new versions of WhatsApp for PC will be the future replacement of the browser tab, used until now for the execution of the messaging service. Both versions are very similar. Because the desktop app is permanently installed, some features work better and are more convenient to operate. Additionally, WhatsApp for pc has some exclusive functions:

  • The application is integrable in the automatic start menu, that is, it opens automatically every time the system is started.
  • Unread messages are displayed on the taskbar.
  • Has desktop notifications (pop-ups, tones)
  • The desktop client supports keyboard shortcuts and autocorrects functions.

How to use WhatsApp for Windows:

The desktop application of Whatsapp for Windows 7, 10 can be downloaded for free from the official WhatsApp website. The PC version is very similar to the web application and its designs are hardly different, and its structure is the same. WhatsApp for Windows works under the principle of app wrapping, simulating environments to allow the use of the application in the browser or, in this case, on the desktop. This service is offered by different providers, including the official WhatsApp page.

Previous requirements :

As with the web application, any user who wants to use the WhatsApp desktop application for Windows 7, 10, needs to have the application installed and enabled on their smartphone. In this way, the native application can create a replica of the message history from the mobile device to the PC.

Important: because the smartphone must be connected to the Internet while the information is replicated on the computer, your phone should be connected to a wireless network to reduce the consumption of mobile data.

With the use of your Desktop PC running on Windows 7, 10, or any further version, you can now enjoy your favorite messaging app Whatsapp with the same ease and comfort. Whatsapp for Windows is made taking into account compatibility of new generation PC configuration and it is as user-friendly as its smartphone version on all platforms.

You can send messages and share multimedia using it in the same way the smartphone version does. Installation is so easy that a common user can easily get it done. So, get ready for downloading Whatsapp for Windows and enjoy!!

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