January 21, 2020

Instagram Story Marketing Tips: Best Instagram Story Hacks

When it comes to social media we all want to present our best side. We all want to upload the best images and content.

For images, there are many editing tools available for both iOS an android.

Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks

Instagram is one of the top image sharing platform everyone wants to make his stories and posts attractive and get more visitors.

So we are going to tell you few easy and useful tricks to make your Instagram stories worth watching.

Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks

  1. Add More Colors in Instagram Stories

If you want to reflect your brand’s style, tone and aesthetic in Instagram stories then you should add more colors in it rather then the given default colors.

Follow these hidden Instagram Stories hacks to access every color you could need for your text!

So let’s start, open your Instagram App go to add a story, select image and select the brush tool.

instagram stories idea

best instagram stories ideas

Now tap and hold any of the default color options at the bottom of the screen. It will open the color slider.

how to use instagram stories

instagram story marketing

Now just swipe across the slider to choose any color of your choice.

And you are done.

  1. Add gradient or rainbow effect to your text

Open Instagram Stories and type a message. Then tap on your text and tap “Select All”.

Then press and hold one finger down on the color palette tool at the bottom of your screen to open the entire color spectrum.

Now comes a tough task all you have to do it with one finger held down on the color slider, and one on your highlighted text

best instagram stories

Now drag both fingers letter by letter and on the color spectrum to change the color of each letter.

  1. Add a “Glow” Effect to Your Emojis

We are going to tell you a hidden trick to make really stand out Stories.

If you want to make your emojis slightly glow just open your stories, open the text tool, and select the Neon font and add emoji of your choice.

best instagram story hacks

And you will see poop emoji glowing!

  1. Create a Drop Shadow Effect on Your Text

In the row of hidden tricks, one trick is to add a shadow effect on your text.

Do you want to know?

Then keep reading.

Open your stories and then open the text tool. Write your message, copy it.

Then choose your font and place it wherever you want and resize it by pinching your fingers.

how to do instagram stories marketing perfectly

Again open the text tool paste the message that you have copied. Repeat the same procedure and place it over the first message by adjusting its size so that it will produce a shadow effect.

best ways to use instagram stories

Make sure to choose different color otherwise, it will not appear as a shadow

  1. Create a Scratch effect on Your Stories

Select an image which you want to upload. Open text tool then tap on the pen icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select a color.

Next, tap and hold on the screen for 1-3 seconds until the screen is filled with a solid color.

top instagram stories hacks

Next tap on the eraser tool uses it to create a sort of “scratch card” effect. Select the size of the eraser using the slider and draw on the screen where you would like to reveal the underlying image.


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