How to Find Out What Motherboard I have Windows 10

Windows 10

You are using a Windows computer and just reinstalled the operating system. Now you need the drivers for sound, chipset, and other devices attached to the motherboard. Those disks for the drivers have said goodbye as the other disks have with the entry of the flash drives and memory cards with wireless file-sharing apps. But guess what, you don’t know which is your motherboard you have as you never had gone through this situation before. So, the question is “How to..”

The same problem can arise after purchasing a new video card. You must know which model of motherboard you are using. In the cases of up-gradation of computers, too, you will have to face the same problem.

Ta-da..!! Sit back and relax, coz we have got some solutions to your problem. Keep reading and you will get some methods to find out what motherboard do you have.

How to Find Out What Motherboard I have Windows 10

Use Command Prompt

  • Using Windows Command Prompt service, it is very easy to identify the motherboard.
  • First, go to the Start menu (Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen) and click on it.
  • Type command prompt in the search program and files bar which you will see at the bottom.
  • You will see Command Prompt at the top of the Start Menu. Click on it.
  • Another method can be used to open Command Prompt. Use the Run shortcut which Windows+R and then type cmd into the Run window.
  • This will take you to Command Prompt in which you have to type this command –
  • wmic baseboard gets the product, manufacturer, version, serial number.
  • You will be shown your motherboard’s information including Manufacturer, Product, Serial Number, and Version.
  • If any information you wanted is not shown there, you can find it using Google.
  • Go to the browser and search using the information you got through Command Prompt using the word ‘motherboard’.

This way, you will get the missing information.

Use Windows System Information

  1. The next method to get information about your motherboard is to use the Windows System Information.
  2. This utility is provided by Microsoft in the 10th version of Windows.
  3. This may seem to be the simplest method to solve your problem but note that it may not be so useful in case you are using a motherboard from manufacturers like Dell, Asus, or Razer. But for others, it is sure to accomplish your goal.
  4. Press ‘Windows+R’ keys and the Run window will appear. There you have to type msinfo32 and press Enter.
  5. A window will open which will give you the details of your system. The titles Baseboard Manufacturer, BaseBoard Version, and BaseBoard Product will provide you with the information you needed.

Get to the motherboard directly

  • If you are not satisfied with the methods mentioned above, there is yet another way to get the motherboard details and find out what motherboard you have.
  • Assume yourself as a surgeon and your computer’s CPU as your patient. A screwdriver and a small but good torch are the tools that you will need for the operation.
  • First of all, switch off the computer after saving the all-important work you were doing.
  • Power cables, USB connectors and other cables connected to the CPU must be unplugged then.
  • Use a screwdriver and free the screws from the side cover of the CPU cabinet. They are usually at the corner of the cabinet. Slide off the side cover then and there you will see the motherboard which has a number of other cards attached to it.
  • Gently, lay the CPU cabinet on a table in such a way that the motherboard is placed parallel to the table surface and you can easily see the labeling on it.
  • Examine the board carefully. Chances are there that you will not see the labels on the motherboard easily as many manufacturers write their names in such a way that it is too hard to be found. Different brands put their names at different locations on the motherboard.
  • The name may be printed on the motherboard near the CPU socket, below the RAM slots, between the PCI slots, or under the GPU. The torch will be the tool coming to the rescue. Using it throws light on small parts and searches the model name of the motherboard.
  • Note that the model number of a motherboard is a collection of letters and numbers and it is usually the largest text among all writings present on the motherboard.
  • In case you got just the model number and not the manufacturer’s name on the motherboard, you can have it by searching the model number with the word ‘motherboard’ on Google.

You should try this method only in the case of not getting your problem solved using previous methods. Because opening the CPU system is not good for the health of your computer as it may harm any of the inner components. Also, for a newcomer, it is not easy to find the name of the motherboard as it may have many names written and printed on it.

One more thing…

If you are so lucky to find your motherboard box lying somewhere in your house after you purchased it. A sticker attached to the box will have the model and a serial number of the motherboard. You can say, it is another way to identify your motherboard’s manufacturer and model number.

After getting the work done, you can go for drivers downloading by entering the name and model number of your motherboard.

What is a Picsart and How to Download on PC Windows 7,8 and 10?

What is a Picsart and How to Download o PC Windows 7,8 and 10?

What is a Picsart

Picsart is one of the most downloaded and streamlined photo editors on all platforms. While there is a version of Windows available on Windows Store, the app is not as nice as the versions of Android and iOS. And that makes it a bit disappointing, particularly when you’re so used to Picsart on Android and iOS devices. PicsArt is all about making amazing pictures and having fun, remixing free-to-edit images into amazing collages and memes.

It is a reliable application which not only helps to edit photos, But also focuses on providing users to personalize photos quickly, and with just a few clicks, share them with their friends.

This software gained tremendous success by offering a wide range of photo filters and editing tools that can turn any ordinary photo into eye-catching visual content. Besides offering a wonderful image editing tool, Picsart also comes with a full suite of powerful filters and an easy-to-learn interface that both complete novices in the image editing world can easily use, as well as enthusiasts who just want quick access to some of the most popular filters and photo editing tools.

Another wonderful thing about Picart is that images that can be loaded from your local storage, your mobile phone, or directly from Facebook can be imported into PicsArt for Desktop. And sharing is as simple as importing after photo editing that can last just a few clicks or whatever time you need to make it unique. Only a few taps, and it’s going to be out and posted online.

Most amazing Features of Picsart

The followings are some amazing Features of Picsart.

One of the best features of Picsart is that it’s collage creator offers 100s of free templates, & the PicsArt community uploads 1000s of new images every day that can be used as backgrounds. PicsArt allows you to create photo collages, templated collages, and collages in a grid format.

Another best thing about Picsart is that it is a very simple and easy to use photo editing tool. With the help of this photo editor, anyone can easily edit, share, and make a collage of the pictures.

Apart from being a great photo editor, Picsart also offers Drawing and Camera, which provides customization brushes, layers, and specialized equipment for drawing. The PicsArt Camera also helps you to snap pictures with live effects; it’s your new go-to sticker maker. Yup, right from your camera captures, you can make stickers!

The cutout feature of PicsArt allows you to make and share personalized stickers for everyone to use. The PicsArt community has created millions of free custom stickers clipart and they’re all up for grabs to use in messaging & remixing free of charge. By adding them to your pictures, using the custom stickers to remix images of others, or even saving them to your collections and sharing them via iMessage, you can use them.

PicsArt gives you a range of frames to choose from with different exciting effects that enhance your picture’s quality and make it a memory.

By using PicsArt tools, you can create a unique and exciting picture that no other app can do better than PicsArt.

Picsart also offers  Free Stickers, Clip Art, and Sticker Creator feature.

With the help of this amazing photo editing software, you can easily create Hilarious Memes.

Picsart supports layers.

By using Picsart, you can edit any image free of cost.

There are hundreds of filters to use.

With the help of this amazing photo editing tool, you can not only Create your own albums, collages, but you can also make scrapbooks, Polaroid pictures, and much more.

Pros of Picsart

  • Picsart is the great editing tool that Supports layering of photos.
  • Picsart is the best amongst photo editing tool which offers a wide variety of effects and filters.
  • Picsart also provides Customized brushes.
  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • Easily share photos through the network and on social media.
  • Very simple to use
  • Picsart’s best thing is that multiple users will collaborate in real-time on one picture.
  • In-app purchases are entirely optional.
  • With in-app advertising, It is 100% free.

Cons of using Picsart

  • Despite its various advantages, there are many disadvantages of Picsart, which are as follows.
  • It’s a very slow and buggy editing tool.
  • Picsart Does not have some other features of the app.
  • You can not share your pictures on all social media platforms. There are only limited social media platforms available for sharing pics on Picsart.

How to Download and install Picsart for PC

Download PicsArt On Windows 10

The followings are some steps to download PicsArt On Windows 10 easily.

In the first step, what you have to do is just go to the windows store. For this, you need to go to the start menu then click on the Microsoft store.

Secondly, you need to go to the search bar and search for PicsArt then click on that icon to download it.

Now, in the third step, You need to go to the blue get button and download PicsArt for PC; after that, it will be downloaded, and you can access PicsArt on your PC.

So, by following the steps mentioned above, You can download and install Picsart on your windows 10.

How to download PicsArt for Windows 7

Now, we are going to provide you some steps to download Picsart on Windows 7. if you are also the one who is looking to download the PicsArt app on your Windows 7, then you can download and install it by following these steps.

Steps to download PicsArt for Windows 7

For downloading PicsArt on your Windows 7. Firstly, you have to use an Android Emulator for installing Android apps, download the BlueStacks Android emulator.

You need to install BlueStacks on your Windows 7 in the second step, then go to the download folder and open the installer file and install it on the device if you can’t find your installer file then go to the browser and open the download section.

You can now download BlueStacks on your PC in the third step.

In the fourth step, just open the Google PlayStore on BlueStack and log in to your Gmail Id if you don’t have one, then create a new account and go forward.

Now, we have reached the fifth step; In this step, you have to go to the search bar after logging and then search PicsArt. After that, you will see several results, then download the original PicsArt click the first result, and download it.
After following all these steps, You can use PicsArt on your Windows 7, edit your pictures on the next stage and demonstrate your imagination.

How to download PicsArt on Windows 8

Now, we are going to provide you very easy methods to download Picsart on your Windows 8. if you also want to download PicsArt app on your Windows 8, Just follow these steps.

  • In the first step, you have to download the BlueStacks installer in your windows 8 from its official website.
  • After completing the downloading, you need to install BlueStacksin the second step.
  • After the installation, you need to double-click on the icon of BlueStacks.
  • Now, in the fourth step, you will see a brief instruction on how to use the emulator.
  • Get PicsArt APK from the download button above as soon as you’re on the BlueStacks main screen.
  • In this step, You just need to install the app.
  • This is how you can install Picsart for your windows 8.

Final words

Here, we have provided all the required information. Hopefully, By following the steps mentioned earlier, You will quickly get Picsart on your Windows 7, 8, or 10.

If you have any questions related to this article, then please share them with us in the comment section. We will try to answer them as soon as possible. You can share this article with your mates, who are also fond of using Picsart.

[ Sure 6 Methods ] What is Error 0x80248007, and how to fix it?

Error codes 0x80248007 system files on your windows operating system are caused by misconfiguration. So, if your windows system has an error, we’ll provide you with some important information and explain how to fix your windows’ 0x80248007 error. Let’s begin with it.

What is windows update error 0x80248007?

Error 0x80248007 means that you can not find any of the Microsoft Software License Terms on the missing Windows Updating files, and files are not available on Windows Update.

Using Windows Update, usually, this error occurs when you are attempting to update Windows or windows drivers.

Main causes of the error 0x80248007

Windows system file damage may cause the 0x80248007 error. Corrupted system file entries may pose a real risk to your computer’s well-being. System file error occurs in many of the causes like improper application deletion, hardware, incomplete installation, or uninstallation. It may also be triggered by an inappropriate system shut-down or by an adware/spyware attack on the computer.

All of the above activities can cause the entries in Windows system files to be deleted or corrupted. This corrupt system file causes information and files that are missing and incorrectly linked to the correct functioning of the application.

Without Windows Update you cannot keep your system secure, Windows Update is now an important component for your windows operating system. But if you can’t keep your PC patched, your PC will become vulnerable to viruses, malware attacks, external threats, etc.

Microsoft recognized this error, and it must be fixed by a Windows update, but until this happens, there are a couple of things you might try to fix, upgrade Windows & the drivers.

When you try to upgrade your Windows 10, if you see the 0x80248007 error on your screen, you are not alone. This issue is mentioned by several users.

So, you are one of them seeing this Error 0x80248007 on your computer when you try to upgrade your Windows 10. Don’t worry, coz This issue is mentioned by several users, you’re not alone who is facing this type of error. Of course, you can solve this error. Here we will provide you with some easy methods to resolve this error. You just try them step by step until you find the one that works for you. So, guys, let’s begin with it.

Method 1 Fix Error 0x80248007: via Modify Windows Update service

This issue is usually associated with Windows Update malfunctioning. To fix this error follow these step-

In the first step, what you have to do is Reset Windows Update Service by pressing the Windows logo button, then you have to press the control panel On your keyboard.

After that, you will see the View by Large icons tab on the top right corner of your screen, and now you need to click on the Administrative Tools button.

Then you have to click twice on the “services” tab. Now, you need to Right-click on Windows Update, a pop-up window will open, then click on Stop.

In the second step, you are required to remove temporary update files in the Software Distribution folder.

For this, firstly, you need to follow the path C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution, then open the datastore folder by clicking it twice.

After that, you need to go back to the Software Distribution folder then open the “Download folder” by pressing it twice, then remove all the files to open it, then delete all the temporary files in this folder.

In the third step, you need to Restart the Windows Update service. Follow the path (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Windows Update) to open Windows Update service, then right-click on it after that you will need to press on the start button then Close the Services window and the Administrative Tools window.

Method 2 Fix Error 0x80248007: by Clear the Software Distribution folder

The above Software Distribution folder has several files which are unfortunately very easy to corrupt. When it gets corrupted, you will receive a large number of Windows errors.

Nonetheless, the removal of some files in the Software Distribution folder solves these problems.
In the first step, you need to press on windows Key plus R, and then you will have to write type services. MSc after that press enter key or click OK.

In the second step, what you have to do is find the Windows Update service, then you need to right-click on it and then select Stop.

Now, Coming to the third step, you Navigate to the following folder: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Then open the Data Store folder and clean it all. When you receive a UAC request, Provide proof.

In the fourth step, you are required to go back up to the Software Distribution folder again; then, you will need to open the Download folder and remove everything here as well. When you receive a UAC request, Provide proof. Then close all the windows.

Now, in the last step, you should Start Windows Update again, and see if Windows Update Repair Error 0x80248007 can be corrected.

Method 3 Fix Error 0x80248007 – via Restart Windows Installer service

In this method, Firstly, you have to click the Windows logo key and X at the same time then you will need to press Command Prompt (Admin) when this notification pops out Click Yes.

In the second step, you have to type net start MSIserver and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

See whether the problem has been resolved.

Method 4 Fix Error 0x80248007 – Using an Elevated Command Prompt

Windows installer service may sometimes be solved as the 0x80248007 error starts manually.

The following are the steps:

In the first step, simply select a Windows key and click on the command prompt to enter the result right-click, and select Run as admin.

In the second step, you need to type net start MSI server In the Elevated Command Prompt and click Enter to execute the command.

Now in the last step, by clicking the X or by taping Exit, you had to close the command prompt and execute the command. Now you should be able to update anything you need to check at first.

Method 5 – Fix Error 0x80248007 – Update manually from Microsoft’s website

There are situations where Windows Update simply refuses to work even if the above approaches have been attempted, and in such cases, the website of Microsoft can always manually update your OS.

This site always has the latest updates, and you will get the latest features and bug corrections that Microsoft has offered if you install them immediately.

Method 6 – Fix Error 0x80248007 – Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

In this method, firstly, you have to type “troubleshooting” in the Windows Search bar and then press on Troubleshooting.

In the second step, Select All views from the left pane of the window.

Now, in the third step, You are required to select Windows Update from the Troubleshoot PC problem list.

Coming to the fourth step, you just follow instructions in the window and let the troubleshoot run on Windows Update

5. in the fifth step, What you have to do is just restart your PC and fix the error 0x80248007 on Windows Update.

Automatic Solution to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80248007

If you can not solve this update problem after using all of the above tricks, try a professionalized way to remove Windows Update Error 0x80248007.

If you are unable to fix this update issue after applying all the above-given tricks, then you should try a professional way to get rid of the 0x80248007 Windows Update Error in Windows 10.

This problem can be easily solved. Windows Repair, this tool can be downloaded, installed and any issues can be resolved
This tool is also easy to use, as ordinary users can also use this software and free their system from all kinds of bugs. This method should, therefore, be used once.

Final words

Windows 10 is very common with 0x80248007 Windows Update Error. But you don’t have to worry because you have the best solutions for yourself now.

Yes, from the tricks described above, even if no technical experts are needed, the 0x80248007 Windows Update Error in Windows 10 can easily be corrected. Share in the comment section below if you have any questions or suggestions.

How to recall an email in Gmail already sent on PC, laptop, iOS, or Android

Can you unsend an email

Here, We explain how to recall a Gmail message, whether it is on Android or a desktop browser, whether your emotions are going better and you are quickly aware of your mistake or if you have accidentally sent an email to the wrong person.

Gmail provides an efficient, quick way before the worst happens to unsend or recall an e-mail. This returns the email and prevents it from being displayed in anybody’s box until you are ready. Undo Send is one of the most useful features of Gmail to get you out of your trouble and work both in your mobile applications and your desktop.

So, Have a look at How to use this undo feature of Gmail on both mobile and the web.

How to recall an email in gmail already sent

Step 1: Check your unsend settings

In the past, you had to allow the option Unsend to retrieve Gmail emails. However, this is a default feature for Gmail, so it’s still on now. However, you still should check the settings so that it is adjusted correctly.

Begin with your account by logging in to Gmail. Then, in the upper right corner, select the gear icon above your email list. Choose Settings from this menu.

Step 2: change Settings if necessary

In the settings menu, you can activate or modify all the special functions in Gmail. Scroll down to the Undo Sending section in the General tab. At the right of your screen, you’ll see the default setting time to ”send cancellation periods that is set to 5 seconds, but you can tap on the drop-down menu to switch it to 30 seconds. Scroll down to the end of the page and click Save changes.

One thing that you need to keep in your mind is that no emails enter your Outbox before 30 seconds have elapsed if you raise this feature to the maximum time.

If you’re afraid to send the wrong email, the cancellation time should likely be set to at least 10 seconds to be safe. It is not very long five seconds to know that you have taken the wrong approach and hit the option unsend. Scroll down to the bottom of the Configuration section and save your changes.

Remember that the email should appear as long as the unending option is available in the inboxes of your mail address. Remembering that email will make it disappear, but someone might have started reading it, so acting fast is still essential.

Step 3: Send a test email

Now that you have to remember how long an e-mail is needed, it’s time to test it out. Click Set up and email yourself easily. Click the Blue Send button if you’re ready.

Look right now at your Gmail window’s lower-left corner. A quick notification that tells you that Message is being sent should be displayed. Undo will be a choice in the center of the notification bar.

When you wait, you see the option Undo disappearing, it means your cancellation is over and it is too late to remember your email. We suggest that you try it several times just to feel how long your cancellation period lasts. If you are uncertain how long to set a cancellation period.

Hit the Undo option and your e-mail will pop up in the same condition when you sent it. You can change the content or address it freely before you send it as intended. There’s no time limit once an email is remembered for how long you have to work on it — or you can just remove it and start it over.

Recalling an email on iOS or Android

Same As the web browser, It is very simple to Recall an email on iOS or Android and the best thing is that you don’t need to change any options or settings.

After sending an email, at the end of your screen, you will see the option to Undo (though not on the left). Just click on that button, and you ought to go well. Remember that only for a matter of seconds the key will show up, so make sure you act quickly.

Recalling an email on a PC or laptop

Recalling a Gmail message on a PC or laptop browser is much the same as on Android, it works. After you’ve pressed Send, look down to the left of the screen for a “message sent” option, with additional undo/view message options. then Click Unsend to reappear, so you can edit or remove your message as needed. Here’s the simple way of recall an email that has been already sent in Gmail.

  • First of all, you have to log in to your Gmail account on your computer.
  • Second step, what you have to do is click on the Settings icon (the one that looks like a gear) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Third step, you have to select the option for Settings, From the Settings menu.
  • Fourth step, now, you have to assure that the General tab is selected, From the Settings window.
  • Now, coming to the fifth step, Search for the setting that says Undo Send.
  • In the sixth step, what you need to do is just click the checkbox, To Allow Undo Send.
  • Now we have reached the seventh step and in this step, you have to Press the drop-down to set the sending cancellation time to avoid the email being sent in the number of seconds. It is 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds that you choose.
  • Now, in the eighth step, You just need to Tap on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Settings screen.
  • To check the function, please click the Compose button on your Gmail account page in the upper left corner.
  • Now in the 10th step, you have to draw a message and then click the button Send.
  • Now, coming to the 11th step, You will see a message at the top of the screen that says: “Your message was sent.
  • In the 12th step, Tap on the Undo button to stop the message from being sent.
  • In case you want to make any change, Gmail keeps the email from leaving and reveals it, and then resends it. If not, the email can be easily opened and placed in your Drafts folder where it can be preserved or deleted.

How to Recall an Email sent after 1 hour

For regretted emails that were sent more than 30 seconds ago, the Gmail Email Unsend option does not work. A potential major problem will only be resolved if you catch it in 30 seconds.

If your mail was sent more than 30 seconds ago, it could be best to ask forgiveness or to hope that it doesn’t open the post. As most people have lots of spam, they may never even see your message. Since many people have spam.

So you must be fast because Gmail only lets you recall your mail for a certain number of seconds.

The Undo Send feature is a convenient way to prevent the incorrect e-mail from being sent to the wrong person.

SendSpace – Best file sharing sites | SendSpace Alternative

Hey Friends, I am here today to give you information about SendSpace. This is an instant file sharing sites, which facilitates user to send, receive, track and share large size files. The application is available both for computers and smartphones.

It is designed for sharing all types of files for both personal users and business purposes. It is nowadays proving a very useful tool for internet users.

SendSpace – Large File Sharing Site

Sendspace is not compatible with AOL browser because is a special version Microsoft Internet Explorer. Therefore it is recommended to use browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox for using Sendspace. Sendspace has versions such as lite, premium, pro, and business. Sendspace Lite is totally free for users because it is supported by advertisers.

Sendspace App for Android

  • Can be downloaded from Google Play
  • Totally secured to use
  • On your Android phone you can upload and share any type of file via Sendspace
  • No limit of uploading files regardless the space on disk
  • After Uploading you will have to send download link to recipient by email
  • Guaranteed of no interference of advertising or Malware
  • Completely free for android users
  • Frequently asked questions and answers are available for new users


  1. Because of its high speed file attachment feature, Sendspace saves time of slow uploading while attaching large documents to emails.
  2. Instantly upload or share any type of with large size.
  3. Easy, fast, and safe to use.
  4. Saves time and space while uploading files and allows to do other stuff simultaneously.

How to use Sendspace

For using this application user neither needs to register on it nor asks for your email address. But in order to enjoy its full features, a user should register itself. After sending a file, the sender will receive a confirmation mail about upload and the recipient will receive its download link. But signing up in Sendspace with Hotmail and MSN is strictly not recommended.


  1. Go to Sendspace website i.e.
  2. Get registered with Sendspace and sign up as new user for using its service.
  3. Wait for the registration link.
  4. As soon as you receive registration link click on confirm and complete the registration.
  5. You are all set with your Sendspace account. Login to start your file transfer.

SendSpace Plans

Lite version : For Sendspace lite users the the portal does not delete files until they becomes inactive, unless the users have purchased a specific file bandwidth for the operating file. But the file gets inactive if it has not been downloaded at least once in a month.

Premimum version : It is a paid service, plans of which are available on internet. For Premium members, the file won’t be deleted even it is inactive for a long time. With this version, the user gets a premium service to distribute its file in the easiest and effective way. Accessing files is much easier with this version as compared to the Lite version.

Pro version: With this version, users can share big files with direct links at full speed. Users can upload a maximum of 10 GB size files and will not be get disturbed by any advertisement. Also, its recipient will be able to get instant access.

Business version: This is the version with the highest capabilities and benefits of all the other versions of the Sendspace application. It is designed to be applicable for a high range of workgroups.

While taking due care of users, Sandspace comes with a 30-days cancellation policy. Utmost care is taken that buyers should be fully satisfied while using the product. Uploading a complete folder from your computer via Sendspace is not possible. You can only create an online folder and upload files through it.

Best Sendspace Alternative

So this was all about sharing your large files using the Sendspace application. But Sendspace is not the only medium to share files. Listed below are some other alternatives to Sendspace which users can try.

1. Dockmee: It is a centralized management system, where documents, paper records are securely stored. This is a solution to document management that helps users to manage their documents.

2. Dropbox: It is a cloud storage solution where a consummate file syncing platform is offered for easy sharing of files with the group.

3. Google Drive: Google Drive facilitates its user to use up to 15 GB space in its cloud storage. Users can be able to upload documents, photos, or any type of file on their personal account which is totally free to use.

4. Glasscubes: Glasscubes is a collaboration solution that provides file sharing and document storage services on cloud storage. Users can upload any type of file with any size limits and can share files with people who have not subscribed on Glasscube by sending them a link that is secured by password.

Best file sharing sites

5. Jumpshare: Created by Ghaus Iftikhar, Jumpshare is a file-sharing service. You can sign up for free and get 2 gigabytes as storage space. If you upgrade your account to Pro the storage capacity increases up to 50 gigabytes along with some other features. One major difference between Jumpshare and others is that files uploaded on Jumpshare are publically accessible by default. What makes Jumpshare special is that it supports 200 types of files for online users.

6. Mega: This cloud storage service was launched by Kim Dotcom in 2013. Mega gives 15 GB of free storage to its users. It has differently designed apps for IOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones.

7. Slack: Slack is a collaborative business platform for teams working on projects, sharing files. It includes other various software like Jira, Trello, Asana, and file storage solutions like Google drive.

8. Telegram: This is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice-over IP service. It allows users to message and exchange any type of file. It was launched in March 2018 which currently claims to be having 200 million monthly users.

9. Volafile: This is a temporary storage server facility, where users can perform live chat as well as upload and download files by using simple drag and drop commands. But it does not keep the files for more than two days. The time for storing the file is displayed next to the file name. Users do not need to create an account on Volatile.

10. We Transfer : We transfer is a best alternatives of Sendspace. it is also a great service if you want to use alternatives to Sendspace.

Pro tips: So this was all about cloud storage facilities made available by different companies. Cloud storage is a good alternative for those who do not want to keep their personal storage. As I discussed above, Sendspace can really prove a good medium for cloud storage. But, one can search for more alternatives to compare with Sendspace. Therefore, I have briefed about 10 alternatives that users can try, and afterward, they are liberal to decide which one matches perfectly their searches.

Conclusion : Nowadays, cloud storage has become the default option for many people to store and back-up their data. There are countless cloud storage services providers on the web. Most of them offer different plans and functions. Some are better to be used for individual purposes while others are good for business organizations.

Stripe Vs Braintree

Stripe Vs Braintree

With online payment systems, goods and services can be sold by businesses and cash-free transactions can also be handled easily by allowing customers to choose a preferred online payment method. Today’s in the digital world, there are many online technologies for paying online. With the help of many online payment applications, users can make hassle-free online payments.

If you are also going to build an eCommerce site, two-sided marketplace, or any other app which includes transactions, you must care about using online payment processing systems.

Today in this article we will discuss the similarities and differences between two processors: Stripe and Braintree and will also compare these two processors in pricing, features, and, most importantly, charge-back management.

This article is also very helpful for those Merchants who are considering switching processors or adopting both of them in order to receive more transactions. Apart from this, with the help of this article, experienced merchants can also review how charge-backs are processed from both payment technologies.

Stripe and Braintree

So, let us know about what makes Stripe and Braintree similar and unique.

Stripe and Braintree – Product and Services

Winner: Tie

All kinds of payments are supported by Stripe and Braintree from directly on a website to inside mobile apps. Both the Stripe and Braintree offer a choice of pre-built and completely customizable payment forms.

Tools for businesses that operate on the marketplace or subscription models are also offered by these companies. We have mentioned the Differences between the two platforms below. You can also get more information about these online payment processors and their offerings by checking out Braintree Payments and Stripe reviews that are given below.

Braintree Payments

All major debit and credit cards from more than 130 currencies are accepted by Braintree and its payment processing and gateway services also support merchants in more than 45 countries. However, merchants can reach customers from all over the world. Apart from this, they are also capable of accepting payments from more payment sources.

Being part of the online payment company PayPal, it makes sense that the integration between the two would be seamless.

Braintree’s SDKs support both Android and iOS for mobile developers and six other languages too. Apart from this, it also supports major payment methods across the globe.

Braintree Supported Programming Languages

Here are the Following Programming Languages Supported by Braintree –

  • Android/iOS
  • .NET
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Java

Braintree Supported Payment Types

Followings Payment Types are Supported by Braintree
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Visa Checkout
  • Credit Cards
  • UnionPay
  • Google Pay
  • MasterPass
  • Amex Express Checkout
  • ACH Direct Debit

Braintree Core Features

Braintree classifies its center contributions into four administrations. I like the manner in which they are assembled in light of the fact that it enables better to clarify what Braintree can do for various types of organizations.

  1. Braintree Direct: It includes subscription tools, with the help of Braintree Direct, you can sell directly on your own website.
  2. The Braintree Marketplace: With the help of this tool, you can create your own platform and can also manage the sellers and payouts with automation.
  3. Braintree Auth: Auth” (accepting that is short for Authorization) is Braintree’s foundation for other help organizations to incorporate the Braintree passage into their answers.

With The help of Braintree Auth, these companies can securely access their merchants’ data and take certain authorized actions on their behalf.

For instance, An invoicing organization could utilize Auth to make a mix with their foundation and permit Braintree dealers to interface their records and populate solicitations dependent on information from the client vault. Auth is additionally the apparatus that gives organizations a chance to make it conceivable to install shippers and acknowledge installments locally.

Braintree Extend:

In the past, it was called contextual commerce, Braintree has expanded its offerings here. The Transaction data and the payment checkout is also hosted by the merchant, and it also shares the transaction data with partners.

A seamless, frictionless commerce experience for customers is also created by it and it also helps for keeping them on your site. Extend would be the proper stage for booking locales (inns, carriers, occasion tickets, and so on.) and different organizations that need to engage shippers/accomplices to sell through their site or application

Additional Braintree Features

Fraud Management Tools

This online payment processor Braintree divides its fraud management tools into two levels: One that includes monitoring of AVS, CVV checks, and assessment of risk threshold too. Its advanced fraud solutions require more work to develop, Besides this it also includes a collaboration with Kount, a fraud management service.

Kount Standard is provided free of cost, wherever, Kount Custom can also be implemented when you want more control over payments and risk management policies. However, You should meet all the requirements of Braintree, and it will charge more. Apart from this, Braintree also supports 3D Secure for further verification.

Multi-Currency Displays And Conversions

With the help of Braintree, merchants can display local currency rates, rather than just the default currency of the retailer, which can help attract international sales. Additionally, Braintree will also even convert the currency for you automatically. By reducing the need for conversion, Global companies with operating bases in several countries can connect multiple bank accounts and, help reduce processing costs.

Recurring Billing And Subscription Tools

If you sell software or physical goods, Braintree has some strong recurrent billing and subscription resources. However, with certain specific features, such as invoicing, you may find a shortage.

Account Auto-Updater

With the Braintree Account Auto-Update feature, you will notice reduced failed transactions and canceled subscriptions. Some institutions will automatically update expired and re-issued cards with new card data to ensure continuity.


Braintree provides the control panel with a smattering of standard information, including transaction-level data. Even the agency acknowledges, though, that you are likely to exceed the regular statements. The Reports API of Braintree allows you to produce custom reports based on the criteria you set. And this feature costs nothing at all, unlike Stripe.


Talking about the Integration part, Braintree supports a variety of integrations. These include eCommerce shopping cart software. You can browse available integrations on Braintree’s site.

Stripe Payments

At present, Stripe payments are available to merchants in 25 countries and these include some betas too. If you want to know more about the list of Stripe payments available throughout the world, you can check out Stripe’s Global page. With Stripe, you can actually accept payments from all over the globe. Currently, Stripe supports 135+ currencies.

Stripe’s SDKs also include Android/ios support as well as seven other programming languages. Accepted payment methods depend on the location of the merchant, but in particular, in the EU and China, Stripe supports many popular local payment methods.

Stripe Supported Programming Languages

  • Android/iOS
  • PHP
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Go
  • Node.js
  • Ruby
  • Python

Stripe Supported Payment Methods

There are basically two Stripe’s supported payment methods and they are as follows: universal methods and local payment methods. Whereas Although Braintree focuses on forms of universal payments, Braintree has worked hard to add support to types of payments popular in markets such as the EU and China. Let’s start with universal payment types:

  • Alipay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Microsoft Pay
  • Amex Express Checkout
  • Masterpass by Mastercard
  • Visa Checkout
  • WeChat Pay

Local forms of payment are only available in the most common areas, in general:

  • Bancontact
  • WeChat Pay
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Giropay
  • P24 BETA
  • ACH
  • iDEAL

Stripe Core Features

Talking about the features that Stripe offers, it offers more than 100 features but it is not clear how Stripe defines a feature. Still, with this company, you can do a great deal. Here’s a brief guide to what you can expect:


Stripe Checkout is a pre-constructed method that you can simply drop into your page. But if you are looking forward to getting something more customizable as per your needs Stripe Elements will let you design likewise. With this, you can even build payments into your site or your mobile app.


Marketplace resources from Stripe are definitely among the most competitive out there. With the Connect feature, you can easily build and manage your own platform, including automated payouts to your merchants. The feature also helps in connecting Stripe to other services(For example, building native eCommerce payments software) in the same way as Braintree Auth.


The best feature of Stripe is it offers “Billing” that covers all of Stripe’s subscription, recurring billing services, and invoices. Apart from being powerful, Stripe’s subscription tool also has invoice abilities and the option for metered billing that makes it more useful and unique.

Stripe has also many of the same features as Braintree. In spite of the differences in how these companies market and display their tools. The fact is they are framed and displayed in another way.

Additional Features of Stripe:


One of the best payment service providers Stripes also offers an assortment of standard reporting tools in its dashboard. Generally, When you wish to get more advanced reports, then you’ll need Sigma.


Another additional feature offered by Stripe is Radar, which is a fraud monitoring tool that indicates and identifies suspicious transactions for machine learning.

With this amazing tool of Stripe, vendors can also review and cancel transactions that they know are legitimate, or set custom rules for fraud transactions, with far less hassle than Braintree will see.

If you’re really familiar with fraud management then it is definitely an advantage.

Multi-Currency Displays And Conversions:

As the platform of choice for international businesses, It has spent more time on billing itself by Stripe. By using this additional feature of Stripe, merchants can display rates in local currencies and the currency conversion can also be handled. Apart from this, it also allows its users to connect multiple bank accounts to save money on conversion costs.

Account Auto-Updater:

Save from loss recurrent payments as customers receive new cards. Stripe will update the card data in your vault automatically to ensure the continuity of subscriptions.


The most popular payment processor Stripe has over 300 integrations with all types of other software and services that may be needed by the business. For some vendors, the sheer number of supported integrations could be a significant advantage. On the “Works With” section of Stripe, You can also browse by category.

However, these two online payment processors are very similar in most regards, but in many of the facts, they differ from each other like the fact that Stripe is a third-party processor while Braintree issues traditional accounts for merchants. Or the fact that Stripe has integrations that are far more ready to go than Braintree.

The pricing model of Braintree is also much easier and will save money from vendors than Stripe, which now charges merchants for access to many of its advanced tools.

The pricing info of Stripe Vs Braintree is listed below.

Pricing info of Stripe Vs Braintree

Winner: Braintree

Pricing info of Stipe

The simple and straightforward pricing scheme is offered by Stripe and the best thing is that it has no setup or monthly fees. When the services are used then you only have to pay. It charges on a flat-rate pricing model. The flat fee for each transaction is 2.9 percent, plus an additional 30 cents for each sale. It also accepts credit and debit cards.

It also provides an Enterprise package that is focused on a price quote. For more information, please contact the vendor.

It charges 15$ for disputed payments. And when the customer’s bank resolves it in your favor then the whole fee will be refunded.

Pricing info of Braintree

Fixed enterprise pricing packages are not offered by Braintree. It charges users for each processed transaction.

  • The flat fee for each transaction is 2.9 percent and 30 cents.
  • An extra 1% of the charge applies to non-home currency transactions.
  • A flat $15 fee is assessed for chargebacks.
  • Braintree provides discounted rates to eligible nonprofits 2.2% plus $.30
  • For business processing over $80k per month, It is also available on discounted rates and interchange.
  • Discounted rates and interchange plus pricing are available For business processing over $80k per month.

Where Stripe Wins in the Stripe vs. Braintree Debate

In most aspects, Both online payment platforms are fairly comparable. A great set of tools are offered by these two companies, Both help businesses to expand their eCommerce activities and delivers a tech-centric experience which works great for developers, and also gives vendors the ability to easily collect payments.

You can’t go wrong with one of the platforms because there are some little differences between the two that could help you to decide which one is good for you.

Especially in terms of marketplace and subscription support, the best-in-class tools are provided by Stripe for retailers. Additionally, Stripe is a popular and reputed brand providing a sense of security that can go a long way when you are trying your luck in the eCommerce field.

Stripe provides you plenty of space to integrate the system and host custom uses as well.

Apart from this, Stripe makes it easy to accept international transactions and supports the usual payment methods too that you’d expect around the world—like credit cards—Stripe also offers transactions through WeChat Pay and Alipay.

However, such advantages come at a cost, because Stripe pays small fees if consumers use certain products. If the advantages of industry-leading innovation outweigh escalating charges, Stripe can easily be the perfect PSP for you.

Where Braintree Wins in the Stripe vs. Braintree Debate

Stripe offers a great user experience to its customers. However, in most cases, It is more expensive than Braintree. Users are allowed to use certain parts of the platform or analytics tools without any extra fees on Braintree.

The service also comes with no upfront fees or recurring monthly fees, making it an attractive choice for small businesses that may not consistently hit those transactions or financial targets each month. With delivery facilities, Braintree charges one standard flat rate, and the rest comes as part of the deal.

Another important difference between Stripe vs. Braintree is how each company handles its customer transactions. Each vendor has its own merchant account on Braintree, which means, actions are handled independently.

Braintree assigns each of its vendors with their merchant account, which means that their actions on the system are independently handled. On the other hand, Stripe, aggregates payments, when making payments and puts vendors together. With respect to this, Braintree provides a more stable environment for its customers, as there is less risk that an unrelated vendor problem will snarl your own payment ability.

Stripe vs. Braintree: The last word

It’s almost difficult to pick a clear winner in the Stripe vs. Braintree debate. Both online payment processors provide their customers with a variety of customization options, hundreds of nifty, excellent technical services, and must-have features, and customer support as well.

Each of the platforms is good at managing domestic transactions and is also highly comparable to international trade. However, whether you are operating with Stripe or Braintree, you can rest assured that your current site design is likely to work with either platform. The only real way to choose a Stripe vs. Braintree winner is to go with your gut. Whatever platform you use, make sure you do your homework and check as many of them as you can.

So, friend, ‘s I hope this information about Stripe vs Braintree is useful to you for which is best suitable to your business… for more updates please stay connected with TechWebTrick and you have any questions please comment below.

How To Evaluate POS Systems: Lightspeed vs Shopify

Lightspeed vs Shopify

With many a POS system offering seamless payment processing in today’s highly competitive market, selecting the right software for your organization is a challenge. With all of them possessing more or less  similar features, there are however, minor variations that could make all the difference to your business. One way of getting an objective view is to compare the metrics of each and gauge how popular each one is amongst businesses similar to yours.

This can give you an idea of what kind of businesses choose each one and why. However, you know that each business has its own unique requirements and that what one business needs, even while in the same sector, may be significantly different from what another business needs.

What Buyers Look For

Some of the features that buyers of a POS system want is to know the finer details like total implementation price, the kind of features available and reliability. They also want user feedback and reviews and the pluses and minuses of each product.

Lightspeed vs Shopify

Two of the leading players in this sector are LightSpeed Retail and Shopify. Let’s do a comparison on major points to help you decide what’s right for your business.

LightSpeed is available in English and Dutch, while Shopify is available in English. Shopify has around 80,000 retailers on board while LightSpeed has 17,000. Shopify has a transaction volume of $3.5 billion while LightSpeed pegs at $6 billion. LightSpeed is iOS compatible, while Shopify is Android and iOS compatible. Shopify offers a variety of free and paid-for customizable and/or mobile-friendly themes, enabling eCommerce while you’re at it.

This is helpful because all you need to do is populate the pre-set themes with your own products and you’re ready to go. Customer-rating and recommendations are almost on par for both, with Shopify faring marginally better. This could be because Shopify provides more than 100 payment gateways that are categorized as major, international and additional payment gateways for each country. Since it also has its own payment processor, Shopify fares much better than other similar products.

LightSpeed is supported by on-premise, cloud and mobile while Shopify is cloud and mobile supported. Shopify offers tools for business set-up and customization while LightSpeed offers front-counter and back-office management. Both systems target a variety of custom sizes, from businesses with 1-50 employees to businesses with more than 1000 employees. LightSpeed is specifically designed as an easy navigation POS system for restaurants and retail stores and configurations where a single entity has to control multiple locations. Shopify offers a strong presence both in-store and online and if your business fits this description, Shopify can be the right choice for you.

You can get your price quotes and product demos online for both POS systems. LightSpeed focuses on large and medium-sized business models, with a pre-established brick-and-mortar presence. It was designed to benefit active traders and the main advantages of this solution are centralized inventory management, customizable themes, in-built SEO features, and tools. LightSpeed offers a free, no-obligations 14-day trial with attractive subscriptions that begin at $59.

Shopify has a wider range of pricing options: These include Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. The main difference between these options is the number of accounts that can be handled and also certain additional features based on the nature and revenue model of each business. Shopify also provides a free, no-obligation 14 day trial for new users to get a feel of the software. Go ahead and take each POS system for a spin!

Similarities and Differences

  • Non-English speakers may have a problem with both platforms, though LightSpeed is available in Dutch, which makes it more popular in the Netherlands.
  • Though both platforms are ideal for freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises, there are certain important differences. Shopify focuses on small e-tailers and offers a wider variety of customization options. It has a wide array of options that can be scaled up or down according to your changing business needs. There are different functionalities available with the Shopify platform. These include different amounts of records that can be maintained. You can avoid stress about the website loading speed, server performance, etc because this is a hosted shopping cart configuration.
  • LightSpeed is rated intuitive and integrates well with various website designs. Shopify has a simple interface that’s ideal for less agile users.
  • Shopify provides a large number of plugins and is mobile-friendly, but may be more expensive as it charges processing fees for third-parties who don’t use the Shopify payment gateway.
  • Current surveys show that Shopify is the choice of many more businesses, numbering more than 200 categories  apart from shopping, business, industry, clothes, art and entertainment.
  • Shopify is the market leader in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia besides another 194 countries while LightSpeed is popular in the Netherlands, Gabon and Mali.
  • LightSpeed and Shopify both offer 24×7 tech support.
  • LightSpeed integrates well with accounting software tools.
  • Both platforms provide access to training material that includes instructional videos and detailed guides.