How to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading

Hello, buddy! today I want to tell you about how to stop WhatsApp automatically downloading. In the present generation, WhatsApp best is the best chatting messenger you can also send files, photos, videos, contacts, location, and more easily through WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp is the application that most fills our storage with images, videos, audio, and files. Through the chats and groups, we can receive dozens of images and videos on our devices every day, occupying over the months are the hundreds of megabytes with files that we surely do not know if we are in many groups.

By default WhatsApp automatically downloads images when we are connected to mobile data, and all photos, audios, videos, and documents with the Wi-Fi network. With what on the one hand, the application is consuming us data by downloading images that may not interest us, and on the other hand when connecting to home or work Wi-Fi begins to download everything that comes to us, filling the memory.

To save space and data with WhatsApp, the best way is to disable automatic download, so we decide at all times that photos, videos, audios, and documents are downloaded to our mobile device.

One small disadvantage is those files and photos are automatically downloading. its wastes huge of mobile data. that’s why I want to tell to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading.

How to stop auto download in WhatsApp

Yes… there’s is a way to stop WhatsApp auto download videos and can handle this problem simply by changing small kind of settings of in your WhatsApp mobile. for stop auto-download to do. open WhatsApp app then tap on the menu button, settings and chat settings are visible.

Now tap on the media auto-download option .in that three options are visible (Images, Audio, and Videos) now click on that. and then you choose this option (Never, Wifi, Wi-Fi and Cellular)

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After disabling the auto-download option. if you want to do download any image, film or video. so you need to click on image then its will start downloading.

How to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading in windows phone

In the windows phone also very big pain auto-downloading videos and images

If you want to do stop need to follow these steps

Now I want to tell How to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading in windows phone Open WhatsApp app in your windows phone now three options will appear that are clicks on that now go to call and chat settings. now tap on the media auto-download option. click on image choose one option that’s is “never” by choosing this will be able to download all files in WhatsApp when you want to now two problems are solved that’s is auto-download and auto-saving options.

Conclusion: these tricks are really working perfectly on windows and android phone. if you have any doubts after reading this article put your comments feel free in comment box.thanks for reading this article. don’t for getting share this article on social media.

How to configure – All about WhatsApp web

In today’s article, we will talk about WhatsApp Web, and we will explain what it is, how it is used, and what are the differences that make it different from the mobile client of the messaging application. Continue reading the article to get a piece of detailed information on the said topics.

 Whats exactly WhatsApp Web is?

WhatsApp Web is a method with which you can access the application from your browser. It is an official service of the app, so you have the assurance that all the functions will be controlled by the same company responsible for the messaging application.

However, we cannot say that it is a web client since the connection to WhatsApp is not made through the website, but this page is connected to your mobile and through it, you can access to the service. In this way, all conversations and images that you will manage will be downloaded from the server and will be loaded on the web directly from your mobile phone.

This means that if you do not have your mobile nearby, you will not be able to use WhatsApp Web. In the same way, if the mobile is switched off or the application fails, you will see an error appearing on the web page. This, in theory, gives a layer of security since no one can enter your WhatsApp from your computer, but it will make the “client” a little more annoying to use the service.

How to configure WhatsApp Web? How to use WhatsApp web

Using WhatsApp Web is relatively simple. The first thing you have to do is enter, which is the main page of the service. Following the first step, an access QR code will appear on the screen that you have to scan with the mobile version of the service.

In order to perform the required task, open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. After this, you have to go directly to the Chats category, and there at the top right, you will see a three-point icon which will display the options menu.  Choose the option called WhatsApp Web there.

When you do, you will get a kind of crosshair by scanning through the back camera of your mobile. What you have to do is the point to the QR code of the web with the camera, and automatically the web client of WhatsApp will be synchronized with the application you have on your mobile device.

Now onwards, you will see the same conversations you had on your mobile phone earlier, and you can interact with your friends without any problem. Everything you write on the web you will see later on your mobile since both services will be synchronized.

WhatsApp against WhatsApp Web


SEND MESSAGES              Yes         Yes

SEND PICTURES                Yes         Yes

ADD FILTERS TO PHOTOS              Yes         Do not

SEND PHOTOS WITH THE CAMERA           Yes         Yes

SEND VIDEOS     Yes         Yes

SHARE DOCUMENTS       Yes         Yes

SHARE CONTACTS            Yes         Yes

SHARE LOCATION            Yes         Do not

TAPE RECORDER               Yes         Do not

SEND EMOJIS     Yes         Yes

SEND GIFS           Yes         Yes

SEND VOICE MESSAGES                Yes         Yes

VOICE CALLS      Yes         Do not

VIDEO CALLS      Yes         Do not

STATE Yes Do not


  • How to Create a Whatsapp Group

Up here you have a table in which we have compared one by one which is the WhatsApp features that are not present in their version for browsers. As you can see, most of them are there, although there are some important ones that are missing and it limits a lot what could be a much more complete client.

Even so, the main functions of the chat are there, and you will have the whole repertoire of WhatsApp emojis as well as its search engine to send animated GIFs to your contacts. You can also send voice messages in case you do not feel like writing.

The first differences will begin to appear while sharing elements in the chats. If you click on the clip icon, only the most basic options will appear, these include sending photographs, taking a photo with the webcam and sending it, sharing a document, or sharing one of the contacts. However, when sending photos, the option to add filters will be missing.

And there are two other options that will be missing too. The first is to be able to share contacts with a user, although you can access your contact list to start a new conversation. Nor is the recording function, a kind of advanced voice message in which you do not need to keep pressing the button to record and you can create messages of up to fifteen minutes.

Two other functions that are currently not available in the web version are the call functions. WhatsApp Web does not allow you to make voice calls, and you cannot use the video call function either. And it’s a shame because having a webcam computer could be very useful for videoconferences.

Finally, the WhatsApp Web is limited to conversations, so the entire system of states is left out. If you want to use WhatsApp as if it were Snapchat you will have to do it from your mobile because today in the web client you do not have that option.

In any case, as you can see in the table, the vast majority of options offered by WhatsApp are also available in your web client. It will be necessary to see that when they are adding new things and that whether they are taking it directly to the web or it has to add another No in our table.

How to use WhatsApp Web to use WhatsApp from your browser

Although it does not have a desktop client as complete and independent as other alternative applications, WhatsApp takes time allowing you to use your application from any computer through your browser. It does it through WhatsApp Web, a web where you can synchronize your mobile application.

Today we are going to show you how to synchronize your WhatsApp with this web client so you can use it from your computer or laptop. As we all know that a customer is quite dependent on the mobile, so do not forget that you will need to have it close for synchronization.

In general, messaging application clients are independent. However, WhatsApp Web is not so much a client in itself as an interface with which to connect to your mobile and use the application. Still and despite this discomfort, the options offered by this website are quite complete and almost identical to those of your mobile.

How to synchronize WhatsApp Web with WhatsApp

The first thing you have to do is enter the WhatsApp Web website, the address is By doing so you will see a QR code, and you will not be able to start using it until you scan it with the mobile application. You will have to do the process as fast as you can because the QR code expires if you delay, and you will have to refresh it to generate a new one.

Therefore now you must enter your mobile and open WhatsApp. The next step that you would be following is to press the icon that has three points and appears on the top right of the screen. Pressing the icon will display the options on the screen and you have to click on the one in which you have put WhatsApp Web.

Following the step, you will now see that your mobile has turned into a scanner, and in the center of the screen, you will notice a square that will analyze where you point the camera. Now, what you will be doing is, point to the QR code that you’ve left open on the web so that it’s all inside the square.

Performing the step, the web will automatically identify you and will you’re your WhatsApp. From this moment you can use the application from your browser as if it were your mobile. Meanwhile, if you enter the WhatsApp Web section of the mobile, you will now see the sessions you have started on different computers.

for example, in my case, it appeared that I have one in Windows 10 Chrome because those are the browser and operating systems that I have used. These indications are useful so that you can close any of the sessions that you have open just by clicking on it, a good way that when you leave a computer do not allow anyone else to enter your application.

I am here, the hyperlocal startup helps to get people together in the neighborhood

We can always connect with millions of people through online apps and websites. However, finding someone in your locality is complicated. Unless you have got IamHere Hyperlocal in your hands. Search for foodies, fitness enthusiasts, teachers, doctors, and sports partners within your neighborhood – is just a click away!

IamHere is a hyperlocal startup that accomplishes everything for your neighborhood under a single platform. It is like a social marketplace where people from multiple professions, with different hobbies and interests, can connect with similar people in their locality or area. It always feels good to know more people and learn from them. IamHere helps you with exactly that, in your neighbourhood.

IamHere, the hyperlocal startup helps to get people together in the neighborhood

How to use it? The process of using the app is simple. Download and install the IamHere app from the App Store or Play Store. Create your profile and start browsing. The map on the app will show people near you based on interests and hobbies. And then you choose people you want to connect with and get connected.

The application ensures full privacy and anonymity. Your information, such as your contact number, your full address, etc. will remain protected and private unless you initiate to share it with the people.

You could even be looking to organize a blood donation camp in your area. You can advertise and promote it on the app and ask your neighbours to come and join the camp.

You may even connect to an NGO nearby and visit or engage and volunteer with them based on your interests.

The application can be used to find anyone online that suits your interest, profession, business, or need or desire. Connections within the neighborhood are what the IamHereapp aims for, and it is slowly building a social network for our neighborhoods.

Leapdroid Emulator Download For PC Windows 8.1/10/XP/Mac Leapdroid Android Emulator

Leapdroid download: Android emulator best way to use mobile apps and games on your computer with the help of an emulator. a few days back blue stack app has stood best place to get the Best android emulator but not now! Why? Because this App has some malware, so it will damage your PC so that we need to select a good Android emulator From available emulators on the web. But some people are still confused about selecting the best Android emulator. so for that confusion, I am going to introduce the best App name is Leapdroid this is for playing any Android game or running any app on PC.

Leapdroid is the Android Emulator for windows pc and has good features emulator. This app is launched in the 2015 year. Most Games lovers use this android emulator to play games like Pokemon go without any error while playing. Now you can understand the benefits of downloading Leapdroid.

Leapdroid Emulator Download For PC Windows 8.1/10/XP/Mac Leapdroid Android Emulator

As we all know that to access apps and games on our PC, we need an Android emulator, which among the list blue stacks app is very popular. Which emerge first in its place, we all know that but days have come to withdraw from its place. Because a brand new emulator in the market known as Leapdroid. Which emerges first in its kind in a short span.

Download LeaDroid

If you like to know why it has stood in the first place, you have to try it and we are all aware that it’s for free. So I guess there is no stopping you. Most people would like to play Apk games on the bigger screen for that I would recommend it as the best choice for my fair concern. Leapdroid is compatible with Good resolution games and applications if you like to know more about this emulator just log on to the official site to know the details about this Leapdroid software for PC.

Steps To Install LeapDroid Android Emulator For PC Properly

Many newbies are facing issues while installing this app. That’s why read carefully what we said. We can follow the routine process to install this software on your pc. but few peoples are not able to install android emulators app. in below you will know about Leapdroid for PC and how to create multiple accounts using Leapdroid. Using this app, we can maintain a mobile-supported application on our PC/Mac. This means we can make our PC into mobile.

Basic requirements to install leap droid:

We need a PC with a basic configuration but a RAM minimum of 4GB because for playing android games on a PC at least we need 4GB RAM.

For coming to the screen size, we need a minimum 1920×1080 resolution because while playing games we like to play on the big screen so this is the minimum resolution for that kind of fun we can enjoy with the big screen.

Leapdroid has 200+MB maximum of all emulator software having more than 250MB.SO by using this app we can save a bit more space on our computer.

leapdroid Download Process
Leapdroid For PC

For Leapdroid install apk we need a good internet connection means Good speed.250MB takes time to download. If you have good internet speed, we can download and install very fast.

If you have the above requirements, then you can install it on your PC/Mac.above requirements are not necessary if you have then we can use them without facing any issue. So let’s start.


Go to Google then just type Leapdroid there you will get some results related to this software but better to download this software from the official site. So select the official site.

Then you will see the official site in the official site you can see the download option in the middle of the website. Before going to Leapdroid download read terms and conditions, it’s better to know more about this app.

After reading then click on the download button.After within seconds that Leapdroid starts downloading. then after the completion of the download, this software just looks left side of your PC screen you will see that the software file has the logo with Leapdroid.

Then click on that will ask regular requirements like other software so just click on next and next.

It will complete installing. after successfully installing Leapdroid Android emulator. open that software then register with your email id

After saucerful register now you can get full access to this app. even you can open google play in Leapdroid. Not only this event Pokemon go and all games and apps.

I am sure you will get good experience using this app. because many emulator software has a lot of bugs. this app is not like that. If any bugs are there, then they will try to solve them as soon as possible after you sent a mail regarding a bug.

Download Leapdroid Software At Offline Installer

Yeah, we can install Leapdroid offline through the official website. After going to the official site in the menu bar, you will see the downloads tab. just click on that or you can Leapdroid offline installer using this

This process is also the same as what we said. After installing successfully, we can use this software without the internet connection and we can able to every game without using the internet.

leapDroid pokemon go
leapDroid Pokemon go

Features OF Leapdroid Android Emulator

We can use Leapdroid software instead of blue stacks and other emulator software because it has had more features better than various apps

Leapdroid is best for playing most popular like Pokemon go, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Airborne, Asphalt 8 games

This app is doing good support while we play games in Leapdroid. It’s run quite a speed which out any problem.

One of the good news is they providing this good emulator without any cost. so we can get free access to use this app.

Cons of Leapdroid

Leapdroid launched in 2015, and at that time they came with KitKat supported version
We can run this app in the KitKat version very smoothly. And also we can run the old Android version but you will not well experience it better than the KitKat version.

This app does not support running some apps like snap chat. but as we said earlier developers surely fix this kind of issue within days.

If you run third-party apps, it will load a bit slow. Make sure before running third-party apps check the app good to use or not and also restart this software and then use it smoothly.

New Announcement About latest Leapdroid:

Now they are stopped providing this emulator because they want to develop with more features better than the available version. Even they become a partner of Google. they will work with Google to develop and implement this app.

If you want the old version of Leapdroid, then you can get it from third-party websites. So as soon as possible they will come back with excellent features to Beat other android emulators.

Conclusion OF leapDroid:

Hope you got a good knowledge about Android emulator and more about Leapdroid.if you want to download Leapdroid Software we are hopeful. Because this is a good android emulator better than others. the event we are also a few months back searched for best android emulator finally we found Leapdroid. So we are excited to share this information with you thanks for reading this article. friends also do not forget to share this article with your friends using social media and say especially we can play Pokemon go in Leapdroid.

How To Install Terrarium Tv On PC(Windows 7/8/10)

The terrarium tv has been working only for Android devices. But if you want to use this application on your pc or laptop you need to know the process that how to install terrarium tv for pc/laptop. Just have a look at it to have this application on your laptop/pc. The steps are as follows:

you need to install the android emulator which allows you to watch videos on your pc/laptop through the terrarium tv application. Here we are giving information about how to install the blue stacks application to your pc/laptop.

How To Install Terrarium Tv On PC(Windows 7/8/10)

How I Install Blue stacks on pc/laptop

The blue stacks will allow you to watch videos in the laptop’s and PC’s.why because the terrarium tv has been working only for Android versions if you want to use terrarium tv application in your laptop’s or PC’s you should install blue stacks application.the installation steps of blue stacks are as follows.

  • You must download the blue stacks programme
  • then click on the install option
  • then open blue stacks application
  • Then use that application by following the given instructions in it

Best Terrarium TV Alternate For Any Device

Hey! when we are get some error on terrarium tv we defenetly look for alternate for that so we are giving here best alteranate for terrarium is called Kodi application. In this kodi app we also get some error like https // /pairapart from this we wont face any issue on kodi. So, we can say good alternate for terrarium tv

Download & Install Terrarium Tv Application On PC

Now you are eligible for download and install terrarium tv application for your laptop/pc. From the below instructions you can install terrarium tv application and use that application with free of cost.

  1. Here you need to open the “Blue Stacks” application
  2. Download the “Terrarium Tv Application” from it
  3. Click on the “Terrarium Tv” by using blue stacks player
  4. The “Blue Stacks” will install the terrarium application
  5. After completion of this process, the “Notification will come”
  6. The notification is terrarium tv has “Installed Successfully”
  7. After this process, You need to open the Blue Stacks Application
  8. From here you can access the “Terrarium Tv Application”

I hope, now you can able to install terrarium tv on your PC. I explained everything if still have any doubts and issues while installing the app then come to this website and send your query through the comment box.

[*Original*]Baixar Mobogenie Para Apk PC Download

Baixar Mobogenie Download (App)Apk

Hello friends! These days the app market is fully loaded with wonderful apps that are characterized by great features. One of the lists of wonderful apps is the Mobogenie App which is a practical app store that serves as the best alternative to the Google Play Store in Android smartphones.

This wonderful app provides the platform for mobile as well as desktop users to get the apps downloaded in a huge variety. For a simple understanding, Baixar Mobogenie means it’s like a play store we can get a huge amount of free apps here. Include paid apps for free also. now we are updating the latest version of Mobogenie in this version all bugs are fixed download and enjoyed.

The baixar Mobogenie software acts purely as a form of gateway to all other apps with great features. The app also allows the users to install the third party apps on the systems and devices and run in without any harm.also check thistelecharger sybla tv

[*Original*]Baixar Mobogenie Para Apk PC Download

Baixar Mobogenie app, in short, is an effective element for Android users allowing them to backup, restore and do the contact editing with ease. The user can also manage the applications, organize, transfer, download, and upload data from Pc or any Android smartphone. This app features by allowing the users high-quality recommendations, great usage for 2G/3G usage, and multiple platforms.

Download Here

Baixar Mobogenie Para PC Windows 7,8,9

The Mobogenie Para PC is great for Android users and it grants great features to the users. The user can quickly dot the one-click install feature and get various apps for free of cost along with Games. There are about 1,200,000 android apps and games on the list and the user can find more than 10,000 new apps every day.

Mobogenie Para PC also plays the latest videos and music for free of cost along with loaded surprises for the users in-store. The Mobogenie Para for PC manages the device with an easy and convenient Android manager that is inclusive of contact editing, managing and group messaging.

The personal data of the user is also secured with just one click backup option by using the apps para Baixar musicas PC and this app also help to liberate the phone with one click rooting that results in uninstalling stock apps, save battery usage, speeding the phone and easy accessibility.

Para Baixar MusicasMobogenie Gratis:

Apps Para Baixar Musicas allows the users to download the free copyright music without detours or setbacks. It’s the best music app in-store that allows music lovers to enjoy listening to music in any language without limping with any limitations and completely free of cost.

Apps Para Baixar Musicas grants the users with finding the favorite artists and bands and downloading the music apps and beginning with lots of entertainment. The songs using the Apps Para Baixar Musicas can be downloaded in MP3 or MP4 format for free.

The drawback of the app is that any file cannot be found and when searched for, a list of best free apps flares up. Music lovers can get the app on their Android devices and can enjoy using the wonderful app for free and get their favorite music in the device.

Baixar Mobogenie Android Apk 2016 Download:

Mobogenie is the basic Android manager app which grates services to the Android smartphone users for free of cost. The latest version of the app is available for download, and the user can get the app and enjoy the benefits.

Reasons to download the Mobogenie 2016 app:

  • Alter contacts with the oversee easy option: Mobogenie latest version download helps with altering the contacts with ease and also makes it easy to add new numbers to the already existing numbers.
  • Simple as pie: Mobogenie 2016 latest version gets you with the best videos, music, and photographic options on the web with new features for free of cost.
  • Mobogenie latest version 2016 allows the users to clean up the inbox using the administrative abilities and also benefits the users with sending options to many at a single go.
  • One-click options to restore and scrolling: the latest version of the wonderful android app manager grants with secured Android telephone releasing you with the stress of losing contacts. Contacts are very important documents on your devices and by using the app; the contacts can be restored with a single tick option. It gets simple and easy for the users to manage the contact and free from the worry of losing the contacts from the devices.

Mobogenie Baixar Apk App Android download

The Baixar Mobogenie app is available for download for PC and Android smartphones.check below two processes.

Get Baixar Mobogenie APK download for PC:

The users can get the wonderful Mobogenie APK baixar for PC in two different methods which are very easy and simple. The first method is the direct download from the official link website of the Mobogenie Company.

The user has to visit the official website and download the APK file directly on PC. The second method is downloading the Baixar Mobogenie APK for PC using the BlueStacks apps.

Steps to download Baixar Mobogenie apk for PC using BlueStacks app:

  • Firstly, get the BlueStacks app downloaded from the official website on your PC.
  • Then, open the BlueStacks app and click on the SEARCH BOX.
  • In the search column, type “MOBOGENIE” and then go ahead by clicking on the Search play for Mobogenie option.
  • Then after doing so, click on the Mobogenie app flashing on the screen and click on the installation option allowing the app to get installed automatically.
  • Wait for the installing process to get completed and then navigate to BlueStacks home page all apps. Then here go on the Mobogenie app and open it to start.

Thus, by this way you can get the wonderful Mobogenie app downloaded on the Pc for free using the BlueStacks app. You can also get direct access to the download and install by visiting the official website. Try the best suitable method and get the app on the PC.

Get Baixar Mobogenie APK download for Android smartphones:

To get the app on Android smartphones follow up with these simple steps.

  • Go to the Google Play Store or get the APK file directly from the link downloaded on your Android smartphone.
  • Then, open the Apk file on the device and allow it to get installed automatically.
  • The app gets automatically installed and grants the further asked permissions and download the app.
  • Change the settings of the device. Go to settings> applications> unknown sources and activate the option in order to function the app on the Android smartphone.
  • Run the file and now start downloading anything you want as the app gets downloaded on the smartphone by following the steps easily.

Note: the Android 2.2 or above software is needed to get the Mobogenie app.

Baixar Google play para android:

The Baixar Google play is the store to download various apps and games for Android smartphone users which can also be uninstalled with ease if needed. It’s a multi-store of apps where all the apps are free to download in easy ways.

It is termed as the largest application store for Android and is must to have in every Android smartphone. There are thousands of applications ready for download based on various categories like entertainment, books, movies, music, games, and more. It’s easy to get the Baixar play store downloaded on your smartphone easily. Follow the basic steps:

Steps to download Baixar Play Store:

  • Firstly, get the APK file for the Android device on the computer from the official link and download the file on the PC. Then, transfer the file to the smartphone either by using the USB cord wire or Bluetooth option.
  • After doing so, get the file opened in the smartphone by dragging the file to the folder. Make sure the file is opened in the device.
  • Go to settings> applications> activate the Unknown sources.
  • Use the file manager program to install the APK. Now, copy the link on the Android smartphone or get the ES File Explorer if you don’t have the program.
  • Then, open the file manager and make the navigations to the folder where the APK file is there and click on the install option.
  • The installation takes place automatically and restarts the device after completion of the process.
  • Reset the device play store icon and run it.

Hence, the Baixar Mobogenie Play Store is downloaded, and you can function the app and get wonderful apps download for free. Get the application now on your Android smartphone by following the above simple steps.

Mobogenie Baixar Conclusion:

Hence, we come to the end of the article and hope all the related information of the Baixar Mobogenie para is clearly stated in this article. Baixar Mobogenie is a wonderful android manager which allows downloading the other apps for free and serves as the great substitute for Google Play store in Android devices.

Get the app for free and enjoying using the features of the app and get benefited.  Now restore your contacts and manage all the happenings of your smartphone with ease.few days back mobogenie going down but now it is going to rock on apps market so guys we can get laks of apps from this app have fun happy mobogenie.

Efesliyiz Biz Details And Review

Efesliyiz Biz Details And Review

Have you ever wondered how the system in Efesliyiz Biz works? It’s very simple, and anyone can understand this. There is no secret that Efesliyiz Biz has become one of the fastest apps to have active members on the app.

The app has done very well over the past few months, and the app is significantly growing within the country. The common factor of the app is that made Google play to shift the category of the app into the LifeStyle category.

When we think of apps that have made it to the limelight because of the innovative idea that made people’s life better are the apps that made it to the top of the list in the Google Play Store.

Efesliyiz Biz Details And Review

Efesliyiz biz developers have come up with a plan that can change many ways of thinking to make the online food and beverages section better, and nothing could stop the developers from creating the app called Efesliyiz.Biz Android App.

What is Efesliyiz.Biz?

The concept had started when the developers had trouble getting some beverages into the market, but they can only get one, they have to travel miles away from their place to get their choice of beverages.

It was indeed something that they couldn’t get a hold of it, so the developers have planned to use the internet and online world to make this possible. It indeed took them a while to set up and get clearance for him to work but it didn’t stop to make this happen.

How Efesliyiz.Biz Works for Customers?

If you are a client, then you do not have to worry about it because the developers made the app and the interface very eco-friendly so that a person who has never used an app before can place an order of their choice of beverages.

Quality has never been compromised in the Efesliyiz.Biz because each and every application or you can call the seller is licensed under the Govt so that you are getting something which is not overvalued or overpriced or non-quality products for yourself.

Where to Download the Biz Efesliyiz App for Android iOS?

Google play has approved the Biz Efesliyiz under the category of LifeStyle, and the app has been downloaded more than 5000, and many have rated the app over five stars. Biz Efesliyiz has over 100 comments on the App Stores.

Currently, the app is available for two platforms only, and it is said that the developers will work on upgrading it for the other platforms. As of now, the app is available for Android and iOS.

Google Play Storelink, Apple iPhoneLink

The Efesliyiz Biz is planning to upgrade their service once they reach the heights that can change the course of Efesliyiz Biz’s services.

Requirements to Sign Up On www.Efesliyiz.Biz

You don’t have to be a genius when it comes to signing up; there are a few things you need to have before making any purchases or turning into a dealer or client.

First of all, you have to be a Dealer, Beverages Employee, Distributor, or anybody who has the license to sell beverages. Not just a semi license, the license which has been approved by the Turkish Govt of the country.

Then head on to the official website and enter your Email address, make sure to provide your Beverages License number then head on to add your password.

You will be asked a few questions and what you are planning to add to the site, then your application will be reviewed by the developers or the verification team to ensure that you are legit and you mean business.

If you wish to get the verification done within days then there is no choice but to wait for it because the verification takes more than a week to review then the final judgment comes to your dashboard, if you have added your mobile number then you will receive a message from the Team that you now officially part of them biz Efesliyiz.

Patience is highly appreciated regarding verification until then you are told to wait. But the returns are pretty high as you are introduced to the National Customers, which can boost one’s business.

Wrap up

There is a point where you can get your verification done within a week depending on how reputed your work has been according to the Govt of Turkish.

There are a few issues you might face during signing up but there is the reason for you to feel it’s just not happening, all you have to do is to talk to your representative about the errors. In case there is no error from your end then you can contact the developers directly using the Email address provided by the biz Efesliyiz.

In case, you might not know where to find the email address then you can simply go to the Play Store or iStore to find out the Email address which the developers usually leave in the last section below.

In case if there is no email address provided but you wish to sign up and have errors then simply leave a comment into app stores, which will be reviewed by the Developers in late downtime.

Now that you know what the Efesliyiz.Biz is all about, then what are you waiting for, just go down and sign up for your registration.